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Chapter 195 - You Won’t Be Able to Live Without Me

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 195: You Won’t Be Able to Live Without Me

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    You know that because of my identity, Coco thought that you were someone who did not have a good future and that was why we were forced to be separated.

    But because of you, I have decided to give up my fame and acting career just to join the National Defense Academy.

    Because of you, I wake up early in the morning and sleep really late. I lost weight so that I would have a greater body shape and stamina…

    I became a better person…

    Sigh, talking about all this makes me wanna cry! (Crying face)

    But what I did not know was that Xiao Tang Tang has always been working hard for our love too. You came to my side and became my instructor.

    Was it because my identity was too noble when we were with the movie crew? That was why when you saw me as a freshman you turned that love of yours into hate. Hence, you started using your identity as an instructor to torture my body and my heart.

    Xiao Tang Tang, even though you have punished me multiple times, I’d still treat you like my first love. (loving face)

    Xiao Tang Tang, did you know?

    That time when we had training with the Military Academy, did you know why I was so determined to win?

    It was because I had to protect you. How could I allow my Xiao Tang Tang to be held captive, am I right?

    Because of you, I chose to join the Special Fire Team so that I can become a member here.

    Do you know why I want to join the Special Fire Team?

    Yes, it is because of you!

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    Are you touched?

    Don’t cry, I’ll be sad…

    Today, I became a part of the Special Fire Team, and I am another step closer to you. Aren’t you happy!

    That your little goddess is still by your side?

    Should I give you a kiss? (Bold red lips)

    Xiao Tang Tang, I would already be dead by the time you read this letter.

    Of course, if you decide to kill yourself for me, I would agree to it too!

    1Since you love me so much, you would not be able to live without me.

    I’ll be down there waiting for you. Love you.

    It’s too lonely to walk the Naihe bridge alone.

    So, you know what to do.

    Don’t let me wait too long down there, okay?

    Love you, XOXO.

    Your Little Goddess, Jian Qi.”

    Tang Jinyu finished reading the letter without skipping a single world, and he sighed heavily.

    Why did he believe her!

    When did he become so stupid enough to have finished reading something like that?

    He folded that paper and wanted to throw it into the rubbish bin.

    His hand stopped mid air and he was momentarily stunned.

    He stared at the paper for a while and he withdrew his hand.

    It was as if he had made up his mind about something as he pulled out his drawer and put the letter into the drawer.

    As he closed the drawer, it was as if something had made its way into his heart.

    He shook his head speechlessly as he pursed his lips into what looked like a slight smile.


    Jian Qi left, but she did not go back to her hostel. She went to the training field.

    There were other comrades who were still training as well. It was too early for Jian Qi to sleep. It had become a habit to have extra training so not doing it tonight did not seem right.

    She glanced about quickly and noticed that Lu Yao was there too.

    Jian Qi was surprised. With Lu Yao’s experience, he was not the kind who would be too nervous to sleep!

    She thought about it and went toward him.

    “Instructor Lu, what are you doing?”

    Lu Yao looked at her and said placidly, “You need something?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “Instructor Lu, as a comrade, shouldn’t you be more friendly?”