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Chapter 198 - There Were So Many Traps in the City, Unlike the Village!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 198: There Were So Many Traps in the City, Unlike the Village!

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    Night had fallen, but this was not a quiet night.

    Everyone was not able to escape the torment.

    Jian Qi lay belly-down on the ground while holding a telescope and observing the location in front of her.

    There was a small hut with a gate made of wooden and metal poles.

    The place that everyone was trapped in seemed rather simple, except for the main door, there were wires surrounding the hut. That also meant that they might die if they tried to escape.

    Looking at their traps, Jian Qi felt that something was off.

    They were caught way too fast.

    Which also meant that it had ended even before the war began.

    It seemed like they knew where they were.

    Jian Qi took some time to observe the inspecting soldiers and she noticed that almost all of them had come to capture them.

    Things seemed even weirder now.

    Jian Qi then thought of another possibility.

    But she was not sure about it.

    She did not want to believe that it might be true, because if her assumption were true that meant that Tang Jinyu was a terrifying person.

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    This whole thing was too deep and treacherous.

    There were so many traps in the city, unlike the village!

    Could she choose to run away?

    This was way too tough for her!

    Ever since she met Tang Jinyu in the study room after the ultimate marathon, Tang Jinyu had clearly been psychologically hinting her.

    He was trying to tell her that she would be facing a real life-and-death situation soon.

    Well, it seemed like she had dug her own grave…

    The war had indeed ended before it had even begun. Did Tang Jinyu do all these just to torture them?

    No matter what, she still had to save them.

    When all the freshmen were pulled one by one to be tormented, Jian Qi was just about to stand up from her position.

    Just when she was about to leave, she heard footsteps around her.

    “Our head wants us to keep an eye out and catch those that have escaped. But it has been an hour and nobody has appeared.”

    One of the men complained.

    His partner smiled. “The person is probably afraid and has run off.”

    “Well that would be awkward. The Special Fire Team has a deserter!”

    “Quiet down. Let’s go get that person.”

    They two of them went back to being quiet and continued their search for Jian Qi.

    After walking for a few steps, something moved and they were tripped over by a rope.

    Since they were professionals, the moment they were tripped, their guns were immediately aimed at the place they walked through.

    However, they did not realize that the person was way faster than they thought. The moment they fell, someone came from the ground with a stick in both hands and knocked them off.

    They could not even see who it was before they passed out.

    Jian Qi threw away the stick and dusted her hands.

    She looked at the men on the ground and raised an eyebrow. She was becoming a gangster!

    She bent over and put on the shirt of one of the skinnier men.

    She opened up her backpack and tied the two men to a tree. She took out two pieces of cloth and stuffed them into their mouths and then took a pile of dried leaves to cover them.

    After making sure that none of their comrades could find the both of them, she took all of their stuff with her.

    Except for the stuff that could be of good use later on, she hid their backpacks. She held onto the gun that she had just acquired and walked toward the hut