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Chapter 145 - I Regard You As My Little Sister

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 145: I Regard You As My Little Sister

    Wu He knew that Su Cha had been working hard, but she was not certain how much she had devoted to studying.

    She felt at ease after hearing her grades.

    But she still frowned at Su Cha’s choice, “You’ve planned to choose the Department of Acting at the Imperial Capital University instead of ImperialArts and the rest?”

    ImperialArts and the rest were professional acting academies, which were more specialized in acting than the Imperial Capital University.

    “Every department at the Imperial Capital University is good.”

    Su Cha took a sip of her coffee and put it back as she disliked its bitterness, “Please be assured, Sister Wu He. I will move to the Imperial Capital after the competition, but I will come back to visit you when I am free.”

    “Right. You are moving to the Imperial Capital.”

    Wu He was a little upset, “Once you became famous, it would be hard for us to meet. By the way, how about your parents? Will you leave for the Imperial Capital right after the competition or will you go back home first? I remember that they don’t live here in Yonggu Town.”

    Wu He did not know much about Su Cha’s family, only that it was complicated.

    A gloomy look flashed on Su Cha’s face when she heard about her parents, “I will go back. Of course I will sort out my family matters before I leave.”

    “Ok. I’ll leave you with it. You are capable of taking care of it now. And, about your relationship…”

    Wu He paused. Su Cha smiled, “We are great.”

    Wu He could tell that she was not joking.

    Her smile was genuine. She had also smiled when mentioning her ex, who was a terrible person, but she had looked sorrowful.

    Now her smile was full of happiness.

    Wu He stopped worrying about her.

    Su Cha paused as she saw Wu He’s relief and asked, “Sister Wu He, why do you treat me so well?”

    Wu He glanced at her and smiled sorrowfully, “I knew you would ask. Maybe you won’t believe it. I do regard you as my little sister. Don’t you find it funny that I’m way too old to call you a little sister?”

    Su Cha shook her head. She could tell that Wu He remembered the sad past when she said “my little sister”.

    “It’s a long story…”

    Wu He was upset. While she spoke, she took a cigarette and started to smoke. After she spit out a smoke ring, she sighed, “I had a little sister before. She was born when I was already 15. I thought my mother was selfish at that time to have given birth to a sibling who would compete for my family inheritance. But once I saw her back at home, I changed my view.”

    “She was so little and innocent. She would smile at me when she saw me. Her eyes were clear like crystal beads. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. And I wanted to give her the best of the world.”

    “I was 15. My mother was very old and unhealthy. So basically it was me who took care of my little sister until I graduated from university. She was my life….”