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Chapter 184 - I Am Lei Feng

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 184: I Am Lei Feng

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    When the car slowed down, arriving at the junction, all seemed well. Then unexpectedly and without any warning, a huge truck sped over from its right, colliding with the white Corolla Xiao Luo in a horrendous crash. With force equivalent to the weight of a mountain, the accident would surely be fatal.


    Amid a deafening blast, the white Corolla was smashed entirely, its middle section caving in like cardboard. Glass fragments shattered into a thousand pieces littering the crash site.

    The car was thrown about 40 meters from the point of impact, rolling several times before coming to a rest. A path of destruction was strewn with debris along where the vehicle was thrown.

    On the empty street, the badly damaged car laid on its side, with its horn wailing incessantly in mourning, piercing through the quiet of the night.

    The truck came to a stop, and both its doors opened. Two men alighted, hopping down from it. Da Yuan,blonde-haired, and Leng Bao, bespectacled, walked towards the white Corolla.

    Da Yuan looked at his compatriot with a cruel smile on his face, “That rascal should be dead, right?”

    “Yes, not far from it, even if he isn’t,” Leng Bao said solemnly while subconsciously adjusting his spectacles.

    “Well, who cares. I’ll go give that rascal another stab!”

    Da Yuan chuckled savagely as he unsheathed a dagger from his waist and strode purposefully towards the broken Corolla.

    As Da Yuan approached, a loud report came from the crumpled vehicle, just as its right front door flew open, thrust by a tremendous force. Xiao Luo emerged, grabbed the window frame with both hands, climbed out, and carefully hopped to the ground. He was bleeding profusely from cuts inflicted by the shattered glasses and soaked in blood.

    “Huh, he’s not dead yet!”

    Da Yuan said, with a look of surprise on his face. Almost immediately, he began to laugh excitedly, “This is great. I can flex my muscles now, hehehe…”

    From afar, Leng Bao intuitively sensed something amiss and warned, “Do not underestimate your enemies!”

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    “Relax, that rascal could barely even stand, to kill him will be a piece of cake,” Da Yuan replied with a maniacal laugh.

    It was true that Xiao Luo was severely injured, and would be in no state to resist. The truck’s impact was devastating, and the force it had generated at that point should have killed anyone in the vehicle. If he hadn’t redeemed the Yijin Jing skill from the system, he would have died instantly. As it turned out, Yijin Ying had shielded his heart and vessels with his inner power in the nick of time.

    As he stood there watching Da Yuan approach, his inner power began circulating rapidly. His intent to kill began rising like a colossal tide.

    Like a cornered beast, he gave Da Yuan a deadly gaze, as he said word by word, “You… will… die!”

    A raging fury had manifested as he drew himself to his full height, he had only one thing in mind.

    “Die? Huh! Even garbage like you dares to say that?”

    Da Yuan flexed his lithe, muscular frame and entered into an attacking stance. In a series of quick, measured steps, he advanced toward Xiao Luo at a good speed. Before reaching striking distance, he suddenly lunged forward, his dagger slicing the air to strike the flank before he pulled it back and thrust the pointed tip of the blade to his opponent’s throat in one swift motion.

    As the blade was about to pierce its intended mark, a hand appeared out of nowhere. It gripped his hand above the thumb with strong, vice-like fingers. Da Yuan’s striking hand pushed upwards to his left, bringing his right arm across his face, and exposing his upper body to a counter strike. When it came, the blow hit like a sled hammer as it pummeled into Da Yuan’s chest.


    The deadly force reverberated through Da Yuan’s crumbling body, in waves of excruciating pain.


    Da Yuan was thrown back, flying through the air uncontrollably, before crashing to the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood and stared hard at Xiao Luo.

    But Da Yuan was no ordinary street fighter and retained his fighting mettle. The trained pugilist had quite some moves in his repertoire, and his mind was already working out steps to defeat his opponent. He slowed his breath and blocked out the pain. He shifted his center of gravity and raised himself steadily on one knee. As he attempted to rise, he spat out another mouthful of blood, and an unbearable pain followed, emanating from his chest. He glanced down to his chest, his eyes widened, shocked at what he saw. Several ribs were protruding out, and his chest had collapsed inwards. Blood that was oozing out from his open wound, soaking his shirt red. From the bloody cavity, he could almost see his own heart thumping rapidly.

    Da Yuan was horrified. He had practiced martial arts all his life and had cultivated his inner power to protect his body. How could his body be broken with a single punch, was this even possible?!

    “Da Yuan, be careful!” Leng Bao cried out in panic.

    Da Yuan lifted his head, only in time to see Xiao Luo moving in swiftly, on the balls of his feet, bounding forward a distance of more than 10 meters. Landing within striking distance, his weight was transferred to his left leg, he then executed a quick skip to channel the energy, to a frontal snap kick, extending the same leg upwards right into Da Yuan’s exposed chin.

    Swift, violent, without mercy!


    Da Yuan could almost feel the force smash into his brain, turning it to a slurry. His ears were buzzing, and before he could even shriek, he lost consciousness. He crashed into the ground some 20 to 30 meters away.

    Blood oozed out from his nostrils and mouth. His chin was shattered. His left eyeball was dangling out from his eye socket due to the tremendous impact, lolling from side to side against his cheek as he lay on his side. He didn’t look human anymore.


    Leng Bao gasped in terror as he stared at the bloody mess that was Da Yuan. From the moment Xiao Luo began until the moment Da Yuan was felled, everything happened in less than ten breaths. Leng Bao did not even get the chance to help him.

    “It’s your turn now!”

    His voice was clear and cold, devoid of emotion, coming from the depths of the netherworld. Blood was dripping down from Xiao Luo’s face, and his clothes were all torn, but he exuded a fighting intent that was ever so intense. In his burning eagerness to fight, the flames smouldering in his eyes appeared dark and sinister.

    Leng Bao trembled in fear. He saw before him a ruthless beast from head to toe. He wasn’t someone that could be fathomed, still possessing such immense powers when he should have died in the crash.

    He did not answer the call of battle. After a quick moment of thought, he turned around, lifted Da Yuan’s corpse, and hastily left the scene, succumbing to the call to retreat.

    Xiao Luo gasped as he looked at Leng Bao scamper away. When he was no longer in sight, he closed his eyes and slumped onto the ground in a pile.

    Even with Yijin Jing, he still sustained substantial injuries after being hit by a truck traveling at more than 90 miles per hour. His organs and blood vessels were shielded by his inner power, but the wounds inflicted on his outer body were severe. Pieces of glass fragments like parasites embedded in his flesh shimmered against the street light.



    Xiao Luo regained consciousness, opened his eyes, and realized that he was in the hospital. He wanted to move but felt as if his limbs restrained. It was at that moment that he realized that there were bandages wrapped all around his body. The white bandage wrapped was around him made him look like a mummy.

    At that moment, a man with a large body and chubby face walked in with a bowl of ravioli. When he saw that Xiao Luo had awakened, struggling on the sickbed, and he was shocked. He quickly put down his ravioli and went forward to calm him down, “Brother, you shouldn’t be moving. You got more than 100 glass fragments removed from your body. The doctors went around the clock to stitch your wounds up. If you move, they’ll crack open easily, and you’ll have to suffer again.”

    “Who are you?” asked Xiao Luo.


    The chubby-faced man was startled. Then, he grinned, “I’m Lei Feng, remember? I saw you lying unconsciously by the road. Nobody dared to save you, so I called 120 to get you to the hospital. I even took care of you for a whole day and night. Who could I possibly be if not Lei Feng?”