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Chapter 185 - It Wasn’t That Simple

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 185: It Wasn’t That Simple

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    The victim would eventually become a perpetrator. In Psychology, this was known as the “Kick The Cat Effect”, a chain reaction. When a person was bullied by someone stronger, he would seek out someone weaker to bully, so he could achieve psychological balance.

    It had a similar rationale to “those who suffer will one day get their chance”.

    The cousin’s experience had interpreted this point perfectly. Someone had a handle on him, and he had no way to retaliate at all.

    After the first “coercion”, there were a few more similar incidents. He was subjected to an immense psychological torture every time he did it. He very much wanted to escape from all this horrible stuff, but the other party simply wouldn’t let him off. They began to have more and more holds on him, and he drifted further and further away from his initial dream.

    The cousin would repent when he was alone. How did he slowly get himself into this irreversible state?

    A momentary slip eventually resulted in a point of no return. Although he wasn’t like Ma Jingtian, who wanted to serve his country fervently, he wasn’t an evil person. He only wanted to have a stable life, but he was getting deeper into the quagmire until he could no longer climb back.

    “Life eventually forced me into becoming someone I despise.” He wiped his face with great pain after he said that.

    There was a smirk at Qianmo’s lip. “Life didn’t make you who you are today. You did.”

    Although the other party had deliberately set a trap for him, as it progressed slowly, this inexperienced fellow wasn’t as innocent as he proclaimed.

    He had wanted to take advantage of the lady the moment he met her. That was why he was led on and used until he reached here. If Qianmo hadn’t discovered this incident and he eventually entered the professional units, that would be scary.

    Would these people ever let him off?

    The whole reason they preyed on an ignorant young punk, whose family wasn’t rich and powerful, was because of his identity as a police cadet.

    He wanted to have a pretty cyber girlfriend because of his youth. But he didn’t expect it was a set-up right from the start. When he finally took part in the police work as time went by, those people would use him to do even worse stuff.

    The cousin felt insulted by Qianmo’s judgment. “It’s her who is too much. All this is because of her!”

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    “You had many chances to come clean with your family during this whole incident, yet you chose not to whenever it went against your interests. ‘You’d rather wrong others, than have others wrong you.’ She’s not good, but neither are you totally innocent, right?”

    Her words made him blushed. He wanted to refute, but he couldn’t come up with a good reason. He only felt that although Qianmo looked pretty, she had an evil heart. Her entire person was evil.

    Qianmo had long understood the psychology of these kinds of people very well. She didn’t care how they thought of her. Having uncovered the truth behind the incident, she just needed to find the mastermind behind the scene.

    “Do you have a way to contact that woman?”

    Although the cousin didn’t agree with Qianmo, he still gave her the woman’s phone number and social media account under her pressure.

    Qianmo was almost done when she got the information, so she stood up, prepared to leave. However, the cousin panicked. “Regarding this incident, can you please don’t tell the academy? Also, you said you would help me take revenge—”

    Qianmo said with her back facing him, a frosty look in her eyes, “What I have said, I will accomplish.”

    She wouldn’t tell the academy about this, but whether others would or not, she didn’t know.

    “I know I’m wrong. I already know I’m wrong. But as you said, I am still young; please give me one more chance,” he begged piteously.

    Qianmo remained unmoved. Ordinary people would be touched by these words, but she was already numb from listening to them too many times.

    In her previous life, she had heard enough people complain in the prison. In reality, how many were genuinely repentant?

    This world was always too lenient to the bad people, expecting them to change. Yet, the world demanded harshly from the good people. A good person must be good all the way until they were almost like a saint without any selfish thoughts. However, bad people always expected to be given a chance to turn over.

    She pushed open the door and smelled the choking cigarette smoke. Ma Jingtian’s eyes were bloodshot. She knew this kid’s life values had just suffered a blow.

    Qianmo looked at Ma Jingtian meaningfully. In the beginning, he had pitted himself against her indiscriminately for his so-called “justice”. Now, another conundrum had presented itself to this young man. She wanted to know badly—would Ma Jingtian make the same choice again?

    How would he choose between “justice” and “relent” in front of familial relationships? It really made people…


    Qianmo played with the piece of paper that the contact was written on her way back. This note allowed her to get very close to the mastermind.

    Yu Changmo didn’t inquire about her intentions. She would tell him when she was ready.

    They passed by the stall, which he had queued in to buy the snack for her earlier, on their way back. The line was much longer than it was earlier.

    Qianmo saw a mother carrying a child in her arms while holding onto another child. Although she looked impatient, she remained in the queue so that she could buy the food her children liked.

    “How’s your mom like?” Qianmo looked out of the window and asked Black lightly.

    Yu Changmo thought for a while. “Outstanding, very humorous, occasionally crazy. Always fawning over my father… very good to us.”

    Even though he had been beaten up by his mom for mischief when he was young—actually his brother was the mischievous one; he was the collateral damage—it didn’t affect his mother’s noble image in his heart.

    “I can feel that you belong to a harmonious family. Sometimes, I can’t understand how a person could be so ruthless. ‘Even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs’. But, some people can be more vicious than a tiger.”

    The paper in her hand had been crumpled by her.

    She could guess without the need for an investigation: it had to be Mu Feifei and her gang. Nobody else would plot against her so meticulously.

    Although the woman’s features that the cousin had described didn’t match Mu Feifei, Qianmo knew without a need to ponder that the woman was an accomplice of her mother. Furthermore, according to his description, she was only a minion. There should be a massive and intricate gang behind her.

    Just like the “friend” who sold her father the fake diamond, they all belonged to a swindler gang. However, when compared to selling fake diamonds, this gang was obviously more ambitious. They were using the cousin as a starting point for the preparation of grooming their own people in the next few years. To say it in simple terms, they were infiltrating the police force with their own people.

    Qianmo realized that her mother, Mu Feifei, was only the tip of the iceberg. That gang was deeply rooted and intertwined in her city. Their target definitely wasn’t just her, Chen Qianmo. Her father’s farm, as well as the incidents that happened to her company in her previous life, must have something to do with what this gang was doing behind their backs.

    Enmity from the previous life and hatred from this life, they could not be erased so easily.