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Chapter 186 - A Tooth for a Tooth

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 186: A Tooth for a Tooth

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    In the dimly lit room, Da Yuan laid face-up on the ground. His bloodied face was white as a sheet, and he was dead. Han Mian and Hei Lang stood at the side with solemn looks on their faces. They were incensed, deep in anguish.

    Compared to the other two, Leng Bao appeared relatively calmer. He hadn’t recovered from the fact that Da Yuan was kicked to death by Xiao Luo. When he remembered Xiao Luo’s eyes brimming in a fury and on the warpath, an dark, unspoken emotion returned to haunt him.

    Long Sankui was sitting on the master’s chair, holding a cane, shaped like a dragon’s head with his right hand, and playing with two bao ding balls [1] with his left. With aging eyes that were glowing like the stars in winter, he glared at Leng Bao, “He was kicked to death by that kid?”

    Leng Bao wanted to answer no, but the fact was yes.

    He nodded, “Yes.”

    “What the f*ck? Is that kid really so extraordinary?”

    Long Sankui clenched his left hand. The two bao ding balls made of metal shriveled and deformed instantly like two clumps of plasticine being squeezed together.

    Leng Bao adjusted his spectacles, then said, “We hit him with a truck. Even the car he was driving broke apart, but he was unscathed. Master Long, I suspect that he’s a past master in martial arts with a, not at all weak, inner power.”

    “Bullsh*t. Even if his inner power is strong, he would still have suffered some serious injuries under the circumstance. Hence, the purpose of him wrapping up his fight with Da Yuan rapidly was to startle you. If you weren’t startled back then, killing him will be like a cakewalk.” Long Sankui quickly deduced Xiao Luo’s thoughts during the incident, in a blink of an eye.

    Leng Bao was slightly stunned. If what Master Long said was true, didn’t he just missed a great chance to kill Xiao Luo?

    After he carefully retraced the incident in his memory, he did indeed find some credence to the idea. When Xiao Luo confronted him, his intent to fight was intense, but he was covered in blood and was clearly not in good physical state. He was most probably an arrow at the end of its flight. Having thought about that, he immediately knelt on one knee, “I beseech your forgiveness, Master Long!”

    “Forgive you? Hah! Get 10 of our greatest men and scour every hospital. The kid must be tending to his wounds in one of them. If you find him, chop him into eight pieces at once.”

    Long Sankui forcefully bashed the ground with his cane, “This is your chance to redeem yourself. Treasure it!”


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    Leng Bao nodded reverently, while his eyes hidden underneath his glasses emanated the cold glare of a venomous viper.



    Xiao Luo was bandaged from head to toe. This was his fourth day in the hospital. His Yijin Jing was circulating unceasingly, and his wounds were healing at an accelerated rate. His King of Mercenary’s physique was equally potent. Under their combined effects, his injuries were treated entirely.

    Zhang Dashan didn’t stay in the office like he ordered him to do. On this day, he came to visit Xiao Luo again. When he pushed the door open, he was astounded. He had witnessed something unbelievable! Crackling noises came from Xiao Luo, who was lying on the sickbed wrapped up like a mummy. Along with those sounds, the white bandages started to burst apart, and Xiao Luo came out from his cocoon like a butterfly who had completed metamorphosis.

    When he saw Xiao Luo jumping down from the sickbed and all the bandages on his body falling off him like goose feathers, Zhang Dashan plopped his buttocks down on the ground out of sheer shock. For him, nothing in this world couldn’t be described with “f*ckin hell.” If there were to be something that couldn’t, he would just describe it with two of them.

    Xiao Luo was standing next to the bed, naked. Every inch of his skin was as fair and tender like a baby under the baptism of Yijin Jing. There were no scars on his body. His lines were distinct, just like a masterly carved sculpture.

    “Motherf*cker, can you not point your dick at me?!”

    Zhang Dashan calmed himself down and stood up, patting the dust off his buttocks. Now, he was almost immune to the incredible tales that had happened around Xiao Luo. Not to mention all of Xiao Luo’s wounds healing within three to four days, it would have been acceptable for him even if Xiao Luo jacked off and shot down an airplane from the sky. His good old brother, Xiao Luo, could never be conjectured with common logic.

    1Xiao Luo moved away from the sickbed unhurriedly and put on a jumpsuit.

    “Why did you come again? Didn’t I ask you to stay in the company compound while I deal with the Dragon Gang?”

    “The heck Old Xiao. I’m not even this kind to my own girlfriend. Fools never know when they are well off, you know?” Zhang Dashan said disdainfully.

    Xiao Luo buttoned-up one by one. He glanced at him, “You ever had a girlfriend?”

    This directly pricked on Zhang Dashan’s pain. His face flushed instantly, “You wanna rub it in, huh? Fine, fine. I’m not coming ever again! I’ll just stay in the office with the ladies, alright?! F*ckin hell!”

    He left mumbling to himself.



    As night fell, the neon lights turned Jiangcheng into a sleepless city.

    Leng Bao was very dispirited. In the last four days, he had deployed the men assigned to him to every single hospital in Jiangcheng City but had failed to find any patient by the name of Xiao Luo. Who would have expected that Xiao Luo was registered under the name of Liu Tieguo? Naturally, they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere bandying the name of Xiao Luo.

    He was sitting in the car and was feeling anxious, as if in need of a drug fix. When his men came back reporting to him that Xiao Luo was not in any of the hospitals that he had sent them to, he couldn’t tolerate it any longer. He punched the car window, shattering the glass.

    At that moment, his phone rang. It from an unknown number.

    He adjusted his spectacles, forcing himself to calm down. He picked up his phone and answered the call, “Who’s speaking?”

    “I’m Xiao Luo!” On his phone, a chilling voice sounded.

    Leng Bao immediately sat upright, “How did you get my contact?”

    “This isn’t important. You have been busy looking for me, don’t you want to know where I am?” Xiao Luo said coldly.

    “Where are you?”

    “Look up.”

    Leng Bao reacted by raising his head at once. His pupils dilated adjusting to the darkened skies, and through the sunroof, he saw a car rolling off the adjacent building, more than ten-story high. It seemed to linger in the air for a while, then plummeted quickly, accelerating in speed with the momentum.

    “Damn it!”

    He broke into a cold sweat, momentarily frozen in the clutches of death. Leng Bao was terrified, pale with fear. He instantly regained his senses, and immediately tried to get out. But it was too late. Even as his hand was on the door handle, the falling car plunged straight into the roof of his vehicle, with unimaginable force.


    A thunderous boom followed, shaking the ground around it and, the black car was gone, pulverized and crushed in an instant. All four wheels collapsed, its tires blown, and debris blasted in every direction, sending a wave of terror to all standing close by.


    Leng Bao, trapped inside, was instantly squashed into minced meat. His blood seeped out along the gaps of the car door and dripped onto the ground.

    The surrounding Dragon Gang members were stunned at what they had just witnessed. Their eyes fixated at the ghastly scene as they trembled. Then, coming out of their stupor, they called Long Sankui and reported, stuttering, “Master Long, Protector Leng… protector Leng is… is dead…”

    Watching the scene from the top of the building, Xiao Luo dusted off his hands, turned, and walked away, like a trivial task had just been completed.

    A tooth for a tooth, blood for blood!


    [1] bao ding balls: metallic spheres developed to gently stimulate the muscles, nerves, and acupressure points of the fingers, hands, and forearms.