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Chapter 143 - Love Corrupts People

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 143: Love Corrupts People

    The minute Bo Muyi walked in, he saw a lump of quilt on his bed.

    “Cha cha, are you asleep?”

    He walked to the bed and sat down. She looked petite, curling herself up. Bo Muyi was about to reach out his hands when the girl suddenly came out of the quilt and smiled at him.

    Bo Muyi beamed with pleasure and gave a deep and low laugh as his chest vibrated slightly. He touched Su Cha’s cheek, “No? Naughty girl.”

    Su Cha sat up a little and cuddled him, “Not yet. I’ve been waiting for you.”

    She had become very intimate with him lately, so Su Cha felt attached to Bo Muyi and always wanted to cuddle him.

    Bo Muyi felt extremely happy and satisfied. He could not express his feelings.

    Waiting for you.

    His Cha cha said that she had been waiting for him. What a nice girl!

    He curled up his lips and held Su Cha in arms, then he kissed her forehead, “Cha cha, my good girl. You can finally have a good rest after the national college entrance exam. You’ve been working too hard.”

    “I can’t compare with you.”

    The girl nestled in his arms and said leisurely, “You’ve been working harder than me everyday.”

    She had just studied diligently, which was simple.

    “I can rest now but you have to keep working.”

    He was amused by her words and kissed her eyelids again, “Is that right? It seems that you can stay in bed late tomorrow…”

    He was indicating and leered at her, “I’ll take a shower first.”

    Su Cha watched him getting up and finally came to understand his words. She blushed.

    Lustful! Disgusting!


    She had a pure heart and few worldly desires in ancient times. Even the prettiest boy could not seduce her. Once she fell in love with someone, she would stop paying attention to others.

    She could talk normally with Bo Muyi at the beginning, but now she could not.

    She huddled under the quilt, listening to the babbling of the water. It continued for over ten minutes and stopped.

    Su Cha became a little excited and hot.

    She felt ashamed of it.

    The door of the bathroom was opened. She felt the dampness and heard his footsteps.

    Su Cha dared not to turn over, in case she would see his sexy nude.

    “Cha cha…”

    But Bo Muyi called her name and patted her back gently. Su Cha had to turn over. She squeezed her eyes and found Bo Muyi wearing a robe.

    Su Cha was relieved and said, “I…”

    Bo Muyi loosened his belt on the robe.


    Su Cha was choked and could hardly say anything.

    The man moved slowly and gracefully. His beautiful fingers pulled his clothes slowly and showed his strong body with graceful lines. Before he leaned on Su Cha, she murmured, “How about your work tomorrow….”

    “It doesn’t matter.”

    The man leered, “I can get up early.”

    After a low murmur of voices, Su Cha was taken to the heavenly world by Bo Muyi.