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Chapter 204 - Of Course I Would Mind

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 204: Of Course I Would Mind

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    The cold and serious man’s voice echoed in the car as though the words were coming from a casual playboy’s lips. After reading out the text, Huo Beichen stared at Ning Meng with his deep obsidian eyes.

    “Hurt? Hurt what?” Ning Meng asked in confusion.

    Then, a long while later, she finally realized what Zhen Shanmei meant with her words.

    Thinking back on what she had asked earlier, her hands clenched onto the steering wheel harder as a blush of red started to crawl up her soft, fair neck…

    She was so flustered that she almost lost control of her car.


    Another message came in.

    Before Ning Meng was able to respond, Huo Beichen spoke. “I’ll read it for you. After all, there are no secrets between us, right?”


    She had wanted to say “No, thank you” but before she could utter a word, the man slowly read out the message.

    “That ‘OnlyOneTruth’ blogger’s Weibo post… do you think Mr. Huo has seen it too? You know, if a man were to be mocked for his libido, there’s like, a 100% chance he will prove it wrong by actually performing as hard as he can. So, don’t lose your grip, Meng Meng. It’s going to be a long night for you.”


    Yeah, sure. She was going to lose her grip alright. Like, she was going to lose it !

    She opened her mouth to comfort her hubby while focusing on the road. “Lord Chen, you are such a mature, manly, high-cultured gentleman~ you must be one of God’s masterpieces! Your charm is so natural and foxy that no woman would be able to resist you! Of course, you would not mind what she said, right? There’s no way you would be provoked by these stupid words of hers, right?”

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    That was some good a*s-kissing she had done right there. Yes, this would surely comfort the man.

    However, upon hearing her words, Huo Beichen remained silent for a long time before sighing.

    “Meng Meng, aren’t you forgetting something? Deep down, I’m still a man after all.”

    He called her “Meng Meng”. It felt as though these two words crawled straight into her ears and tickled her heartstrings.

    A short pause later, she heard him saying, “Of course I would mind.”


    Ning Meng’s face was blushing red like an apple after hearing this.

    She started to breathe so heavily that she almost could not speak properly. “Th…then… what should we do?”

    Seeing that her face was almost deep-fried by all the embarrassment, Huo Beichen decided to stop teasing her and put her phone back on the phone stabilizer.

    In a deep voice, he ordered her, “First, let’s focus on the road.”

    Ning Meng let out a sigh of relief.

    Then, for a long while, both of them remained quiet as the car continued moving forward.

    There was still half an hour before they would arrive at his villa.

    The awkward silence was driving Ning Meng mad, hence, she turned on the car’s stereo.


    “♪ He’s enticing you to come closer~ to hold you tighter~♪ ”

    “♫ You fell to slumber as he drowned you with his love solfège~ Ohhh~~ Yeah~♫”

    “♪ Breathing lightly as he gazed~ at the sleeping beauty in his cuddle~♪ ”

    The song came out from the stereo in full blast and the lyrics were quite… suggestive. She quickly switched to the next song.

    “♪ Baby, baby, baby oh~♪”

    “♪ Like baby, baby, baby no~♪”

    “♪ Like baby, baby, baby ooh~♪”

    “♪ I thought you’d always be mine ♪”


    Ning Meng’s face blushed even brighter before she reached over to quickly switch off the stereo.

    After a long awkward pause, Huo Beichen let out a snigger and said, “I see. So these are the kinds of songs you like to listen to.”


    No, that was not true! She had never listened to any songs in this car ever. She did not know Original Ning Meng loved to listen to these kinds of songs!

    Seeing that she remained quiet, the man opened his mouth again. “Alright, it’s my fault. You must have gone through so many cold and lonely nights.”

    Ning Meng dared not to retort anything. Sure, she had a thick face, however, if things were to escalate any further, she might crash her car!

    And so, thanks to Ning Meng’s superb effort in concentrating on the road, they  arrived at the Huo villa.

    As soon as she parked in front of his gate, Huo Beichen looked at her and said, “Come on in and hang out.”