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Chapter 196 - : Aren’t You Gonna Give Me a Kiss?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 196: Aren’t You Gonna Give Me a Kiss?

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    Lu Yao looked away and continued doing his bar pull up.

    Jian Qi stood by the pole casually.

    “Instructor Lu, are you nervous?” Jian Qi smiled.

    “I thought that people like Instructor Lu were used to life and death situations.”

    Lu Yao stopped and dropped back on his feet, he tilted his head sideways as he looked at her. “You do look like you have seen enough of life and death situations.”

    “You look so relaxed. Are you confident about tomorrow?”

    Jian Qi smiled. “I’m confident about everything.”

    “Even when you’re beaten up by Tang Jinyu?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “I’m just preserving his dignity. Afterall he is still an instructor. He’d be a wreck if I’m way too good, how would he still be able to act tough in front of his subordinates?”

    Jian Qi looked serious as she said so. It was as if she was telling the truth.

    Lu Yao looked at her disdainfully. “How shameless can you be?”

    “What do you think?” Jian Qi replied placidly.

    ‘Forget about it, I should get some rest and not bother him anymore.’.

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    “Instructor Lu, take care. I’m off.” Jian Qi waved and left.

    Lu Yao’s voice sounded after she had walked a few steps away.


    Jian Qi stopped and turned around. “What? Please don’t tell me you want me to train with you, I don’t want to.”

    “Be careful tomorrow,” Lu Yao reminded her.

    “Finally showing some concern to your comrades, Instructor Lu!” Jian Qi was emotional. “That wasn’t easy.”

    Lu Yao pursed his lips, “Act as if I said nothing.”

    “But you did say something,” Jian Qi teased him.

    Lu Yao. “…”

    “Goodnight, Instructor Lu,” Jian Qi smiled and turned around to leave.

    ‘Hmm, these people are pretty nice.’

    Lu Yao had mixed feelings seeing Jian Qi walking away.

    Should he say that she was too naive?

    But having such a clear mind at this age was not easy.

    Jian Qi went back to her hostel and she was the only one there. She quickly washed up and lay on her bed.

    When Feng Yi and the other two came to the field and saw that many were still there, they immediately forced them to go get some rest.

    During midnight, everyone was asleep except for the soldiers that were on night shift.

    The alarm went off at around three o’clock in the middle of the night. Everyone immediately got up from their beds.

    After putting on their uniform, everyone quickly assembled at the training field.

    Tang Jinyu and the others were already there waiting. He looked at his wristwatch.

    “Not bad. Five seconds earlier than before.”

    Everyone stood still. Nobody dared to look at Tang Jinyu.

    Was it another reaction training?

    “There are some last minute changes, the time has been changed. Hence, we have to move out now. I hope that all of you can complete your last task before dawn and come back safely.”

    Tang Jinyu looked at everyone in a serious manner. “Do all of you have the confidence to complete your mission?”

    “Yes!” Everyone shouted at the same time.

    Everyone was determined, nobody sounded tired.

    “Move out!” Tang Jinyu said.

    “Take your backpacks, check all your weapons and supplies. Move fast,” Lightning said.

    Everyone moved quickly and ran toward the landing pad.

    Jian Qi stopped and looked at Tang Jinyu, “Instructor Tang, aren’t you gonna give me a kiss?”