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Chapter 849 - Provoking the Damned Scumbag

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 849: Provoking the Damned Scumbag

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    There had been lots of negative news about the Xiao Corporation, thus leading to a continuous decline in stock prices. Instead of clarifying matters, the Xiao Family invested another 500 million yuan into the stock market in order to exude their wealth. Everyone was shocked speechless.

    Everyone vaguely guessed that the Xiao Family was merely trying to defeat the Wen Family.

    The Xiao Family was actually trying to let their actions prove their abilities and hence, they garnered more respect than the Wen Family, who resorted to scheming and despicable tricks.

    At this very moment, a netizen nicknamed “Miss Shrewd” published a message on the internet with the rough intention of insinuating that the Xiao Family had plotted against the Wen Family and they were actually trying to manipulate the stock market to show that they were much more capable. They simply did not want their abilities and competency to be doubted.

    The post sparked an uproar amongst netizens as soon as it was published.

    There were some who did not believe her words and there were also some who suspected that she was a member of the Xiao Corporation. However, the Xiao Family had managed to stabilize the situation, regardless of what happened.

    Xiao Zhiyuan patted Chu Jingnan on the shoulder and said, “Young people indeed have great ideas. You actually came up with such a brilliant solution of using the moniker ‘Miss Shrewd’ and messing up everything. I reckon no one can guess if it’s the Xiao Family plotting against the Wen Family or the other way around. No one would dare to continue making an issue out of this matter. Instead, they’ll be focusing on the Xiao Family’s performance.”

    It was all thanks to Chu Jingnan’s suggestion that saved the Xiao Family. Xiao Zhiyuan glanced at Chu Jingnan with a look of satisfaction.

    Chu Jingnan hung his head low and said, “I’m also a member of the Xiao Corporation. I must do my best to serve the company.”

    Since the Wen Family had used to media to attack the Xiao Family, he decided to use the power of the media to retaliate against the Wen Family.

    It was a battle between him and Wen Xinya!

    After Xiao Zhiyuan left, Chu Jingnan called Wen Xinya’s number.

    Wen Xinya was in the midst of revision when she heard her mobile phone ring. She whipped it out to see that it was a call from Chu Jingnan. She did not save his mobile number and hence, there was no contact. However, she had already memorized his mobile number from the previous lifetime.

    Wen Xinya took a look at the screen with her lips curled into a smirk and answered the call. “What’s the matter, Mr. Chu? As you know, I’m very busy with revising for the final examinations and every minute and second is precious to me. I don’t have time to waste on calling you.”

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    Chu Jingnan walked towards the balcony of his office where he stood alone. “Miss Wen, I wonder if you’ve read the news about the Wen Family on the internet just now.”

    “Turns out you were the one behind this. How impressive of you, Mr. Chu. It’s little wonder that you could get into the good books of CEO Xiao within less than a year of joining the Xiao Corporation.” Wen Xinya glanced at the message posted by Miss Shrewd on the internet, which she had read long ago. That was the battle of business. An unassuming detail could very likely become the deciding factor between victory and defeat.

    Chu Jingnan said calmly, “You flatter me, Miss Wen. Compared to you, I’m just a small fry. My tricks are not as shrewd as yours. I doubt I can impress you.”

    Although he sounded rather humble, he was actually being sarcastic and indirectly trying to say, “So what if you have plenty of tricks up your sleeve? It all boils down to the details.”

    Wen Xinya smirked slowly, though she looked rather stern. “Mr. Chu, you’re being too modest. I can’t impress you with those petty tricks of mine. I’ve embarrassed myself.”

    Who wouldn’t know how to make sarcastic remarks? She was bent on provoking the scumbag Chu Jingnan and getting him all riled up.

    Upon hearing her snide remark, Chu Jingnan frowned and said, “Wen Xinya, I didn’t call you to have a battle of tongues with you. I’m just trying to warn you to stop before it’s too late!”

    Wen Xinya sneered. “Oh, it turns out that’s what your intentions are! You’ve truly given me an eyeopener. Who are you to tell me to stop?”

    The Xiao Family had yet to acknowledge him and yet, he was already treating himself as a member of the Xiao Family! She had never seen such a thick-skinned person.

    A sullen expression formed on Chu Jingnan’s face and he said, “Wen Xinya, you…”

    Wen Xinya immediately interrupted him with an icy cold tone. “When you said those words just now, were you representing the entire Xiao Corporation, or were you referring to Xiao Zhiyuan? Are you fit to represent the Xiao Family? You’re just a small fry. Yet, you’re so concerned about the Xiao Corporation’s position. I almost thought you were Xiao Zhiyuan’s son.”

    Upon hearing Wen Xinya’s astute words, Chu Jingnan was suddenly speechless. Filled with a sudden, ominous feeling, his heart skipped a beat and he wondered if Wen Xinya had actually meant what she said.

    Chu Jingnan suppressed his uneasiness and said in a tender voice, “Xinya, I’m doing this for your own good. It’s true that I can’t speak on behalf of the Xiao Family or the Xiao Corporation. I’m just trying to give you advice because we’re friends.”

    Wen Xinya humphed coldly and snapped. “If you’re really doing it for my own good, why do you bother dealing with the Wen Family? Is it because you’re an employee of the Xiao Corporation? Hmph… I didn’t know that such a small fry like you would be so bothered about the company’s welfare.”

    He was obviously trying to provoke her. Yet, he was still so pretentious. People who did not know him well would think that he was actually sparing a thought for her.

    Chu Jingnan advised. “I can’t deny that you’re the mighty Miss Wen who holds 10% of the Wen Corporation’s shares, but you still haven’t taken over the Wen Corporation yet. You’re not in full control and you’re not the one who gets to make major decisions. How are you supposed to deal with the Xiao Family? Do you really think you can deal with them using those petty tricks of yours? You’re too naive.”

    Chu Jingnan seemed to be giving her sincere advice on the surface, but he was actually smirking coldly. He knew Wen Xinya too well and felt that she was too arrogant for her own good. She would never give up unless she was faced with trouble.

    Well aware of Chu Jingnan’s intentions, Wen Xinya sneered. “Get lost. I’m not going to fall for your trick. You’re just trying to play mind games with me. Take a good look at how I’ll deal with the Xiao Family. I’ll make sure I defeat them.”

    She still had a trump card in hand, and the Xiao Family would be too naive if they thought that that was all she was capable of.

    Chu Jingnan felt a sudden sense of joy upon hearing the beeping tone in the speaker of his mobile phone.  he thought.