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Chapter 195 - Rose from the ashes? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 195: Rose from the ashes? (1)


    Xu Weilai pressed her lips together, widening her eyes as she glared at Gu Yu with hostility. “But what?”

    Gu Yu’s inky eyes swept across her face, as a faint smile graced his face. His fingers tapped lightly on the table before saying, “I’ll need a plus one tonight.”

    Plus one?

    Xu Weilai was astounded upon hearing him say that.

    It was true that she wanted to go to the year-end banquet. she was even fine with going as a waiter, so long as she could enter the banquet. Even so, she had never thought of turning up as a person’s plus one. Because she knew about it, then Gu Yu doesn’t lack a plus one.

    Now he’s saying that he needs a plus one? Wasn’t Su Ziqian his fixed candidate for that role? Was Su Ziqian not free, or… did they get into a fight earlier?

    Once this thought came to mind, Xu Weilai immediately chose to ignore it.

    Xu Weilai didn’t wish to know anything that had to do with Su Ziqian, neither did she want to know what happened between her and Gu Yu!

    Xu Weilai frowned slightly as she questioned, “Is there a second option?”

    “There is!” Gu Yu answered without hesitation. “You can choose not to go.”

    To not go? Why should she? She had already sacrificed too much last night!

    Xu Weilai huffed angrily, “I’m going, I have to go!”

    “It’s up to you.”

    Gu Yu got up to his feet, raising his arm as he checked the time before continuing, “Someone would be here to pick you up in the afternoon. Prepare yourself; don’t embarrass me at the banquet.”

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    Before him, Xu Weilai put on a bright smile, “Of course.”

    As soon as Gu Yu turned his back, Xu Weilai’s face twisted in fury. Mrs. Lin grinned as she watched from the side. Seems like this little house is starting to get livelier by the minute!

    Gu Yu seemed to have something he needed to settle as he didn’t stay home for long, leaving the house as soon as he changed. On the other hand, Xu Weilai took a seat, ready to eat. She was so hungry that her stomach was starting to growl.

    Watching as she wolfed down the food, something suggestive crept into Mrs. Lin’s mind as she smiled, “Young Mistress, was I right? The best time to speak to a man is when you’re both in bed!”

    Xu Weilai almost choked on the spoonful of soup she was having. Her face flushed, her temperature rising. With her hands covering her face, she folded in on herself in embarrassment.

    After eating her fill, Xu Weilai worried about not having enough energy for the night. Thus, she lied back onto the bed and took a nap until Mrs. Lin woke her up when someone had arrived to pick her up.

    Xu Weilai rushed out of bed, washing her face to freshen herself up. When she walked out of the bedroom, she was greeted with the sight of Assistant Lin, already waiting for her.

    She flashed a smile at him hurriedly, offering her greetings, “Hi Assistant Lin!”

    For some unknown reason, Assistant Lin shivered all over, retreating his neck into his collar fearfully. Then, he lowered his gaze, not looking at her as he gestured to her to please make a move.

    Xu Weilai was puzzled. Was her smile truly that scary? She always thought that she had quite a sweet smile.


    Assistant Lin drove her to a stylist’s private studio that was extremely renowned within the industry. Teacher Tony was unparalleled in his craft and well-loved by numerous celebrities.

    Besides, you wouldn’t be able to get him to style you with just money. You needed to be of a certain status and prestige, to be able to ask for his help.

    Assistant Lin brought her to Tony and took his leave thereafter.

    The usually stuck-up Tony was polite to her. After greeting her as “Miss Xu”, he got to work with his assistant.

    She had to admit that Tony was extremely skilled. Xu Weilai had been naturally gifted with good looks, but he amplified her good points further with his makeup skills on top of her natural beauty. Everything was done so perfectly that she looked flawless!

    After that, Xu Weilai changed into the gown specially prepared for her. Unveiling the curtain, she stepped out and took a look at her reflection in the full-length mirror before her. She was stunned by how beautiful she looked.