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Chapter 194 - Your Little Goddess Jian Qi Qi

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 194: Your Little Goddess Jian Qi Qi

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    “Good evening, Big Sister Qi,” Crocodile smiled and waved. “You came here to look for our Boss?”

    Jian Qi looked at him with a mischievous smile. “Yes, but as you can see, the door is locked. I can’t go in. So, do you guys want to help me?”

    “This… We can’t help you!” Crocodile smiled.

    They were not that stupid to upset their boss!

    “Why not you guys give it a go? You won’t know till you have tried.” Jian Qi smirked. “Everyone’s potential is unpredictable.”

    “Big Sister Qi, we still need to run some errands. We’ll leave first, you should get some rest too,” Lightning smiled and ran off.

    Crocodile quickly followed him.

    Leaving Feng Yi standing there admiring Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi looked at him and smiled. “Instructor Feng, do you want to help me?”

    Feng Yi, “… Erm… This, Miss Jian Qi, you have a mission tomorrow and you should go get some rest now.”

    Feng Yi ran off after saying so.

    He did not dare to upset their boss as well.

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrows. “Heh… is Tang Jinyu a demon?”

    She turned around and looked at the door that was shut, she smiled and left.

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    It seemed like she would not be able to tease him tonight.

    In the room, Tang Jinyu sat by his table and took out the piece of paper.

    He threw it on the table.

    He did not bother to look at that paper, instead he reached for a military book at the side and started reading.

    However, he had been staring at the same page for ten minutes straight and did not move an inch.

    He took a deep breath and closed the book.

    Tang Jinyu turned and looked at the paper at the side.

    He reached for the paper and opened it.

    His frosty and deep eyes became even deeper when he read through the contents.

    His lips pursed slightly.

    “My dearest and cutest Xiao Tang Tang, guess who am I?

    I’m sure you know who I am at first glance, right? After all, we know each other so well.

    Yes, I am yours truly, little goddess Jian Qi Qi, the fairest of them all!

    Aren’t you elated!

    After all, it’s the first time receiving a letter from me. Even though it’s my final words, it’s rather saddening.

    There is only one sentence that can summarize our whole relationship.

    Even though you always torture me, I’ll still treat you like my first love!

    I remember the first time I met you, just thinking about it makes me filled with regrets.

    If I knew back then that I would love you so much now (please feel my burning love for you), I wouldn’t have threatened you with a knife to bring me to the hospital.

    I should have made you bring me to a hotel instead, right?

    But of course, it did happen the second time we met.

    The night we met again, I… I took off your pants. But you…

    Sigh, I was so disappointed, I can’t believe you did not have any reaction whatsoever!

    Just think about it, it’s like directly mocking me as a person!

    But, I do think that our fates are deeply intertwined. You came to me yourself the third time!

    You came and pushed me onto the ground! I know I’m very attractive, so attractive that you just can’t hold back, but you should take care of your own image too, right? Since I’m also a star with many fans.

    Why can’t you find somewhere more secluded? I can be cooperative too, okay? (serious face)

    I never would have thought that you would bring me to a small dark room to have more alone time together with me. You even made me watch an OOXX live show with you.

    I never thought that you were like this, Xiao Tang Tang. (shy face)