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Chapter 141 - You Have A Boyfriend!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 141: You Have A Boyfriend!

    Su Cha immediately found Bo Muyi’s words strange. Her father might be bad to her, but as her boyfriend, how could Bo Muyi ask her to discard her father?

    Su Cha looked at Bo Muyi and smiled weakly, “How can I discard my own father?”

    A dark shadow flashed in Bo Muyi’s eyes. It looked like he tried to explain something. At last, he just said “Oh.”

    He had as if declining to comment.

    Su Cha thought that he might want to express his feelings by pouting his lips, and found it amusing, “Muyi, it’s not a big deal. Even if he treats me badly these days, he is still the one who has given me my life and raised me up. I can’t just discard him. After the exam, I have to return home. I will tell you if I am leaving for the Imperial Capital. Have you finished your work here?”

    Bo Muyi nodded, “Almost finished.”

    He knew that Su Cha had a competition on the 15th, so he did not plan to urge her. He whispered, “But can you move to my house today?”

    His voice was low and pitiful.

    Su Cha thought for a few seconds and finally nodded, “Alright. But I’ll have to pack first at home.”


    Bo Muyi was delighted by Su Cha’s agreement. He rubbed Su Cha’s neck, held her in his arms and left.

    It was almost dark after dinner. Bo Muyi asked the driver to send Su Cha back to pack up her necessities.

    He had to return to the company first to take care of work. Su Cha would go to his home after packing.

    After the exam, Su Cha felt quite relieved. She sorted out the things that she was going to take. While she was packing, she got a call from Le Anqi.

    “Su Cha, will you join us since we’ve done the exam?”

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    It was noisy over her side, which was probably a place with loud music.

    “No, Anqi. I can go out in the morning, but not tonight. It’s not convenient.”

    She only had time to practice martial arts in the evenings.

    “What? How can you be so rigid?”

    Le Anqi complained, “It’s extremely normal for young people to go out. Besides, we’ve finished the exam and should relax. I’m singing at a KTV. Are you sure that you won’t come? There are many handsome guys~”

    Su Cha was amused at Le Anqi’s smirk, “Anqi, you should think about our situations. We are about to attend the competition. If we got photoed, it would become dirt on us. You have to be careful with it. I will not go to such places. I have a boyfriend and he is quite strict.”

    Le Anqi raised her voice immediately, “You have a boyfriend? Why did I never hear about it?”

    Le Anqi’s eyes popped. From her point of view, Su Cha was never the kind of girl who would want to have a boyfriend, especially during the crucial stage of the national college entrance exam.

    Hard-working was the only right thing to do. It had never occurred to Le Anqi that Su Cha had a boyfriend!