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Chapter 255 - Secret Spiritual Tool (Part 2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 255: Secret Spiritual Tool (Part 2)

    “There’s no need. I want you to help Ms. Ye manage the various teams when I’m not around.” Gong Xifan refused Gong Honglei without hesitation.

    Lin Yanxi and Wang Haoqiang both heaved a sigh of relief. They promised Gong Honglei hastily, “Senior Gong, please rest assured that we will carry out the mission dutifully.”

    “Alright, then!” All Gong Honglei could do was nod in agreement.

    “I want everyone to rest now. We will begin practicing destroying the protective formation later.” Gong Xifan waved his hands and signaled for the spiritual practitioners to leave.

    “Understood!” The hope of victory invigorated them, and they began discussing how they were going to kill every member of the Bloodthirsty Sect once the protective formation was destroyed tomorrow.

    “A’li, why did you stop me from offering to undertake the mission?” Baili Moyun asked as he wrapped an arm around Nangong Li’s neck.

    “Because you are dumb.” Nangong Li cast a cursory glance at Baili Moyun before he turned and walked away.

    “Hey, what do you mean by that?” Baili Moyun chased after him angrily, but he was quickly pulled behind a tree by Nangong Li.

    “A’li, don’t tell me that you…!” Baili Moyun widened his eyes in disbelief.

    A’li was dashing, but he still preferred women!

    “What nonsense are you thinking?” Nangong Li grabbed Baili Moyun’s head coldly and swerved it to the left.

    Baili Moyun saw Lin Yanxi standing in the distance all by herself with a look of sorrow.

    “A’li, do you like women like her?” Baili Moyun looked as though he had just swallowed a fly.

    He did not agree with Nangong Li’s taste in women.

    “That pig brain of yours only knows how to think about love. Can’t you think about something useful for once?” Nangong Li longed to pry open Baili Moyun’s skull and take his brain and wash it.

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    “If you don’t like her, then why did you pull me aside to spy on her?” Baili Moyun muttered under his breath. He was definitely not wrong to think the way he did!

    “Don’t make a sound. Watch carefully,” Nangong Li told him in a soft voice.

    Baili Moyun knew that Nangong Li has always been an earnest man and that he would not do anything without reason. Thus, he decided to calm down and observe what was going to happen next.

    Lin Yanxi looked about furtively. Once she had ascertained that there was no one around, she swung her sleeve and released a brownish-yellow Puppet Earthworm.

    The Puppet Earthworm vanished into thin air the moment it landed on the ground. Then, Lin Yanxi made her way back to where the other spiritual practitioners were and pretended as though nothing had happened.

    “Was that thing embedded in the body of the Puppet Earthworm, a Transmission Stone?” Baili Moyun asked with a frown.

    “Yes.” Nangong Li nodded.

    “In that case…She must be a spy?” Baili Moyun widened his eyes.

    Only a spy would be transmitting messages to an outsider at a critical time like this.

    “Yeah.” Nangong Li continued to nod.

    “I cannot allow that. I have to tell Great Master Gong at once.” Baili Moyun wanted to walk away, but he was pulled back by Nangong Li. “They probably already know.”

    Baili Moyun froze for a moment, and he quickly made sense of the situation. “So, the mission is a trap?”

    That was why A’li had not allowed him to offer to go.

    “That’s right. We just need to go along with Ms. Ye’s plan.” Nangong Li nodded.

    “A’li, how did you know that she was a spy?” Baili Moyun looked at Nangong Li in awe. He did not notice anything wrong with Lin Yanxi.

    “Because my eye can only see the truth. They are not tainted in any way!” It was rare for Nangong Li to say so much. When he was done speaking, he turned and left, leaving Baili Moyun behind with gloom all over his face.

    Meanwhile, at Bloodcloud Peak, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch and Si Youyue received the news from Lin Yanxi.

    “I can’t believe such an amazing spiritual tool exists. We must get our hands on it,” Si Youyue said. She felt a mixture of joy and surprise.

