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Chapter 209 - Sis Meng Is on Fire with Her Roasting

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 209: Sis Meng Is on Fire with Her Roasting

    Su Tiantian knew that she could not beat Ning Meng in an argument. The latter was so agile and smooth with her words that she knew she would vomit blood by just listening to a few of her sentences. Thus, she refused to speak. Cao Xuehua, on the other hand, did not want Ning Meng to dominate the scene.

    “Meng Meng, you need to focus on solid evidence when you speak. If you do not have any evidence, let Tiantian go home!”

    Ning Meng laughed out. “I think there is a grave injustice against Su Tiantian in this matter.”

    Cao Xuehua and Su Tiantian were slightly stunned upon hearing these words. Had Ning Meng decided to switch sides today?

    Even Ning Wentao hesitated. “Oh? You don’t think that she’s the culprit?”

    Ning Meng nodded and glanced at Su Tiantian. “After all, she’s recently been broken up since she was dumped by Mr. Li. Although Sweet Scent Studio is hers now, she wouldn’t have 80 million easily accessible to her, would she? How could she possibly make such promises to Liu Ying?”

    Su Tiantian’s body went stiff. Cao Xuehua was shocked and looked at Su Tiantian in disbelief. “Tiantian, is this true?”

    Su Tiantian was about to deny this but Ning Meng immediately cut in. “Aunt Cao, it’s only a matter of breaking up. What’s the big deal!?”

    She continued to dish out some advice out of what seemed like compassion. “You must believe that although Su Tiantian has such complicated facial features which cannot mask her plain intellect, one day, some blind person is bound to look up to her. Even if that doesn’t work, the zoo will always have a suitable boyfriend for her. I mean, even the softshell turtle can match up with a mung bean!”

    Cao Xuehua was rendered speechless while Su Tiantian trembled in anger.

    “Ning Meng, why you…”

    “I know that I am kind-hearted. I still choose to comfort you both in these troubled times. Sigh. You don’t need to praise me for this, you’re in a really pitiful state now. It’s OK that you have broken up, yet, you also lack the money.”

    Su Tiantian wanted to retort but her words were stuck in her throat. She was unable to blurt them out nor swallow them back in. She could only sit in seething resentment.

    Seeing Su Tiantian’s darkened face, Ning Meng changed the topic. “Looks like we have diverted. Let’s get back to serious business.”

    Ning Meng looked toward Liu Ying and asked, “According to what you have claimed, I think that the person instructing you was being too stingy! She gave you three million to bribe the three interns, yet, she only gave you two bags?”

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    Liu Ying nodded. “That’s right. This is the new way of giving rewards these days…”

    Ning Meng was shocked. “You could be easily satisfied with just two bags? And with low-grade ones at that. I think the person who was instructing you had no brains!”

    Liu Ying replied, “…That, that’s still fine, right? Those two bags were hard to get since they were of the latest trends.”

    Ning Meng chuckled and continued her insults. “I’m confident this person must be an ugly person.”

    Liu Ying glanced over at Su Tiantian. Honestly speaking, Su Tiantian did not look too bad, otherwise, she would not have reached her current level in the entertainment world. However, she paled in comparison to Ning Meng.

    Liu Ying coughed and asked, “Why?”

    Ning Meng answered her very seriously. “Those who are pretty would not need any photoshop and save others a lot of time. Time is money. However, this person is ugly, smelly, and dirt-poor all at the same time!”

    Everyone was speechless. This cold joke was not funny at all!

    The two words ‘poor’ and ‘ugly’ had triggered Su Tiantian’s nerves. After being continuously insulted, her resentment skyrocketed through the roof, and she lost it.

    “Ning Meng, two Louis Vuitton bags of the latest trend! How is that considered poor?!”

    As she said this, Ning Meng, who was having a ball insulting, revealed the evil intentions on her face and sniggered.

    “Su Tiantian, Liu Ying and I never once mentioned the brand of the bags from the beginning until now. How did you know that we were talking about Louis Vuitton bags?”

    Su Tiantian’s expression changed drastically!