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Chapter 489 - How Did Fang Qiu Do It?!

Medical Master
     Just as everyone was extremely shocked, Fang Qiu said to Dr. Chen, “Go on, give Mr. Yang a thorough check-up.”

    “Oh, yeah!” Dr. Chen immediately came to his senses and said, “The disappearance of the tumor doesn’t mean that he has fully recovered. We can’t be sure until we do a thorough check-up.”

    As they heard that, Sister Ji and Yang Ningyu instantly stepped aside.

    With the help of the steward, Dr. Chen brought all the medical instruments for Yang Ningyuan’s examination.

    After examination, Dr. Chen confirmed that Yang Ningyuan’s illness was cured.

    In his body, there was not even a single cancer cell, and his vital signs had begun to return to normal.

    As they heard that, Sister Ji and Yang Ningyu were so excited that tears began to fill their eyes. They could barely speak.

    Fang Qiu then said, “Now, we can prove that Master Tan is a liar, right? His treatment just now was simply faking some moves!”

    As he heard that, Master Tan’s expression changed.

    He was astonished, but he still pretended to be calm. He said, “I’m telling you, this is slander! Even if my treatment doesn’t work, it can’t prove that I’m a liar. Maybe I should take half of the credit even though you cured him. Although my treatment has no effect, at least I can use the universal energy to help Mr. Yang improve his energy. Otherwise, how can you cure him?”

    “Is that so?” Fang Qiu sneered and said, “Since you insist that you’re not a liar, please use the universal energy on Sister Ji and Brother Yang. You don’t need to improve their health condition. I’ll trust you as long as they can feel the energy.”

    As he was quite excited, Yang Ningyu turned his head and said to Master Tan, “That’s right! Please!”

    In fact, they had also suspected Master Tan as Fang Qiu suspected Master Tan was a liar.

    However, they couldn’t just accuse him of lying. They needed to show him some respect. After all, they invited him here and he was called a “master”.

    But now Yang Ningyuan had recovered.

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    Now, they were not afraid of offending the master. If they really framed a good man, they could apologize to him and paid the medical expenses.

    However, if this man was indeed a liar, they wouldn’t let him get away from this.

    As soon as Sister Ji calmed down, she turned to say to Master Tan, “Master Tan, please.”

    As he heard that, Master Tan’s face fell.

    There was no doubt that he had been pushed into a corner.

    He really wanted to walk away and leave this place. Even if he couldn’t get money, it would be fine. The problem was that he couldn’t leave right now. There were so many security guards outside the villa. If Sister Ji and Yang Ningyu said a word, he would be caught immediately.

    He had no choice but to take a risk!

    “Since you all don’t believe me, then I’ll let you all know what universal energy truly is.”

    Master Tan pretended to be pissed off and then roared angrily.Visit vi p novel. com

    Then he reached out and took out two pieces of runes from his carry-on bag again. He started to jump and dance wildly. When he was dancing, he waved the runes in his hand while muttering some words.

    After a short while, he roared, “Ha!”

    Master Tan suddenly pointed at Yang Ningyu and Sister Ji with his hands which were holding the runes. The power was so strong that it seemed to cause the air blow.

    Master Tan asked, “Do you feel the universal energy?”

    “Swoosh!” Yang Ningyu answered him with his palm.

    Of course, Yang Ningyu didn’t slap Master Tan. Instead, it swept across Master Tan’s eyes, making a huge air blow which was even stronger than what Mater Tan did.

    “Is this universal energy?” Yang Ningyu sneered and said, “It seems that my special ability is stronger than yours.”

    Master Tan was dumbfounded.

    Sister Ji was speechless and shouted directly, “Steward, let the security guards come in and throw this liar out. Call the police later!”

    Master Tan immediately gave in and begged for mercy in panic, “Don’t, please don’t! Spare me, spare me!”

    Sister Ji and Yang Ningyu just ignored him.

    Soon, the security guards came in and carried him out.

    After the liar was taken away, Sister Ji immediately walked up and held Fang Qiu’s hand. She said, “Fang Qiu, thank you. It’s all my fault. I just couldn’t recognize who the real master was. Thank you, thank you for saving my husband.”

    Yang Ningyu also came up and said gratefully, “She’s right. I’m so sorry that I didn’t trust you before. Thank you for saving my brother. You didn’t only save his life, but also helped us find the liar. If it weren’t for you, we would really believe this liar. If we let him treat my brother, I’m afraid he won’t be able to recover.”

    Speaking of this, Yang Ningyu took a step back and bowed to Fang Qiu to express his gratitude.

    “No need.” Fang Qiu rushed forward to hold Yang Ningyu and stopped him from bowing down. He immediately said, “I’m a Chinese Medicine doctor. It’s my duty to cure the disease and save the patient.”

    As soon as Yang Ningyu finished speaking, Sister Ji stepped forward and said, “It’s all my fault. If you hadn’t come to us on your own initiative, we would have really missed a miracle-working doctor. It’s my fault, my fault.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head because he came here for a specific purpose.

