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Chapter 848 - Admitting Defeat Even Before Reaching the Obstacle

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 848: Admitting Defeat Even Before Reaching the Obstacle

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    The analysis report of the Xiao Corporation’s sales in the household appliance industry that was published by Lanxin Investments Firm sparked an outrage on the internet and became viral because netizens shared the report furiously. It caused the Xiao Corporation’s stock prices to decline again. To make matters worse, Wen Xinya hired a few keyboard warriors to spread rumors about the Xiao Corporations stock prices facing a decline of 50% in the next three days.

    It instilled fear and terror within the stockholders of the Xiao Corporation’s stocks. They even began letting go of all of their stocks!

    The Xiao Family!

    It was clear who had the upper hand.

    The black and red chess pieces were out to kill each other.

    Xiao Chengyu stood beside Xiao Zhiyuan, who was playing chess. “Father has already lost this game and the scores can’t be changed. Grandpa’s gotten better at chess.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan grabbed the chess pieces in frustration and placed them onto the chessboard again. “In that case, there’ll be no use in continuing to struggle and defend. I might as well admit defeat.”

    Old Mr. Xiao glanced at Xiao Zhiyuan and said, “You’re admitting defeat before you’ve even reached the obstacle. Zhiyuan… this is not like you.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan turned pale. He was no longer in the mood for chess now that the Xiao Corporation’s stock prices had taken a plunge.

    Old Mr. Xiao stared at Xiao Zhiyuan sternly and said, “Zhiyuan, the Wen Family has only pulled a small trick and you’ve already become so flustered. I asked you to play a game of chess with me because I wanted you to calm down. What’s most important now is staying composed.”

    The Wen Family was still laying low and remaining silent yesterday. Yet, they gave the Xiao Family such a huge blow all of a sudden, catching them completely off guard. Wen Xinya actually used the Xiao Corporation’s sales report to show that the Xiao Family was not as powerful or capable as they used to be.

    What was most shocking was that the analysis report released by Lanxin Investment Firm was indeed not too far off from the Xiao Family’s actual situation at the moment. The most terrifying thing was… the report was accurate about the Xiao Family having a bleak future.

    The media soon began to publish reports about the Xiao Family’s actual intentions behind the acquirement of Ai Shang Group two years ago. Actually, the Xiao Corporation was merely trying to transition into the luxury brands market.

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    The members of the public were no fools and soon made a response. The Xiao Family invested 500 million yuan into the stock market but did not end up saving themselves. Instead, they even let the Wen Family take advantage. Since the Xiao Family wanted to show their abilities, the Wen Family decided to stab them deeply.

    Still appearing awful and upset, Xiao Zhiyuan said, “Father, the Wen Family has pulled a merciless move this time. There are lots of rumors going around on the internet that are disadvantageous to us. The Xiao Family finally got back on track and yet, our stock prices have plunged again. I don’t even know where that Lanxin Investment Firm came from. They actually have so much reputation and influence in the stock market. I suspect… that they have something to do with the decrease in our stock prices.”

    The controversial rumors surrounding the Xiao Family were circulating around the internet, and they were certain that it was because of someone’s manipulation. The Xiao Family had also hired a few keyboard warriors to get rid of those rumors, though they still could not keep it under control.

    Old Mr. Xiao said with a sullen expression, “Send some people to check up on the background of Lanxin Investment Firm. Also… get in touch with the investor of Lanxin Investment Firm.”

    He had a vague memory of Lanxin Investment Firm and knew that the owner, Ouyang Feng, had graduated from the British Royal Institute and was known as a prodigy of the investment world. Three years ago, his investment company had also been affected by a money-laundering incident that took place within another company. In recent years, that investment company developed rapidly and had become the top investment firm in the nation. Due to their big-ticket clients, they were greatly respected in the nation.

    He was well aware of how important an investment firm was to an enterprise. The Xiao Family had also invested in a renowned foreign investment firm.

    Xiao Zhiyuan nodded and said, “Father, I’ve already told Secretary Li to look into this. We’ve yet to find any links between the Wen Family and that investment firm. However, we’ve found that Wen Xinya has invested a large sum of money into it.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan grimaced at the thought of Wen Xinya, who had caused the Xiao Family to be in so much trouble. He flew into a rage out of nowhere. He was rarely one to lose his temper and was merely prideful. Hence, he could not tolerate the fact that he had lost to a greenhorn time and time again.

    Old Mr. Xiao’s face turned sullen and he said, “Turns out it really is her. It’s a huge impact on us, to have our wealth and power doubted by others. It’s already too late for us to do anything. Transfer the funds over and invest it in the stock market. I shall see what other tricks she can get up to.”

    Feeling a little hesitant, Xiao Zhiyuan said, “Father…”

    Old Mr. Xiao said, “Zhiyuan, the Wen Family’s scheming tricks can only affect us, but they can’t destroy us or cause us to suffer a major loss.”

    After all, power and actual abilities mattered most when it came to business.

    Xiao Zhiyuan nodded.

    Old Mr. Xiao stared at the chessboard and said, “I didn’t expect that old fogy Wen Zhihang to have such a scheming granddaughter.”

    “It’s no wonder that he has suddenly decided to do some charity now that he’s old. He’s so foolish to think that he can atone for the sins that he committed when he was young.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan had always known that Old Mr. Wen was his father’s rival for life.

    The two of them continued to chat about other matters, after which Xiao Zhiyuan stood up and got ready to go to the office. He was filled with disappointment at the sight of Xiao Chengyu. He felt that he was outstanding but not as scheming as Wen Xinya or Chu Jingnan. He felt that his son was a far cry from them.

    Xiao Chengyu gazed at his father with a complicated mix of emotions, feeling rather uneasy.

    Xiao Zhiyuan glanced at Xiao Chengyu and said, “You’re not getting any younger. Go get some practice at the Xiao Corporation! It’ll be handed to you someday.”

    He initially wanted to remind Xiao Chengyu that Wen Xinya had joined the Wen Corporation as soon as she turned legal. However, he decided not to do so because he realized that he would only cause him to be demoralized.

    Xiao Chengyu exclaimed softly, “I understand, Father!”

    Old Mr. Xiao was extremely smart and he was well aware of what his son was thinking, though he did not try to stop him. Wen Xinya was four years younger than Xiao Chengyu. However, no one was as outstanding as her, and he felt that it was time he put Xiao Chengyu through some training. He could not tolerate his grandson being inferior to Old Mr. Wen’s granddaughter.