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Chapter 142 - Keeping It As A Secre

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 142: Keeping It As A Secret

    “Yes. It has been a long time.”

    Su Cha did not explain and just admitted vaguely, “Alright, I’m still packing. I’m ready to move to the Imperial Capital. When are you gonna leave?”

    “It depends on the competition. And you?”

    “Same here.”

    Su Cha thought that she would definitely move to the Imperial Capital together with Bo Muyi, so she did not invite Le Anqi to travel with her.

    Le Anqi did not mind it since they could not decide anything before the competition. She just had a short chat with Su Cha before she hung up.

    After Su Cha finished packing, she went downstairs and saw an unfamiliar driver coming to pick her up.

    She paid little attention to the drivers and just asked in wonder, “Does Muyi change his drivers so frequently?”

    Each driver only showed up once or twice, except for Bai Kun who had come more often.

    This driver looked more ordinary and silent. He did not plan to speak with Su Cha and just glanced at her, “Young Master has many drivers.”

    What he had revealed was that Bo Muyi the rich guy was even extravagant with drivers.

    Su Cha nodded as she thought. She could tell that those drivers were also bodyguards of Bo Muyi.

    They looked different but shared a cruel demeanor in common, which terrified people.

    She stopped asking and looked out of the window.

    She was planning about moving. She could not move her sewing machine today, so she would have to come back tomorrow.

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    After the driver sent Su Cha to Bo Muyi’s house, he told her respectfully, “Miss Su, if you feel hungry, you can use the house phone to call the maid. Her number is on the telephone. You can call her at any time to order food.”

    Su Cha nodded in response. Then she carried her things and went upstairs.

    She had not observed the environment last time. Now she found that Bo Muyi had an extremely large home.

    She went to the bedroom on the second floor. It looked the same as the last time. There was a faint smell of the man, which Su Cha felt familiar and also overbearing.

    She sorted the closet and put her clothes in. Bo Muyi’s stuff was organized well and took up most of the space. After she moved them, the closet appeared to be packed with clothes. She hoped Bo Muyi would not be upset.

    She took the shower first, in case she would feel embarrassed if Bo Muyi came back.

    Then she started to embroider. She had thought it over. If she wanted to pay the tuition by herself and take part in the contest, she had no time to part-work and part-study. Now she had to do embroideries as much as she could.

    Afterwards, she would focus on exercise.

    She felt her meridians had become stronger recently. It was possible for her to lift over 100 pounds.

    But it was inconvenient to live with Bo Muyi since she had to avoid him for some time.

    Su Cha found herself filled with puzzles and would take her time to solve all of them. She could not afford to tell Bo Muyi now, in case he would start imagining wildly.

    She was exercising in bed and suddenly heard someone opening the door with a key. She was alerted and hid in the quilt at once.