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Chapter 144 - The Star Good At Study

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 144: The Star Good At Study

    When Su Cha woke up, she felt a little exhausted. As if she had been run over by a truck, but not as painful as the last time.

    She looked at the clock. It was already 9 o’clock. She had slept for a long time.

    She poured herself a glass of water and made a date with Wu He.

    After she washed her face and brushed her teeth, she began to choose songs for the competition.

    She had to hand in the list to the production crew before the 15th. Every contestant had to prepare at least ten songs for the whole competition held in Yonggu Town, although they might not be able to sing all of them.

    Su Cha picked some songs that she felt familiar with and sent them to the production crew.

    She left about lunchtime.

    She was to meet Wu He at a small cafe. When she arrived, Wu He was already there.

    “Come here!” Wu He smiled at Su Cha, “Come and have a seat.”

    Su Cha sat down and greeted her, “Sister Wu He.”

    Wu He observed Su Cha, finding her totally changed.

    The girl’s soft and long hair are placed behind her back. She wears a denim jumpsuit, which fits her well, and looks thinner and taller in it.

    Her stiletto sandals are girlish, adding a sense of innocence and loveliness to her.

    She appears to be innocent, but her looks have become deeper.

    And in the depth of her looks, there is purity.

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    Wu He found it contradictory.

    She seems to have experienced a lot but still remembered her original intention.

    “Sister Wu He?”

    The girl’s faint smile woke Wu He up. Wu He curled up her lips and smiled, “I haven’t seen you in a while and you’ve become quieter and steadier. It’s good. You’ve finished the national college entrance exam. Which university will you choose? And if you go to university, will it conflict with your competition?”

    Dreams in Progress would not end in a summer break.

    Su Cha pressed her lips and smiled, “I’ve set a target. I will choose the Department of Acting at the Imperial Capital University.”


    Wu He almost choked herself. She could not believe her ears, “You will go to the Imperial Capital University?”

    Then she realized that she might hurt Su Cha’s feelings in this way, and explained, “I’m not suggesting…I just didn’t see it coming. Are you sure of it?”

    She cared for Su Cha’s self-respect.

    Wu He knew Su Cha’s grades since she had told her before.

    It was basically her imagination to be admitted by the Imperial Capital University.

    Wu He had said tactfully.

    Su Cha did not mind it. She shook her legs leisurely under the table, “Sister Wu He, don’t worry. I have worked hard and got a 600 in the pre-test at school. It is possible for me to be admitted by the Imperial Capital University.”

    She did not say affirmatively, in case she scared Wu He.

    Wu He was surprised, “Did you pass 600 last time?”

    Then she became proud, “Isn’t it good that you’ve learned the importance of study? It will benefit you also if you are going to enter the entertainment industry in the future. There are few stars who are good at study.”