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Chapter 207 - No. Nothing. Never!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 207: No. Nothing. Never!

    Reluctantly, Ning Meng opened the door.

    The moment she saw Huo Beichen, Ning Meng instinctively plastered on a smile. “Lord Chen, what time is it?”

    Bringing in the breakfast, Huo Beichen looked at his watch. “It’s 8 in the morning.”

    Ning Meng shook her head. “No. It’s the happiest hour in my day~”

    The man who usually ignored her sweet-nothings stopped in his tracks and looked at her with an enticing smile. “Oh? Then I hope this hour lasts for eternity.”


    Poor Ning Meng was stunned by the cringe-worthy response. Seeing her like this, Huo Beichen extended his big hand to pet her head.

    The girl had just woken up from her sleep, thus, her hair was a little messy. Now, it got even messier due to Huo Beichen’s head-petting.

    Just as Ning Meng was on the edge of exploding in anger, Huo Beichen pulled back his hand and brought the breakfast to the dining table.

    After a good hearty meal, Huo Beichen stood up to prepare to head to work. At the same time, Ning Meng received a phone call from Lemon Entertainment.

    “Ms. Ning, Liu Ying has confessed.”

    “Oh, who was the one behind all this?”

    “Su Tiantian.”

    Yeah, it was just as expected. Ning Meng was not the least surprised.

    Liu Ying was not popular, thus, she did not get as many assignments which in turn resulted in not receiving much income. However, she had still gone out and bought all those branded trinkets and clothing, wanting to show that she had “delicate tastes” in fashion. Hence, due to her lavish spendings, her account savings were naturally depleted to almost nothing.

    There was no way she could have accumulated even one cent to buy out the other three trainees to stage this drama on Weibo.

    Ning Meng smirked to herself and told the manager over the phone, “Alright. I’m heading to the office.”

    After hanging up, she walked to the car park with Huo Beichen. As she was walking, Ning Meng opened up her WeChat App. Taking a glance at Huo Beichen’s message, Ning Meng quietly changed Huo Beichen’s WeChat nickname to “Scumbag”.

    “What mischief are you up to again?”

    The man’s voice suddenly rang next to her ear. Ning Meng anxiously locked her phone screen and responded, “No. Nothing. Never!”

    Three negatives. It was equivalent to an admission of guilt!

    Realizing just how fake her response was, Ning Meng peeped at Huo Beichen’s face, worrying that he would be angry. However, as surprising as it was, he did not seem upset at all.

    Ning Meng let out a sigh of relief. Her life was spared! Phew!

    And it was then that she saw Huo Beichen’s car waiting in front of Yuxiu Garden’s gate. Oh, Su Ye was the driver of the day. After waving her hand to greet the good doctor, Ning Meng turned toward Huo Beichen and gave him a piece of sincere advice. “Lord Chen, I suggest you get a driving license. Sometimes, it’s much better when you’re driving the car yourself. It’s really convenient, you know~”


    Su Ye, who was sitting in the driver seat, stared at the missus in confusion.

    His magnificent boss Huo Beichen needed to get a driver’s license? But he was one of the best amateur racers in the country!

    Yet, the next thing he saw was the magnificent Huo Beichen nodding obediently. “Yes, ma’am.”



    After seeing them off, Ning Meng drove straight to Lemon Entertainment. Arriving at the CEO’s office, she saw Liu Ying and Su Tiantian sitting on the sofa. Meanwhile, Ning Wentao sat on his seat menacingly as he glared coldly at Cao Xuehua, “If she’s the one behind this, let’s get a divorce!”

    Hearing this, Cao Xuehua instantly broke down in tears. “No…! It’s not possible…!!”

    Then, she saw Ning Meng walk through the door, and in an instant, Cao Xuehua pointed her finger at her and yelled, “Meng Meng! I knew you never liked Tiantian. Always getting in her way and bullying her whenever you can! However, this is not Tiantian’s doing! How could you set her up like this?”


    After rolling her eyes at Cao Xuehua, Ning Meng silently glared Liu Ying.

    Liu Ying, as expected, looked rather desperate. She had to pay 80,000,000 yuan for breaching her contract, but she did not have that much money! She turned toward Su Tiantian in a panic. “It was you! It was Su Tiantian who gave me 3,000,000 yuan! The deal was to pay those 3 trainees 1,000,000 yuan each to do the sabotage with me!”

    Su Tiantian lowered her head and responded weakly, putting on an innocent face. “I did not. Do you have proof that I did it? Do you have any transactional records?”

    Liu Ying was stunned. “No… you gave me cash.”

    Hearing this, a sly glint flashed in Su Tiantian’s eyes.

    Heh, she was always cautious in doing her business, there was no way they would have any evidence that showed she was the one who was responsible.