    If he didn’t have a purpose, perhaps he would really miss it.

    Yang Ningyu continued, “Fang Qiu, no, Miracle-working Doctor Fang. How is my brother now? What treatment does he need to take next?”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and chuckled, “Oh, please, just call me by my name. As for Mr. Yang, he’s getting better, but he’s still weak. It will take a long time for him to recover. When he wakes up, I’ll continue to treat him. It won’t take long for him to fully recover.”

    Sister Ji said, “Well, why don’t you stay here?”

    Fang Qiu nodded and said, “All right. I can stay here for a few days.”

    Two days later, the entire Chinese Medicine incident on the Internet was losing popularity as time passed by and no Chinese Medicine doctor came out to say anything because there was no way to prove whether doctors of Chinese Medicine could cure this disease or not.

    Bozhi Tianxia no longer targeted at the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, but he directly aimed at Fang Qiu and Chinese Medicine. Therefore, people temporarily put the show aside. There were not many people discussing it.

    However, even though the heat had dropped, Bozhi Tianxia was still making comments on Weibo.

    “#Rich Bounty# #Could Chinese Medicine do that?# #Where is Fang Qiu?# It’s been a few days. @Who do you think you are? Where are you? Didn’t you say that you could do everything for the development of Chinese Medicine? Now you’re giving in?”

    “#Where is Fang Qiu?# This is the invincible doctor of Chinese Medicine you are talking about. You only know how to show off on TV. If you are really capable, you should prove it to us. Why are you being a coward?”

    All kinds of terrible and sarcastic posts were sent continuously by Bozhi Tianxia.

    Although the heat had dropped, there were still many people paying attention to it.

    For example, many people who had never liked doctors of Chinese Medicine, had always hated Fang Qiu, and had opposed Chinese Medicine were still focusing on the matter.

    And those who had been supporting Fang Qiu, Chinese Medicine, and the people in the Chinese Medicine industry were still following the development of this matter.

    People who were concerned about this most were undoubtedly Fang Qiu’s fans.

    Every time the fans saw Bozhi Tianxia send a post, they would seize the opportunity to swear at him.

    But Bozhi Tianxia never stopped. He was enjoying himself. Within several hours, he would send a post to laugh at Chinese Medicine and Fang Qiu, which made Fang Qiu’s fans so furious but they couldn’t do anything to him.

    However, on Thursday night, just as Bozhi Tianxia was having fun with those posts, an explosive post suddenly appeared.

    “I’m Yang Ningyuan. I’m cured. I want to thank Mr. Fang Qiu deeply. He gave me a second life. From now on, I will become a true believer in Chinese Medicine. The bounty notice has ended. At the same time, I deeply admire Mr. Fang’s integrity. He decided to donate this bounty to the poverty-stricken area. Meanwhile, I will personally put another 100 million into the donation. In addition, I’ll also use 100 million to set up the Chinese Medicine Revival Fund! @Who do you think you are.”

    As soon as the post was sent, it shocked everyone and also caused a large number of people to repost it.

    The most important thing was that there was a video attached to this post. Yang Ningyuan and Yang Ningyu appeared in the video and specially thanked Fang Qiu.

    In just half an hour, most people who used Weibo had reposted it.

    Everyone who was surfing the Internet was astounded as they saw the post.

    “What the fuck! Did he really recover?”

    “My God, how did Fang Qiu do it? That’s terminal liver cancer!”

    “No way. Has Fang Qiu really cured him?”‘

    “It’s only been two days. How did Fang Qiu do it?”

    For a moment, everyone on the Internet was shocked.

    Even TV stations began to report the news.

    Under such circumstances, all the fans of Chinese Medicine suddenly became so proud and relieved.

    Although they didn’t know how Fang Qiu cured the rich man, it would be enough as long as he was able to do it.

    At the same time, all the students and teachers at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine were shocked and excited.

    To everyone’s surprise, Fang Qiu actually did it!

    When the three judges of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor heard the news, they were even more surprised.

    “He’s actually cured the man?” Yang Juanyong couldn’t help but be amazed as he cried out, “That’s an incurable disease that is equal to death. How is that possible?”

    “How did Fang Qiu do it?” Huang Zhengren was also completely shocked. He had been following this matter from the beginning, and he also knew a lot about Yang Ningyuan’s illness. He knew very well how serious Yang Ningyuan’s illness was, so when he heard that Fang Qiu had cured Yang Ningyuan, he was so shocked that he couldn’t even utter a word.

    Of course, among the three of them, Li Zhengtang was the most shocked. He was fully aware of Fang Qiu’s strength, but even so, he had never expected that Fang Qiu could cure this terminal disease.

    Compared with the highly-skilled doctors who were so shocked, another person who knew Fang Qiu was even more amazed. This person was Holy Doctor Chu, one of the three holy doctors.

    Holy Doctor Chu was very curious. “How did this kid do it? I have already confirmed that there is no way to cure it. How could the man be cured by him?”