    The Yin Corpse Sect primarily focused on attacking with brute force, and they were not good at Spell Formations, which were more complicated.

    Elder Qiu Sen would be immensely pleased to get his hands on a spiritual tool capable of affecting a Spell Formation, and he would definitely reward her handsomely for obtaining it.

    “That’s what I thought too.” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch seemed calm on the surface, but he was terribly upset about missing out on the gem inside.

    “Is that so? Why do I get the impression that you are not very pleased, Patriarch?” Si Youyue said with a smile. It was difficult to tell if her smile was genuine.

    “What a funny joke. Oh, yes. We captured two spiritual practitioners yesterday, one male and one female. I hear they are disciples of the Danyang Sect. Are you interested in going over to take a look at them with me?” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch smiled as he changed the topic.

    “Sure, let’s go!” Si Youyue gladly accepted.

    The pair made their way to the prison that was used to hold the spiritual practitioners. As they stood at the door, they heard a shrill female voice cry out, “Do you know who my grandfather is? I can’t believe that you actually dared to capture me! I’ll tell my grandfather to kill all of you!”

    “Stop shouting, Junior Sister,” Qiao Shaohua told Yue Lingjun weakly.

    “Shut up, you piece of trash! I definitely would not have been captured if it were not for you!” Yue Lingjun shrieked hysterically. “These Black Magic Practitioners view women as objects! My grandfather will not let you off if my innocence becomes tainted by them!”

    Qiao Shaohua was debilitated. He did not have any energy left in him to coax Yue Lingjun, who had run amok.

    Si Youyue looked through the small window into the prison and said, “I’m not interested in those pieces of trash.”

    She knew that Qiao Shaohua would not perform well in bed due to his cowardly appearance.

    “Tsk. I have not seen such an ugly female practitioner for a long time.” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch clicked his tongue and shook his head as he looked at the captives. He had no interest in Yue Lingjun.

    “Never mind. Let’s just keep them there. They might come in handy in the future,” Si Youyue said thoughtfully.

    “Alright. Then there they’ll stay!” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch turned around and left.

    Back at the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s encampment, Su Xun’er, Xia Chenxi, and several other practitioners were all practicing coordinating the attack.

    They were arrogant and conceited, but that did not mean that they were not skilled. They all came from a prestigious sect, after all.

    Their attacking prowess increased remarkably when they worked together. Even Ye Jiuge could not help but admit that they were not merely ‘all bark and no bite.’ They were very good at basic Spell Formations as well as complementing one another with their spells.

    Both Lin Yanxi and Wang Haoqiang also participated in the training session.

    Fear began to brew in their hearts as they watched the once divided army increase its combat ability and become one.

    Wang Haoqiang eventually gave in to his urge to voice his worries. He secretly summoned Lin Yanxi in the middle of the night while everyone else was asleep.

    “Junior Sister Lin. Do you think they will be able to destroy the protective formation?” Wang Haoqiang asked with concern.

    The stronger those spiritual practitioners became, the harder it would be for them to accomplish their mission.

    “It won’t be easy to destroy the protective formation.” Lin Yanxi shook her head before fishing out a Transmission Stone from her Magical Bottomless Bag. She said, “The Patriarch has given his orders. The envoy has asked us to get our hands on that spiritual tool at all costs.”

    Wang Haoqiang took the Transmission Stone from Lin Yanxi and listened to its contents. Once he was done, he smiled and said, “Alright. When the time comes, we will kill Gong Xifan and offer his corpse to the Yin Corpse Sect’s envoy. Who knows, maybe she will bring us back to the Yin Corpse Sect.”

    It would be tough for them to return to their previous sect once their whereabouts were exposed. They had to find another suitable sect to join.

    He had grown sick of staying in the Qiqiao Sect’s branch, anyway. Even though this sect was prestigious, his life was full of restrictions. Whenever he brought a young lady home every once in a while, he was never able to have fun with her.

    At the Yin Corpse Sect, he would not have to worry about such things any longer.