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Chapter 183 - Hand The Home Court To Her

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 183: Hand The Home Court To Her

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    This kind of professional course, which was full of hard-to-pronounce terms, was obscure, difficult to understand, and low in practical value. They were taken to make up for the credits. To them, Criminal Psychology was the same as Advanced Math and Marxist Philosophy; they were all boring.

    Most people wouldn’t use any of the professional courses they learned in the university. They would almost forget everything within one year after graduation… Erm, except medical students.

    “Test… the love for gambling,” Qianmo announced the answer while staring at the cousin.

    The question was just a bait; microexpressions were the crux.

    The cousin’s chin rapidly lowered while his eyes widened, eyebrows slightly raised, and mouth opened unconsciously. This was a typical reaction of shock.

    After Qianmo caught the expressions that happened within an extremely short span, she felt even more confident.

    Why was fortune-telling accurate?

    Because it was easy for them to continue once they caught a starting point.

    The professional course was obscure and difficult to understand, but her mentor didn’t follow the complicated formula when teaching her. She skipped the theory and went straight into the practical.

    Besides, her own mother was a professional swindler, and her mentor was a master in Psychology. Her innate gift, along with a good teacher, meant Qianmo could toy these people around as easily as playing with Lego.

    Qianmo continued after she caught the cousin’s unusual behavior, “Cousin, you are having a lot of problems… recently.”

    This time, the cousin’s reaction wasn’t a simple microexpression. His entire person presented a frozen state, which was the freeze response. Even Black and Ma Jingtian could sense something was wrong with him.

    The freeze reaction continued for almost two seconds before it ended. The cousin covered his mouth with his hand and coughed twice. “No, none at all.”

    “Your whole body just spelled out the word ‘lying’,” Qianmo looked at him and said pleasantly.

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    Little Sunflower Goddess Mo was about to commence the lecture now.

    What to do when a person adamantly refused to admit his mistake? They were mostly asking for it. Giving it to them professionally would suffice.

    “You froze for almost two seconds when I said you are in trouble. In our profession, this is called the freeze response. It is similar to the reaction of a herbivore when it discovers a threat.”

    People who watched Animal Planet would discover this detail: when a herbivore sensed a threat when it was eating grass or drinking water on the savannah, it would exhibit a shocked and stiff state. The condition wouldn’t last more than two seconds, and it was termed as the freeze response or the freezing behavior.

    It was the basic instinct of an animal. Man, being a higher form of animals, couldn’t escape from this kind of inborn tendency either.

    The brain and body would momentarily go in shock when they encountered danger. Then, an escape reaction would follow.

    This type of freeze wouldn’t be too long, however. If it did, they would easily become the food for the carnivores.

    Black could relate to this point more than the others.

    Their training had a course that shortened surprise time by drilling the muscle memory. In actual combat with real weapons, a second or two could bring out an irreversible outcome. Hence, they would attempt all sorts of methods in instructing their warriors to minimize this reaction time.

    Ma Jingtian was still befuddled after Qianmo finished speaking. His cousin’s face, however, had become cloudy. He stood up and tried to leave again. Qianmo gave an eye signal, and Black immediately held him down.

    Where are you going?!

    “What are you trying to do!” The cousin’s emotions were already tense. He finally began to realize that those irrelevant questions weren’t so simple after all.

    Qianmo’s expressions began to resemble that of a priest in a church listening to his followers’ confession with a holy glow on his face. Similarly, seemingly divine radiance was emanating from her whole person. She was prepared to cleanse these idiots who had committed a mistake and sinned.

    “I’m here to help you. The only choice you have now is to cooperate and tell me the truth. Otherwise… all those debts of yours are going to be the stain of your life.”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” The cousin broke out in a cold sweat. Even though he was trying his best to remain calm, such an obvious reaction wasn’t even able to fool Ma Jingtian, this innocent little boy, let alone Qianmo.

    “Do you really owe people money because of gambling?” It was a bolt from the blue for Ma Jingtian. What happened to the agreed-upon “study hard to contribute to society”?

    What happened to the agreed-upon “strive to be an outstanding person so as to achieve their policing dreams”?

    Getting involved in gambling… didn’t that mean signing away his own future?!

    “I didn’t. Elder Cousin, I didn’t!” He said in a panic.

    Qianmo wasn’t in a hurry as she had all the proof and reasons.

    “You belong to the type of people who like to gamble innately. You have the gambling trait of a Sagittarius and are always thinking of winning it big. You may have started with small bets, but the bets soon get bigger. Oh yes. In the test on gender aspects, you also have a problem in your attitude toward women.”

    The last sentence was another trap. Qianmo had only mentioned his attitude, but she didn’t specify any incidents. That test was originally meant for fun, and its accuracy was limited. However, there would only be two results to her statement.

    First, this incident had nothing to do with women, and the other party would deny it immediately. Then, Qianmo would say, ‘you may not have problems now, but in a certain number of years, you have to pay attention to gender issues.’

    Second, this incident indeed had something to do with women, and the other party’s microexpressions would reveal that. Then, Qianmo would grasp onto this train of thought and continue on it.

    This was a skill set that every fortune-teller had to be great at. Speak ambiguously, bluff whenever they met someone, and when it failed, frighten them.

    The cousin’s horrified expression had already told Qianmo: it had to be the second one.

    “Although this woman may have a hold on you now, how should I say this, you are still very young…” Qianmo trailed off. She had basically crushed the other party’s psychological defense line.

    This was too horrible. This woman seemed to have the Heavenly Eye, exposing those terrible secrets that he was trying so hard to hide one by one.

    The cousin covered his face and howled, “Why are you forcing me! Why are you people treating me like this!”

    Ma Jingtian saw the whole scene. He pressed on his cousin’s shoulders and was about to say something when Qianmo raised her hand and stopped him. “Black, take Senior Ma out for tea. Give me some time alone.”

    Black was slightly worried. The other party’s emotions didn’t seem to be stable. What if he hurt her?

    “It’s okay.” Qianmo was confident, as always.

    The cousin was choking with sobs. The effect of fierce language was no match for this soft psychological attack. When a person had a mental breakdown, his psychological defense would be akin to a newborn’s. Qianmo could do anything to him as she pleased.

    Black led Ma Jingtian out. The two of them stood in the corridor and waited.

    Ma Jingtian’s feelings were extremely complicated at the moment. He couldn’t believe the buddy that he had grown up with was capable of something like this.

    Black passed him a cigarette. Ma Jingtian took it and lit it up with shivering hands. He felt as if he was having a nightmare amidst the whirls and swirls of smoke.

    Everything in front of him was a terrifying dream. He still didn’t believe it when Qianmo said someone had a hold on his cousin and was using that to make him do bad things.

    He had brought Qianmo along today to prove that his cousin was innocent. But, every sign in front of his eyes indicated otherwise.