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Chapter 847 - I Don’t Like How Greedy They Are

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 847: I Don’t Like How Greedy They Are

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    The Xiao Family managed to retaliate against the Wen Family in a shrewd manner, and it sparked a battle and feud between them. Everyone was waiting to see a good show, and the media had also been sent into a frenzy and published a slew of reports about the two families.

    The reports covered topics about the Xiao and Jiang Families being in cahoots, as well as the wealth and status of the Wen Family compared to that of the Xiao Family. The Wen Family immediately paled in comparison.

    The increase in the Wen Corporation’s stock prices also begun to slow down.

    Wen Xinya stood in front of the desk and did some calligraphy while Ouyang Feng sat on the couch and ate some fruits. He was watching the stock market.

    Upon sight of Wen Xinya pausing in her calligraphy, Ouyang Feng walked towards the desk and scrutinized the words that she had written. He complimented. “Xinya, your calligraphy has improved greatly! The strokes of the character ‘Xiao’ that you’ve written are crisp and clear, while the character ‘Wen’ is rounded and classic. It looks formidable and daunting. Congratulations on achieving so much in calligraphy.”

    Due to Wen Xinya’s influence, he had also taken an interest in calligraphy and was lucky enough to have gotten some tips and guidance form Old Mr. Mo. Hence, he knew a little bit about authenticating calligraphy.

    Wen Xinya grabbed the teacup and sipped on the tea slowly before putting it down again. “Your calligraphy is mediocre, but you’ve got a great taste.”

    Ouyang Feng was obsessed with calligraphy but lacked talent in it. Clearly… one’s talent and intelligence only applied to certain fields. Si Yiyan was just a rare case, for he was all-rounded and excelled in every aspect!

    Ouyang Feng’s face stiffened, displeased to have been mocked. “Xinya, I didn’t expect that you’d suddenly turn the Xiao Family into your target and use the Ai Shang product launch to deal with them. What a great move.”

    He had observed the Xiao Family’s stock situation. Even the Xiao Family probably did not expect the Wen Family to come up with such a plan for revenge.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “I don’t like how greedy the Xiao Family is. Hence, I decided to cut them off.”

    Wen Xinya suddenly thought about the look on Wen Haowen’s face when he saw the news reports yesterday. Since Wen Haowen suspected that she was the one who arranged the Yang Ziyu incident, she decided to let him know how foolish he was.

    Although she sounded warm, her words were rather daunting, and even Ouyang Feng began to show the Xiao Family some sympathy. “The Xiao Family is indeed too arrogant and haughty. Xiao Zhiyuan is a scheming person, and he’s also very prideful and arrogant. He understands Wen Haowen too well. Hence, he has never seen Wen Haowen as a threat. However, he has forgotten about your existence. If he provokes you, the Xiao Family won’t stand to gain either.”

    Wen Haowen had been plotted against for no reason. However, Wen Xinya was no Saint. Whoever provoked her was bound to be served revenge. The Xiao Family was also well aware of how outstanding Wen Xinya was, though they had belittled her because of her tender age. Although they had already kept their guards up against her ever since the acquirement of Ai Shang Group… no one thought that she was the sole mastermind because of Old Mr. Wen’s protection.

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    The Xiao Family may have realized that now. However, it was all too late.

    Wen Xinya sipped on her tea calmly while remaining silent.

    Ouyang Feng remarked, “The Xiao Family has made a great comeback and caused the Wen Corporation’s product launch to be affected. They’ve also made everyone begin doubting the Wen Corporation’s abilities. How do you plan to deal with that?”

    Wen Xinya retracted her hand and stared at Ouyang Feng. “Since the Xiao Family is so wealthy and powerful to the extent of investing 500 million yuan to prove their abilities, we shall not mimic them and act so haughty and arrogant. True blue will never stain. However, the Wen Family is not to be trifled with, though we’re kindhearted. We shall see if the Xiao Family can withstand our challenge.”

    If the Wen Family members were Saints, Old Mr. Wen wouldn’t have gotten the reputation of being shrewd, resolute and formidable. If Wen Xinya was not arrogant, she wouldn’t have been labeled as a queen.  Ouyang Feng thought to himself.

    However, Ouyang Feng did not show his emotions. “What do you plan for me to do, then?”

    Wen Xinya answered, “If I want you to release some news and announce that the Xiao Corporation’s stock prices are going to decline by 50% in the next week, can you do it?”

    Lanxin Investments Firm was influential in China, and they were rather powerful and authoritative in the industry. Due to the fact that they had built strong connections with various enterprises and tycoons, they were linked to the entire economy and stock market.

    Ouyang Feng said, “There’s nothing I can do, but it’s all about manipulation! Just you wait and see. Two days from now… as long as I make the Wen Corporation’s stock prices rise to 300 yuan… the Xiao Corporation’s stock prices are going to decline by 50%!”

    The rumors about the Wen Corporation’s stock prices exceeding 300 yuan had also been released by Lanxin, and there wouldn’t have been such an uproar without Lanxin’s manipulation.

    That was how important an investment company was to an enterprise.

    Pleased with his answer, Wen Xinya said, “I’ll be waiting for your good news.”

    For the past two years, Ouyang Feng had been becoming increasingly competent, and he deserved credit for the rapid development of the Lanxin Investments Firm. He had been in charge of the management of the company and it was now worth two billion yuan.

    Ouyang Feng looked at her with confidence written all over his face. He then began typing away on the keyboard.

    About five minutes later, Wen Xinya chanced upon an analysis report that had gone viral because of the stockholders. The contents of the report was Ouyang Feng’s analysis of the Wen Corporation’s abilities. He had placed emphasis on their current stock situation as well as the analysis of their potential.

    Ever since the report was released, Wen Xinya discovered that there were major fluctuations in the Wen Corporation’s stock prices within a short period of time. She could not help but be impressed by Ouyang Feng’s management skills. “I didn’t expect that Lanxin would have such a great impact and influence on the stockholders.”

    Ouyang Feng said, “We may be focusing on big-ticket clients, but we can’t neglect the influence of the smaller stockholders. I’ve been releasing a weekly analysis report about the stock market in every nation. We’ve garnered some loyal fans over time, and their support has also helped us become more influential.”

    “You’ve got foresight. Impressive.” Wen Xinya was never stingy with her compliments for him. She finally understood the reason for Ouyang Feng’s success in the previous lifetime and the reason why he had become the top investor whom everyone admired and respected! He was way too capable in managing himself.

    In order to conquer the world, one would have to improve oneself. That logic applied to every field.

    “Thank you! Well said!” Ouyang Feng accepted the compliment proudly before publishing the analysis report on the internet. Ouyang Feng did not say anything else apart from some explanations about the market report on both local and overseas electronic appliance industries. He also attached the sales figures of the markets in the past five years and pointed out that there was stiff competition and that the electronic appliance market was currently facing the crisis of saturation.