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Chapter 199 - Settle all our debts today (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 199: Settle all our debts today (1)

    As Su Ziqian watched Gu Yu step closer and closer towards her, her heart began to race. Even her body started to tremble out of excitement, as her eyes were filled with fondness.

    She knew that her Yu wouldn’t just ignore her. He was still walking towards her… right?

    Before Gu Yu had even walked up to her, she couldn’t stop herself from stepping forward and approaching him.

    However, Gu Yu didn’t stop before her. She was even suspecting that he didn’t even see her. He brushed past her, his gaze not even wavering one bit. Her gaze followed Gu Yu subconsciously, watching as he finally stopped to her left, where Xu Weilai was at.

    In that instant, her mind went blank, followed by ringing in her ears. She absolutely couldn’t believe what was happening before her.

    Gu Yu bent over elegantly, before he made the standard gesture to Xu Weilai, to ask her for a dance. He was just like a prince from a fairytale, striking the hearts of all the women present all at once. All of them were green with envy as they looked at Xu Weilai.

    Xu Weilai lowered her gaze, looking at that pair of slender and beautiful hands. His invite was only somewhat surprising to her. Such an event wasn’t the place for anyone to fight for the spotlight or get jealous of anyone else. She was the plus one Gu Yu had brought along, so he would never do anything to humiliate himself. Su Ziqian was the one that was too ignorant.

    Even so, Gu Yu also wasn’t one to act on any sort of logic. He’s used to being self-centered, never caring about the opinion of others. Based on how much he had “truly loved” Su Ziqian, he could choose her too.

    But he didn’t do that… It seems like, something serious had occurred between him and Su Ziqian, after all…

    Was that why he made her turn up as his plus one, to spite Su Ziqian?

    To be frank, when Su Ziqian had egged Pang Hai on to deal with her previously, she had indirectly caused her to be hospitalized for a few days. She bore this grudge up to today, even noting it in her little notebook!

    If she didn’t settle her grudge, she wouldn’t be called Xu Weilai!

    Xu Weilai smiled slightly, lifting her hand elegantly and placed it onto Gu Yu’s palm, accepting his offer to dance.

    The music started, and a beam of light shone on the two. Gu Yu placed his arms on Xu Weilai’s slender waist, while Xu Weilai placed her arms on his shoulders as they danced. Their dance moves were smooth, the perfect chemistry between them on full display. The crowd couldn’t help but watch in awe; it was like they were the dancing queen and king of the stage.

    Su Ziqian’s eyes turned red immediately, tears rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably.

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    Xiao Chun, on the other hand, leaned on the wall with a glass of champagne in her hand. With a lonesome expression, she chugged one glass after another like she was drinking plain water.

    Xu Shuai, who was beside her, decided against trying to persuade her. Instead, he simply patted her shoulder, “If we need to, we can go anytime.”


    As Gu Yu held Xu Weilai as they danced, Xu Weilai gazed at his handsome face, which was just mere inches away. She was suddenly reminded of the two of them in the past.

    She and Gu Yu had such perfect chemistry because… the first dance she had ever had in her life was also with Gu Yu.

    Back then, her school held a school ball. They would need to dance and bring along a dance partner. Gu Yu was busy with his work then, and she didn’t wish to disrupt him. So, she signed up for a class with Xiao Chun and randomly picked one of her classmates as her dance partner for the ball.

    As it was a masquerade ball, Xu Weilai had picked an angel mask for herself. Xiao Chun, on the other hand, picked a queen mask. She said she wanted to be the most prominent gal, so prominent that she’ll blind everyone’s eyes.

    After the ball started, Xu Weilai went to search for her male dance partner. She didn’t know if he did it so that they could match, but the mask he wore was a devil mask.