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Chapter 186 - Black Proposes

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 186: Black Proposes

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    Qianmo felt an unexplainable disgust in her heart when she thought of how her biological mother had offered her as “sacrificial offering” to the swindler gang.

    “She already has nothing to do with you. Your mom is Aunt Mu… You can have my mom in the future.” Yu Changmo noticed her lost in thoughts, so he reached out a hand to hold hers.

    To her, she wasn’t sad to be plotted against. What hurt her the most was it was her own mom.

    “Do you think your mom is a toy? One that you can give away? Even if you want to give her to me, will your mom agree to it?” Qianmo was amused by him and laughed out loud.

    Black had been thinking about how to propose the entire night. If he could turn his head around this now, he should be holding her hand and say,  And, followed by another sentence,

    But, if Black could muster his courage while facing her, he would not have been secretly observing all these years, never once daring to approach her.

    With a solemn look and tone, Black said, “You can have her. She’s pretty good. She can cook and likes to boast. Let her bring you all over the world to play. I promise I won’t be small-minded and get jealous like my dad.”

    This guy only had himself to blame for being single.

    Although the sentence sounded great now, he might regret it in the future. After all, jealousy was a trait that could be hereditary…

    “Will your mom… like me?” Qianmo felt her throat getting dry. She was seldom afraid of anything, but she was really nervous at present.

    Maybe Mu Feifei’s influence upon her was so great that she felt she was a girl whom elders naturally disliked.

    Or maybe, the majority of the people would be like the scum Lin Xiang’s mother, who thought women with her looks were not meant to be a man’s wife.

    “She likes you very much… In fact, she has been asking me to bring you to meet her. If you are willing, Momo, can you ma-ma-ma…” Black finally mustered up his courage and said.

    —the above observations only represented the Qianmo in Black’s eyes.

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    “Make? What make? How did she know me?” Qianmo’s heart skipped a beat.

    She felt as if she was back to her previous life. He had wanted to bring her to meet his parents so badly, but she just didn’t dare. She always thought the elders wouldn’t like her.

    “I always mention you to her… My whole family wants to meet you. Why don’t I bring you to my house after you go back to school? Both my mom and sis are very approachable people.”

    Qianmo touched the necklace around her neck and thought of his sister…

    The protective elder sister, whose entire body was an embodiment of wisdom, was not really close to being approachable, right?

    Qianmo happened to be a person she liked, or else, other ordinary people wouldn’t have any place in Yu Yinuo’s eyes at all.  Qianmo quickly switched the conversation topic when she thought up to that point. “This is not urgent.”

    She felt that she still wasn’t perfect yet and needed to improve herself.

    “You often mention me to your family members?”

    Black nodded. Even if he did not, his family members would investigate her on their own. He suspected his mother already had a thick folder on Qianmo in her hands, every single information in great detail about her since she was young.

    Qianmo’s hands were icy cold. “I’m not as good as you think. You and your family are all very impressive. What if they find out who I really am; what would we do in the future…”

    For example, what happened earlier. She wouldn’t let that cousin off. Even after he begged her like that, she remained unmoved. This kind of character didn’t seem to be the top pick for an ordinary household’s daughter-in-law.

    “She likes you. Really.” Black emphasized by nodding his head.

    His mother didn’t seem to like Qianmo earlier, but after she broke off the engagement and transfused blood to him, she couldn’t praise her more. She often asked him to bring her home. Maybe his mom appreciated Qianmo’s ruthless decisiveness.

    Qianmo’s heart began to beat faster. She took a few sips from the water bottle, trying to calm down. She was not going to continue on this topic.

    A few big questions were flashing through her mind: How to make her future mother-in-law like her? Could she force herself on them by getting pregnant? Could she… she couldn’t. She was still in school!

    Being a goddess with good looks and qualities, it was usually the people around who had to butter her up. She had never needed to rack her brains to think about how to suck up to people. She pondered till her brain hurt before she discovered that she really wasn’t good at currying favor…

    However, she really wanted to spend the rest of her life with Black. Therefore, she had to have a good relationship with his family members. Else, Black would be caught in the middle in the future. But, on the question of how to make her lover’s elders happy, she indeed wasn’t as accomplished as him.

    She chose to bury her head in the sand since she couldn’t figure it out. However, she needed an outlet to let out the little frustration in her heart. She spread out the paper in her hands, looked at it for a while, and then smiled sinisterly.

    She could use Mu Feifei and the gang to release her frustration.

    Yu Changmo was still considering how to persuade her, but Qianmo’s smile gave him a cold sweat. He instinctively knew that his goddess was in a bad mood and was scheming now. Black’s sharp survival instincts made him choose to keep his mouth shut.

    He saw Qianmo curling her lips at that piece of paper. “They like to scheme and “kill with a borrowed knife”, right? Sure, I’ll let her have a taste of being used as the knife to hack people.”

    “…Who do you… want to hack?” Black swallowed his saliva.

    “I’m very curious. What resources does my family have that both gangs of swindlers decided to prey on us at the same time? But what I’m even more curious about is, if these two gangs turn on each other, what would it be like?”

    When facing this seemingly tricky problem, Qianmo’s method of resolving it was simple and violent.

    The current situation was as such: Mu Feifei and the secret mastermind behind her was one gang that wanted to harm Chen Baichuan and Qianmo. They were most likely attempting to snatch her family’s farm.

    Qianmo believed her family’s farm was the “proof of allegiance” that Mu Feifei was going to offer to her master.

    Qianmo had met Mu Feifei only once after she was reborn1. Back then, she had used tarot cards to scam Mu Feifei and discovered she had lost her investment with others. She wasn’t satisfied with losing her luxurious life; thus, she returned to Q City to try to cheat Qianmo and her father.

    As time progressed, Qianmo began to have more information in her hands and understood the whole incident more clearly.

    Mu Feifei had abandoned Qianmo and her father to run away. She was doing business with a partner at another place—of course, she also could be scamming others with a partner or two like a badger game. Anyway, no matter what she was doing then, it was a loss, and a terrible one at that.

    Therefore, Mu Feifei sought shelter with her current master when she was at her wit’s ends. The other party wanted her to prove her allegiance, so she preyed on Qianmo’s family farm. Hence, it resulted in the messy situation in her previous life.