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Chapter 194 - I’ll teach you (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 194: I’ll teach you (2)

    He’ll teach her? Teach what?

    Upon realizing that he meant that he’ll teach her how to pillow talk, Xu Weilai could feel heat rush up to her head. Her face and neck were flushed, the temperature rising. She couldn’t even bring herself to speak.

    Unlike his past self, Gu Yu didn’t just start kissing her without further explanation. Instead, he acted oddly cordial as he lazily added, “If you don’t want to, you can refuse to.”

    Xu Weilai was left speechless, feeling both embarrassed and anxious. Why didn’t he normally give her the option to refuse? He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so why would he act like a gentleman!

    Xu Weilai bit on her lip, not saying a word. Raising her arm, she immediately grabbed his neck and pecked a kiss on his lips. Or rather, she bit on it…

    With the rage boiling within her, she was merciless in her advances. She bit a tiny hole into his lip, allowing blood to trickle from the wound.

    Gu Yu watched the woman beneath him, those inky eyes of hers widening in rage. The way her eyes glimmered seemed like there was a fire in her eyes, so bright that it could burn someone alive.

    It was just like… when he had awakened from his car accident, finally breaking free of that never-ending darkness. The very instant that he had forced his eyes open, he was met with those fiery eyes.

    He had never believed in love at first sight, but it was those eyes that struck him.

    Gu Yu couldn’t help but lower his head, pecking a kiss on the woman’s eyes. His lips curved into a slight smile as his lips moved to her ears, rasping out, “Watch and learn.”

    This lesson dragged on into the dead of the night. Every single time it ended, Gu Yu would force Xu Weilai to do it one more time whenever she had “failed” before she could even manage to catch her breath!

    Oh no, it was more than once more. She did it again, and again.

    In the end, Xu Weilai was so tired that she felt as if she could melt into a puddle. She couldn’t even move her fingertips. What kind of bad teacher is this?! He was so strict, acting like a lunatic!

    The man’s fingertips glided softly over her face as he asked, “Have you learned your lesson?”

    Having spent the last ounce of energy she had, Xu Weilai viciously said, “I’ve learned so much, I could die!”

    Gu Yu scoffed, “Seems like you still have some energy left. Let’s continue then.”

    Xu Weilai remained silent, knowing when to yield and when to resist. She made a pitiful face as she called out, “No more, I was in the wrong–” The word “Daddy” had almost escaped her lips!

    However, “Teacher Gu” paid no heed to her pleas, as he pressed onto her mercilessly once more!


    In the end, Xu Weilai passed out without even knowing when she had fallen asleep. When she had awakened, it was already late into the afternoon.

    She lied in bed, staring into blank space for a while before propping herself up. From the corner of her eyes, she caught sight of what was discarded into the rubbish bin right beside the bedside table. As last night’s events flooded into her mind without her control, she couldn’t help but clutch onto the blanket and gnaw on it.

    What a tough life!

    After taking a warm bath, the soreness in her body was slightly alleviated. After Xu Weilai walked out of the bedroom, she immediately rushed to the dining room and dashed towards Gu Yu, who was already having his lunch. She raised both her hands, speaking her mind directly, “Give it to me!”

    Mrs. Lin had made western food today. Gu Yu took his own sweet time to finish the last piece of steak before picking up the napkin placed on the side, elegantly wiping his mouth, then directing his gaze to her.

    “I don’t have the invite.”

    He didn’t have it?? Wasn’t he having a free meal last night?

    Xu Weilai’s hands instantly clenched into fists, itching to punch that infuriating face of his! Only then would he learn the tragic consequence he’ll have to face for dining and dashing!