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Chapter 198 - The battle of the past and new lovers (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 198: The battle of the past and new lovers (2)

    Xiao Chun took another step forward, closing the gap between her and Su Ziqian. Bending over slightly, she leaned towards Su Ziqian’s ear. “You’ve overestimated yourself, fool, do you wish to compete with Weilai?” she said, enunciating every word clearly.

    Having been left speechless, Su Ziqian had gritted her teeth so hard that she almost broke them, “What do you mean? Yu’s plus one tonight is Xu Weilai?”

    Xiao Chun scoffed before straightening up, not wishing to waste another breath on her. Not even wishing to give her a second look, Xiao Chun strode confidently back to Xu Shuai’s side and smiled at him as she gracefully held onto his arm. “Let’s go in.”

    Xu Shuai’s gaze shifted from her face onto Su Ziqian’s. Though he didn’t hear what they were whispering to each other, he could just about guess what they talked about.

    He pressed his lips together but still decided to ask about it, “She’s already stopped by security and unable to get in. Do you need to agitate her once more?”

    Xiao Chun smiled, her expression remaining unchanged. “Can’t I just gloat over her situation?”

    Xu Shuai chuckled, deciding to not hold back with his words either. “Are you gloating over her situation or goading her?”

    Xiao Chun pretended to have not heard anything as she asked impatiently, “Are you going?”

    Xu Shuai shook his head before moving to stride into the banquet hall.


    Su Ziqian stood rooted to her spot, taking a solid minute trying to digest the situation. She couldn’t stop the rage and resentment from rushing up to her head. Even her eyes had turned red.

    Her original plan, if security had checked with Assistant Lin but still denied her entry, was to do nothing that would get her on Gu Yu’s bad side anymore, she won’t do anything that’ll get her on Gu Yu’s bad side anymore. Now, she couldn’t accept it; she had to go in there. She had to see for herself if Xu Weilai was here as Gu Yu’s plus one!

    Xu Weilai was way too shameless. First, she played tricks to get married to Yu. Now, she was trying to tie down Yu bit by bit. She didn’t care how Xu Weilai ridiculed and looked down on her. She’d never allow her to cling onto Yu so shamelessly!

    Su Ziqian fetched her phone out from her purse and clicked into her contacts. After sieving out a distinguished family’s young master’s mobile, she dialed for him.

    “You’ll be attending Gu Corporation’s year-end banquet today, right? Do you need a plus one? I’m free!”

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    When Su Ziqian and Young Master Lu entered the banquet hall with their arms linked, the banquet had just officially started. As the host, Gu Yu had to invite a lady to start with the first dance.

    The lights of the entire hall dimmed, save for a beam of light shining directly on the stunningly handsome Gu Yu. Everyone’s gaze was fixed onto him.

    Many have already noticed that Su Ziqian was also here at the banquet. So that means tonight, it’s the ultimate battle between the past and new lovers!

    Would Gu Yu choose to ask his past lover, Su Ziqian, for a dance? Or would he ask Su Ziqian, who had sat steadily in the position of being his new lover for three years?

    Previously, in his KTV suite, many within his social circle have seen what happened when Xu Weilai and Su Ziqian were in the same place at the same time. Back then, Gu Yu had completely disregarded Xu Weilai and had even accompanied Su Ziqian to sing.

    This time around, Su Ziqian was also around even though Xu Weilai had turned up as Gu Yu’s plus one. No one could be sure who Gu Yu would choose!

    For this first dance, the partner he picked was extremely important. It would speak volumes about how much the partner meant to Gu Yu.

    As Gu Yu started making his way over, everyone watched his movements with suspense. They watched intently with bated breath, as he made his way over decisively, not even hesitating for a moment as he stepped in Su Ziqian’s direction…