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Chapter 208 - The Cunning Su Tiantian

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 208: The Cunning Su Tiantian

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    Closing her eyes, Su Tiantian lamented, “So… you’re saying that I’m the one who did this?”

    Seeing her seemingly admit it, a smile spread across Liu Ying’s face and she nodded chipperly, “Yes! You also told me that if I managed to complete my task, you would help pay the damages of me breaching my contract and poach me over to your company!”

    Su Tiantian forced up a smile, clenching her fist on her chest. “I see. So that’s what it is.”

    Liu Ying was stunned. “What do you mean?”

    Cao Xuehua, who was standing next to Ning Wentao, opened her mouth woefully, “I see. It’s all because of that 80,000,000 yuan worth of damages! Meng Meng, I’ve been with the Nings for years. I would not say I’m the best mom in the world but I’ve never mistreated you! I never wanted any stocks in your company and I even signed the prenuptial agreement… and yet now? Heh, you want to scam Tiantian’s hard-earned money too? Fine! If you want the money so much, just tell me. I’ll pay it all. The Nings had been taking care of her for so long, so if the Nings want us to repay everything, I won’t complain at all. Yet, how could you do such a thing to tarnish Tiantian’s reputation?!”

    Then, she shot a glare at Su Tiantian. “If your step-father wants your money, just give it to him. What’s with all the fuss?!”

    Seeing the two women like this, a frown was pinched on Ning Wentao’s face. “Watch your tongue. When Su Tiantian left our home, I’d already told you. No matter how much money she earned out there, it’s all her own hard-earned money. I won’t take even a cent from her!”

    Ning Wentao was a man of his word. Not only that, but he was also quite generous in treating all his lovers well. That was why even though he had been a playboy in his youth, Ning Wentao was still highly respected in the community. How could he want the meager amount of money that Su Tiantian earned?

    Ning Wentao then turned toward Ning Meng warmly. “Meng Meng. Do we have any evidence?”

    Ning Meng frowned as she turned toward Liu Ying. “Yeah, do you have any evidence? If you don’t, I suppose you’re going to jail, then.”

    Feeling threatened, Liu Ying leaped over to grab Su Tiantian’s arm and started to beg her. “Please, Sis Tiantian! 80,000,000 yuan is just a small, meager amount in your pocket, right? Please help me! Sis Tiantian, if I can’t pay for the damages, my life will be ruined!”

    Now that the world already knew the truth, there was no way Liu Ying could still work in the entertainment business.

    Besides, no ordinary family could handle an 80,000,000 yuan bill worth of damages.

    Pushing Liu Ying aside, Su Tiantian responded coldly. “I’m not the one who did it. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

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    Liu Ying yelled out furiously, “But that’s not what you said to me earlier! You said as long as I can ruin Lemon Entertainment, you would support me with all of your resources!”

    Su Tiantian smirked and shot her a cold glare.

    Support her? Liu Ying was nothing but a dispensable pawn. There were plenty of other cute, pretty girls like Liu Ying in the industry. Besides, Lemon Entertainment had spent so many resources on her, and yet, this Liu Ying girl was still unable to rise to stardom. This meant that the girl was not an asset to any idol company.

    In other words, Su Tiantian had never once thought of poaching Liu Ying over to Sweet Scent Studio. All Su Tiantian had done was just giving her a verbal promise.

    Still, if Liu Ying had managed to pull it off, she might have actually kept her in her studio’s roster. Unfortunately, this retard was not only unable to properly land a critical strike via the media, she had not even counter-attacked with all the compromising pictures and videos she had been given. Not even one picture!

    Standing up from the sofa, Su Tiantian spoke to Ning Wentao. “Uncle Ning, I am not close to this girl. How could I ever do anything like this?”

    She then looked at Liu Ying and scolded the latter. “Besides, what you’re doing is treason to your own company. How would any other idol company want to keep you after all that you’ve done?”

    Liu Ying’s body was trembling in anger. She was so furious that she could not utter a word at all.

    Alas, she had no evidence against Su Tiantian. Her life… was ruined!



    Ning Meng, who was getting bored of watching this real-life soap drama, finally opened her mouth.

    “Su Tiantian~ wow! Which college did you graduate from? I didn’t know you had secured yourself a double Ph.D. in White Lotus1-ing and Green-tea b*tch2ing!”