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Chapter 196 - Rose from the ashes? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 196: Rose from the ashes? (2)

    The man that walked out of the curtain beside her was even more stunning.

    He looked tall and handsome with the well-tailored suit on his incredible physique of his. The black suit elevated his aloofness and gave him a touch of being untouchable, which made others have the odd sense of wishing to get to know more of him.

    Gu Yu fastened the buttons on his dress shirt as he strode over to her. Xu Weilai was entranced by his beauty, her gaze fixed on him. She didn’t even realize when he stood right before her.

    Gu Yu lowered his head, his gaze landing on her face as he broke into a slight smile. His voice dropped into a soothingly low octave, his tone teasing, “Do I look good?”

    Still not broken out of her daze, Xu Weilai nodded numbly.

    Gu Yu broke into a pleased smile, as he passed the tie in his hands over to her. “Help me fasten my tie.”

    Finally breaking out her stupor, Xu Weilai felt a little embarrassed about getting overwhelmed. Wetting her lips, she quickly adjusted herself. Then, she took the tie and helped him fasten it while maintaining a stony expression.

    She’s the apathetic Xu Weilai! She will never be allured by damn men!

    Gu Yu’s inky eyes settled on Xu Weilai’s tender and fair neck. The gown was an off-shoulder one, revealing her slender collarbones and a good amount of her fair skin.

    With a snap of his fingers, Teacher Tony walked in. He barked orders straight away, “Give her a necklace and top it off with a shawl!”

    Xu Weilai frowned, she felt that she was styled pretty perfectly. Adding a necklace is fine, but why did she need a shawl? Can she choose not to wear it?


    The car pulled up to the Gu Garden Country Club.

    As they both got out of the car, Gu Yu glanced at Xu Weilai before extending his arm to her. Xu Weilai took in a deep breath, clasping onto his arm as they stepped onto the red carpet laid at the entrance.

    The moment the two stepped into the banquet hall, gazes from all directions fell onto them with shock.

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    No one would have ever thought that Gu Yu’s plus one this year was not Su Ziqian. Never mind that it wasn’t her, but… why was his ex-fiancee, Xu Weilai, here?

    Xu Weilai had returned for quite some time, and no one had heard of any interaction between the two! Could it be… that the two’s romance rose from the ashes?


    Xu Shuai was Xiao Chun’s plus one for the day. To live up to his role as a plus one, he naturally had to drive to pick Xiao Chun up.

    Unfortunately, he was met with a traffic jam on the way. As he was stuck in the traffic, the notifications on his WeChat blew up. His phone buzzed with messages sent by his friends in his social circle, with all the messages asking the same question: “What’s up with Gu Yu and Xu Weilai?”

    Xu Shuai didn’t reply to any of them. After putting his phone aside, he tilted to the side and faced Xiao Chun. He stated, “Yu brought Xu Weilai as his plus one today.”

    Xiao Chun maintained a nonchalant expression, seemingly unfazed by this. She parted her red lips and said in a perfunctory manner, “Is that so?”

    At the sight of such a reaction, Xu Shuai raised his eyebrows, “Seems like you had already known of this ahead of time.”

    Xiao Chun didn’t say anything more.

    Xu Shuai tugged on his lips, not saying anything more either.

    About half an hour later, Xiao Chun held onto Xu Shuai as they walked into the banquet hall. However, they caught a glimpse of a familiar face: Su Ziqian.

    Su Ziqian was dressed to nines, but she looked a little pathetic at the moment.

    Since she didn’t have an invite, she was stopped by security, who were standing guard at the entrance. No matter how hard she tried to persuade them, they wouldn’t budge. In the end, she was so enraged that she spitted out harshly, “You guys are all aware of my relationship with Yu. For the past few years, I have been his plus one. I advise you to let me in. If you don’t, you won’t be able to bear with the consequences!”

    Xu Shuai spared her a glance before looking away disinterestedly, moving to make his way into the banquet hall. Xiao Chun, on the other hand, let go of his arm and made her way over to Su Ziqian.