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Chapter 180 - Fight for the Human Race!!

Pocket Hunting Dimension
     Chapter 180: Fight for the Human Race!!

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    After hearing the words, Lu Ze and the others turned around. It led them to notice the presence of Wang Wenze and three more people. By the side of the latter group, Xilin was waving.

    Lu Ze, together with his company, walked over while sporting a smile on their faces.

    “Senior schoolmates, you three are over here at this base too?”

    Wang Wenze then explained, “Every base needs powerful people to guard it. This is done to prevent ambush from the blade demons. When the battle starts, we won’t be able to stay with you guys.”

    Lu Ze and the others nodded in understanding.

    Wang Wenze’s power was aperture opening state. On the other hand, Xilin’s and Andrew’s powers were approaching the aperture opening state. If they fought, the aftereffects of such powers could be enough to kill the surrounding soldiers.

    This was the same for blade demons. Thus, the battles of aperture opening state and mortal evolution state were done in the sky.

    Meanwhile, planetary level warriors had their battles in space.

    Even if Lu Ze encountered a powerful blade demon, he would have to go in the air, unless he was capable of instantly killing the blade demon.

    Consequently, Lu Ze asked in confusion, “When does the battle start?”

    Wang Wenze’s face went serious. “Tomorrow.”

    Lu Ze and his group were shocked. “This quick?”

    They had only just arrived.

    They didn’t even have the time to prepare.

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    Wang Wenze nodded. “There’s news that their reinforcements are on the way. Although we also have reinforcements coming, it would be more problematic when the battle becomes more intense.”

    “Every base will be given a device that can detect nearby spirit metal. Those people will be held up. You guys will have to find a way to quickly break into the base.”

    Lu Ze and the others were quite speechless. “… This seems very difficult.”

    Lu Ze thought they had planted some spies in the blade demon base, which meant they could play some interesting spy missions during the war. In the end, they had to attack head-on.

    1There were some disadvantages to choosing the attacking side rather than the defensive side.

    Wang Wenze smiled. “We don’t have a choice, there’s not much time. We can’t just let them ship the spirit metal away.”

    Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

    At this moment, there was a loud distant sound. A terrifying force transitioned into a powerful wind and surged over.

    Everyone looked over.

    In this distance, there were flashes and earth shocking explosions. The ground was trembling.

    Those new students were even wobbling while standing.

    Just what level of power was this for them to feel it from that far?

    If they were closer, they would definitely die.

    The battlefield was really scary.

    Lu Ze said, “It’s that alcoholic… cough, Teacher Nangong?”

    Wang Wenze’s face went strange after hearing him speak. He moved half a step away from Lu Ze.

    Everyone else followed too.

    Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

    This hurt his feelings!

    Xilin looked at the golden light fearfully. “Teacher Nangong probably didn’t hear it, right?”

    Wang Wenze’s mouth spasmed. “We are quite far from her, and she’s currently fighting. She probably didn’t hear it.”

    The three glanced at each other and felt relieved.

    Then, Andrew patted Lu Ze’s back. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze… there are some things you shouldn’t say.”

    Andrew’s tone was full of pain as though he was reminiscing some traumatic memory.

    Lu Ze coughed awkwardly.

    Wang Wenze explained, “Now, there are four young dukes at their base. Teacher Nangong said they would waste some of their base’s energy first. That way, their defense and offense would weaken.”

    At this moment, Ye Mu asked in a dazed manner, “Senior schoolmate, how far is the base from us?”

    Wang Wenze glanced at Ye Mu with confusion. “500 hundred kilometers. What is the matter?”

    “500 kilometers?”

    The battle was 500 kilometers away, and even though it was just an aftereffect, a huge wind could be created here?

    Was this the power of young dukes?

    This was so terrifying!

    Wang Wenze smiled. “If you guys work hard, you can do it too.”

    Although they weren’t necessarily young dukes, all students of Federal University in the elite class have the potential to reach the planetary state.

    Whether they would actually become one would depend on their fortune.

    “Okay, go back first. The battle will start tomorrow. It won’t be easy.”

    Lu Ze and the others nodded. They proceeded to gather with the rest of the soldiers.


    The next morning, the troops gathered in the square again. All the soldiers at the base came.

    Lu Ze stood inside the formation. Around him were Lin Ling and the rest of his group. On the side were the hundred soldiers from yesterday. The entire formation consisted of probably a few thousand people.

    In total, there were most likely around a few hundred thousand soldiers on this battlefield.

    Lu Ze felt a little stunned from the calculation.

    This was just the battlefield on one planet within one solar system, and there were already several soldiers fighting. It seemed there were quite a lot of humans.

    At this moment, one 1st lieutenant who was responsible for this base made the last minute mobilizations.

    “Everyone knows the purpose of this war. I don’t need to remind you how precious spirit metals are.”

    “I don’t want to waste any words. We’re soldiers, and since we’re soldiers… we fight for humanity!!”

    The full-powered roar of a high-level core martial state was enough to reach more than tens of kilometers on the square. The weaker soldiers were dizzy from the shock.

    The few thousand soldiers roared in unison. “For humanity!!”

    The roaring sound tore open the sandstorm in the sky.

    Roars could be heard non-stop from different bases.

    “For humanity!”

    In the war occurring at the battlefront, there was a huge base, which was tens of kilometers in diameter. It was completely black and sharp. Its edges were hideous.

    Black smoke was seeping out of the base.

    In one room of the largest building located in the middle of the base, a room full of blade demons were silent as they looked at the blade demon sitting at the top, wearing black armor.

    This blade demon’s eyes were closed.

    They could hear the roars of the humans even in their base. The atmosphere was heavy.

    Moments later, the blade demon opened his blood cold eyes. “Prepare for battle!”