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Chapter 197 - They Had Been Completely Annihilated?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 197: They Had Been Completely Annihilated?

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    Jian Qi said it at a distance away from Tang Jinyu. Her volume was just loud enough that the other three who were standing at the side could hear her.

    The three of them were terrified when they looked at Jian Qi.

    ‘Girl, you are really daring.’

    As compared to Feng Yi’s heartbroken look, Lightning and Crocodile were more into the drama.

    They were very interested.

    “Come here.” Tang Jinyu waved at Jian Qi.

    1Jian Qi quickly ran toward him.

    The three of them were shocked.

    That was easy?

    “Tang… ouch!”

    Just when Jian Qi was about to say something, she felt pain on her forehead. She pressed her hand on the spot that was flicked by Tang Jinyu.

    “I’m gonna have a concussion!” Jian Qi blurted out.

    Tang Jinyu withdrew his hand and glared at her as he said frostily, “You’re about to go to war, what are you thinking?!”

    “Thinking of sleeping with you!” Jian Qi replied calmly.

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    The three of them that were watching. “…”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath and glared at the three of them. They instantly felt ice cold. “There’s plenty of time to spare, huh?”

    The three of them immediately came to their senses. Lightning looked at Jian Qi and said seriously, “Jian Qi, get on the helicopter. Hurry up now!”

    Jian Qi’s lips twitched, her smile devilish and mischievous. “Xiao Tang Tang, wait for me to come back!”

    Jian Qi left after saying so.

    The three of them followed her.

    Crocodile started complaining, “Why do I feel like we became cannon fodder just now!”

    “Hehe, now you know!” Lightning said with sarcasm.

    Feng Yi sighed, “My goddess…”

    “It’s okay!” Crocodile patted him on his shoulder.

    The three of them got on the helicopter and shut the door. The helicopter then took off.

    Once they reached their destination, everyone jumped down from the helicopter and immediately sneaked into the village there.

    They had to be quiet just in case the inspectors from the other team had already been hiding around the area.

    Everyone was treading carefully. However, after leaving the helicopter for about two metres, just when they decided to split up, their surroundings were bombarded.

    The heavy clouds of smoke together with the strong fumes were carried along with the wind, assaulting their noses.

    At that moment they could only hear the sounds of gunshot.

    When the shots came, they could only defend themselves. However, just when they were going to move, all of them fainted.

    The entire jungle was covered in heavy smoke. When the smoke cleared off, there was a troop of army men surrounding them.

    The troop’s leader said, “Bring all of them back!”

    The troop brought everyone with them and left.

    After they were gone, there was slight movement around a patch of grass not far away, and Jian Qi with army paint on her face emerged.

    She observed her surroundings for a while. When she realized that there was no one left, she stood up and left the area.

    After leaving, she stopped and took a deep breath.

    She was lucky she reacted as soon as she realized that something was not right. She immediately went into hiding while covering her nose when the smoke was still thick enough so their opponents were not able to see them.

    Luckily, she did not hold her breath for too long or she might have been dead!

    Damn, it had just begun and they had been completely annihilated?

    Was it not too crazy to be true?!

    Were the enemies too strong or were they too weak?

    Jian Qi thought about it and suddenly she felt burdened!

    There were so many of them, how could she save all of them?

    She would have to infiltrate their base to save everyone and take them down at the same time!

    And there were only a few hours left till dawn as stipulated by Tang Jinyu!

    She always liked to go on solo missions!

    This was her dream come true!

    But there were too many of them!

    ‘Xiao Tang Tang, seems like you really have to prepare some flowers for me!’

    Jian Qi smiled eagerly. She was not ready to give up yet!

    She always liked challenges. Even though she might lose her life, she was prepared to save all of them.