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Chapter 851 - Attacking the Xiao Corporation’s Stock Marke

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 851: Attacking the Xiao Corporation’s Stock Market

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    On the following day, a small news agency published a piece of news that sparked an uproar and sent the rest of the media into a frenzy.

    The news article was about the Xiao Family, and it was mentioned in the article that the CEO of the Xiao Corporation was seen attending the Ai Shang product launch with a young chap who resembled him greatly.

    Later into the article… the writer then did a detailed analysis of their features and aura, as well as the performance and achievements that Chu Jingnan had made ever since he joined the Xiao Corporation. They also pointed out that he had come from a single parented family. At last, they came to the conclusion that there was an ambiguous relationship between Chu Jingnan and Xiao Zhiyuan.

    Anyone would believe that the two were related, just by judging the analytical report.

    Xiao Zhiyuan had always enjoyed a good reputation and a squeaky clean image, which allowed him to form a positive impression in the hearts of the public. However… the report sparked outrage, and everyone began to make various speculations about his relationship with Chu Jingnan. There were even some small news agencies who dug up some scandals that Xiao Zhiyuan was involved in, exposing his relationships with his kept women, most of whom were barely legal undergraduates. As a result, the Xiao Family suffered major damage to their reputation.

    Due to the fact that the members of the upper-class society were used to seeing cases of illegitimate children born out of illicit extramarital affairs, they did not quite believe the rumors. Besides, Wen Haowen had also been embroiled in a scandal recently, though it was said that he had been framed. Hence, everyone did not have much of an opinion apart from having a bad impression of the upper-class society.

    The Xiao Corporation’s stock prices declined again because of the scandal.

    Wen Xinya sat in her grandfather’s office where the orchids had already been replaced by hanging roses that were in bloom. The vines hung low from the vase and added a touch of vibrancy to the mundane office.

    Secretary Cao sat on the seat and glanced at Wen Xinya, who was sitting on the couch and sipping some tea quietly. She looked radiant, elegant and graceful. She was the very girl who had singlehandedly planned the attack on the Xiao Family and given them a huge impact.

    Wen Xinya picked up the tea equipment and began making some tea.

    Although it was not his first time watching her brew tea, Secretary Cao would often find her graceful and poised while making tea.

    Wen Xinya placed the brewed tea in front of Secretary Cao and said, “Give it a try. It’s the rare Emperor’s Cloud and Mist tea leaves. It has a clear and refined taste. Faint but fragrant and flavorful.”

    Secretary Cao picked up the tea and savored it carefully before saying, “Missy, your tea brewing skills are indeed brilliant.”

    He was not just trying to be polite. Having worked for Old Mr. Wen for such a long time, Secretary Cao had already gotten influenced by him and developed a penchant for drinking tea. Hence, he knew a thing or two about tea and felt that it tasted wonderful. It had the perfect fragrance, flavor, and color.

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    Wen Xinya put down the cup and said, “Uncle Cao, I want the Xiao Corporation’s stock prices to decline by 70% in the next three days. I will need your cooperation.”

    Chu Jingnan was right. Although she was the successor of the Wen Family and owned 10% of the Wen Corporation’s shares, she did not have the rights to make major decisions for the corporation. She could only take part in the management. Her little tricks were not enough to defeat the Xiao Corporation, and she was well aware of that fact. Hence, she was merely trying to use those tricks to create a chance for herself to deal with the Xiao Corporation.

    Those who thought that she would only resort to despicable means to deal with the Xiao Family had truly belittled her.

    Secretary Cao was utterly impressed by Wen Xinya’s ambition and wit. She was nowhere inferior to Old Mr. Wen at all when it came to devising schemes and retaliating against others. In some aspects, she was, in fact, superior to Old Mr. Wen. “Missy, are you planning to use the Wen Corporation to attack the Xiao Corporation’s stocks?”

    Wen Xinya nodded and grazed her finger against the creases on the ceramic cup, saying, “Uncle Cao, you’ve worked for Grandpa and the Wen Corporation for so many years. There shouldn’t be a problem if you talk to the shareholders.”

    Secretary Cao was Old Mr. Wen’s spokesperson, and he had the right to show up at the shareholders’ meeting. In fact… he could even convince the shareholders to go against the Xiao Family effortlessly, simply because he represented Old Mr. Wen. Besides… there was no reason for the shareholders to let go of the opportunity since the time was right.

    “Missy, you’ve got a great plan. I’m thoroughly impressed and in awe,” Secretary Cao said while looking at the girl standing in front of him with respect. He did not treat her like a young ignorant girl who had just turned legal, nor did he treat her like the successor of the Wen Corporation. Instead, he saw her as a capable individual.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “You flatter me, Uncle Cao. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.”

    Old Mr. Wen instructed Secretary Cao to come over and assist her for the time being. It was a difficult task for her to request for him to take charge and convince the shareholders on Old Mr. Wen’s behalf. Should anything go wrong and he get implicated, he would be facing dire consequences as well.

    Secretary Cao said, “Missy, you first made use of the media to expose the matter about the Xiao Family plotting against the Wen Corporation before using the rumors spread by Lanxin to expose the Xiao Family’s true colors. As a result, the Xiao Family was compelled into investing one billion yuan into attacking the Wen Family. Next, you even used Chu Jingnan to expose Xiao Zhiyuan’s scandals, causing the Xiao Corporation to suffer a tremendous plunge in their stock prices. Such a brilliant tactic, Missy.”

    She was simply using the Xiao Family’s conceitedness to hatch her plan.

    Wen Xinya smiled while remaining silent. Just like Secretary Cao had mentioned, she was indeed using their pride and conceitedness to deal with them. She wanted the Xiao Family to lose as much as they had invested in the stock market.

    Secretary Cao said, “I’d like to know if the rumors about Xiao Zhiyuan having kept mistresses are true or simply rumors.”

    If it were false, the Wen Family would be at a disadvantage when the media found out the truth.

    Wen Xinya answered calmly, “It’s true, of course.”

    In her previous lifetime, Chu Jingnan managed to conquer the Xiao Corporation precisely because Xiao Zhiyuan had been exposed to have several kept mistresses, thus causing the Xiao Corporation to suffer a major loss. As a result, the shareholders were greatly displeased and they even strongly demanded that Xiao Zhiyuan get stripped off his position as the CEO. At last… Old Mr. Xiao had no choice but to arrange for Chu Jingnan to take over his position.

    Upon hearing her words, Secretary Cao gazed at her with a complicated look before saying, “Rest assured, Missy. Leave this to me.”