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Chapter 550 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 37)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 550: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 37)

    His expression changed slightly as he opened a third report with a faint smile.

    “There are many girls in the palace. This one thinks the maids can stay, but there’s no need for the harem girls, what do you think?” His eyes lit up as he looked into her eyes with a faint smile.

    Luo Qing Chen was stunned, she was 100% certain that the document didn’t mention this matter!

    Ning Wei Han played small tricks in his heart, he really had the potential to be a black bellied emperor!

    “Ke, ke.” She cleared her throat as she took down that slightly ugly painting as she said, “I feel that it’s good!”

    Anyway, she felt unhappy when she saw those harem girls.


    Ning Wei Han gave a decree that night. Luo Qing Chen was the imperial maid, so there was no need to return to the maid hall and could just stay in the side hall of the Cloud Soaring Palace.

    When this news spread, the maid hall exploded.

    After all, just two hours ago, eunuch Luo sent an edict to the harem girls. He told minister Huan to get rid of all the harem girls and only keep the maids.

    This decree shook minister Huan’s heart, it seemed like that maid really was special in Ning Wei Han’s eyes.

    Although she didn’t know why she was special, at least she didn’t come back after going to the Cloud Soaring Palace.

    “Ah, ah, ah, you’re saying that our Xiao Qing is going to ascend and become a phoenix!”

    “Great! I’m so jealous! But when I heard all the harem girls were being sent out, it must be because of Xiao Qing. Otherwise, if we were appointed to serve them in the future, we wouldn’t even know how we died!”

    Le Meng echoed with pursed lips, “Right! Really great……”

    “This girl, so you came to the palace for love!” Lin Xue pushed her with her elbow and said, “Aren’t you happy now! An imperial decree for your engagement!”

    “Un.” Luo Qing Chen’s figure flashed in Le Meng’s eyes as she said with a sweet smile, “This is all because of Xiao Qing, I really want to see her!”

    “Don’t, don’t, don’t.” Lin Xue shook her head and said, “I want her to stay in the Cloud Soaring Palace. If she does come out one day, it means that something has gone wrong!”

    Everyone kept talking to each other and at this time, minister Huan came in.

    She looked at them and said, “There will be a new batch of maids coming tomorrow, you have to properly lead them as their seniors.”

    Everyone looked at each other before replying, “Yes!”

    As for what happened next, even minister Huan never would have imagined it.

    One of the maids was called Ruan Fang Fang, her appearance was like that of the girl in the picture, it was very much alike.

    Minister Huan was stunned when she saw her. According to the investigations, she was the cousin of Ruan Ying Ying who had been sent out of the palace.

    Ruan Fang Fang was much more clever than Ruan Ying Ying, her tone was also very humble.

    Minister Huan thought for a long time before recruiting her in the end.

    After all, it was impossible for the emperor to favour only one maid. The person of Ning Wei Han’s heart had just appeared and her face was very much alike, so it would make the cold harem palace more interesting.

    The royal bloodline could come a bit faster.


    The next morning, Luo Qing Chen was still serving as the imperial maid. Nothing special happened in the past two days, she had slept very well in the side palace, like someone had lit an incense to help her sleep.

    Minister Huan slowly came in and gave her a nod before turning to say to Ning Wei Han, “Not long ago, the emperor had this minister find a girl in the painting and now this minister has found her!”

    “Peng!” Luo Qing Chen dropped the cup to the ground and shattered it.

    Her heart skipped a beat. When she wanted to pick up the pieces, Ning Wei Han quickly stood up to pull her back, “Don’t move.”

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