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Chapter 197 - The battle between the old and new flame (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 197: The battle between the old and new flame (1)

    Su Ziqian had already revealed her relationship with Gu Yu, but she still wasn’t able to get security to loosen up and allow her in. She gritted her teeth, taking in a deep breath as she tried to calm herself down. She knew that by making a fuss, she’ll only make herself look even worse. She could only persuade them with logic.

    “Fine, since it’s the year-end banquet, then I, as the spokesperson for Gu Corporation, should also be considered as part of Gu Corporation. If a reporter happened to snap of picture of you guys continuing to deny me entry, Gu Corporation’s reputation would be harmed. Then, you guys would have to take the blame and resign! Think about it!”

    One had to admit that Su Ziqian’s words were quite shocking. After all, she was a public figure, it wasn’t good for her to keep on causing a ruckus out here. If this was captured by a reporter and became a hot topic, they wouldn’t be able to shoulder the responsibility for causing such an issue.

    The security team looked at each other, unable to reach a decision. Ultimately, one of them called out, “Miss Su, please give us a moment. I’ll go ask Assistant Lin.”

    Pleased, Su Ziqian raised her chin.

    Just as the security staff picked up his communication device, ready to call for someone to contact Assistant Lin, the sound of high heels clicking on the floor approached. Then, a cold voice called out, “There’s no need to ask.”

    Everyone’s gaze turned towards the person who spoke.

    At the sight of Xiao Chun, the expression on Su Ziqian’s pretty face instantly turned gloomy as her hands clenched into fists. She was the one who made people drag her out Gu Corporation before, and now she’s standing in her way? Was she a guard dog?

    Su Ziqian pressed her lips together, putting on a stoic expression as she questioned, “Who do you think you are?”

    Xiao Chun stood before her, almost a head taller than her. She had already had her beat in terms of aura. She raised her hand, ruffling her curly locks as she broke into a charming smile. Instead of giving a proper reply, she asked, “What do you think? How could someone that was dismissed as the spokesperson of Gu Corporation have the audacity to spout nonsense here like that?”

    As Xiao Chun spoke, Su Ziqian’s expression instantly turned sour, completely ashamed.

    It was true that her role as the spokesperson had already been confirmed, but she was dismissed when the time came for her to sign the contract.

    This was Gu Yu’s second punishment for her, after Miss Ji Li’s resignation. It was likely because Gu Yu was displeased after learning of what she had been up to behind his back.

    She didn’t think that he had cared much about Xu Weilai. Besides, he had never liked it when she interfered with his affairs, which was why he gave her a small punishment to serve as a warning!

    Although it was unfortunate to have lost the role of being the spokesperson, she didn’t mind it that much. As soon as Gu Yu’s anger eased, he would naturally give her whatever she wanted.

    During this time, she focused on self-cultivation. She neither appeared in front of Gu Yu to annoy him, nor did she cause trouble for Xu Weilai. She wanted to let time settle the issues they had before going to look for Gu Yu.

    She had initially thought that Gu Corporation’s year-end party would be a good chance for her and Gu Yu to make up. In the end, she never received any calls from Gu Yu or Assistant Lin to ask her to show up as his plus one until the banquet. She didn’t even receive an invite!

    This time, she just couldn’t sit idly by and do nothing, which was why she had taken the initiative to act. She had to see Gu Yu and admit her mistake. Since he doted on her so much, there was no doubt that he would forgive her. From there, they’ll settle their differences and their relationship would be as good as it ever was!

    Who would’ve known that she’ll be stopped by security like that? That’s why she had no choice but to lie to them; the news of her being dismissed as the spokesperson hadn’t got out yet!

    Now that Xiao Chun exposed her like this, her dignity was simply getting stomped on!

    At the sight of how Su Ziqian was left speechless with such a shameful look, Xiao Chun chuckled heartily. She looked at her condescendingly as she continued, “If I were you, I wouldn’t be making a fool out of myself here. Oh, are you still deluding yourself that you’ll be Brother Yu’s plus one?”