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Chapter 200 - Settle all our debts here and now (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 200: Settle all our debts here and now (2)

    Xu Weilai would’ve never thought that the dance partner she had randomly picked could dance so well. He practically led the whole dance. When they finished dancing, the entire crowd clapped for them. They practically stole the limelight from Xiao Chun, the dancing queen.

    Xu Weilai had wanted to compliment him, but he didn’t let go of her even after they were done with the dance. Instead, he held onto her even more tightly, pressing her entire body closer to his chest.

    Xu Weilai couldn’t take any more of this. Was he going to feel her up in front of everybody? Is he asking for a death wish?

    Before she managed to do anything, the man’s thin lips parted. A familiar voice made its way to her ears. “Xu Weilai, I’m angry.”

    Hm, wasn’t this…?

    In the next second, the man pulled off his mask swiftly. The unparalleled handsome face that appeared before Xu Weilai’s eyes confirmed her suspicions. Then, her mask was also pulled off. Her eyes widened, caught off guard as his face drew closer towards her and pressed a kiss onto her lips punitively.

    They were surrounded by squeals and cheers——


    Under Gu Yu’s lead, Xu Weilai made a few turns before ending off the dance on a perfect note. The music stopped before the two turned to bow to the audience, prompting deafening applause from the crowd.

    After the first dance ended, some danced, some discussed business affairs, while others indulged in wine. There was an endless line of people that came up to offer Gu Yu a drink, wanting to have a chat with him. Since Xu Weilai had something important to deal with, she notified Gu Yu before leaving his side, entrusting Assistant Lin with the role of entertaining the guests with him.

    Xu Weilai’s gaze swiftly swept across the banquet hall, and she quickly located where the celebrity King was. Indeed, he was the target she had to investigate for her project this time around.

    His Chinese name was Rong Wang. “King” was the stage name that his fans came up with, its meaning stemming from him being their king. Rong Wang was an artist born from a survival show. With his good looks and extraordinary dance skills, he quickly became the dancing king of Asia. With a massive and devoted fanbase, anything that he casually revealed, like what he used on the daily, would quickly become one of the most searched for items. It has already been five years since his debut, but his popularity was still rising steadily!

    Then, Xu Weilai’s gaze shifted to the person holding onto his arm with a love-struck expression on her face. What a coincidence; it was Gu Xue, Rong Wang’s plus one for the night.

    From what she had learned recently, she knew that Gu Xue was Rong Wang’s biggest fan, an incredibly extreme fangirl of his at that. For the past few years, she had done all she could trying to chase after her idol. She had joined in on almost every event that Rong Wang was involved in.

    She would get on Gu Xue’s nerves. If she wanted to get close to Rong Wang, she had to find a way to get rid of her first!

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    What should she do?

    From the corner of her eye, she caught where Xiao Chun was. Making her way over directly, she stated, “Chunchun, I need you.”

    Xiao Chun placed down her glass of champagne and replied, “Speak.”

    “Help me distract Gu Xue. I just need ten minutes!”

    Xiao Chun acknowledged her requested before making her way over to Rong Wang and Gu Xue. Then, she picked up a glass of red wine, and With feigned carelessness, she picked up a glass of red wine and spilled it all over Gu Xue. At the sight of her gown being dyed red, Xiao Chun batted her eyelashes innocently. “Sorry, I didn’t see you there! You’re just so easy to miss in here!”

    Gu Xue fumed, screaming, “Xiao Chun!!!”

    Now that Rong Wang was by himself, Xu Weilai pretended to have walked past him by accident before turning back once more, squealing like a little fangirl, “You’re Rong Wang right? I’m a huge fan!”

    Rong Wang had always been arrogant. When his gaze landed on Xu Weilai’s exquisite beauty, however, a faint light flashed past his eyes. He took the initiative to approach her and said, “I am honored to have such a pretty fan like you.”

    They were having a great time chatting. Just when Rong Wang was about to share his WeChat ID with Xu Weilai, Su Ziqian rushed over. With a savage look in her eyes, she screamed in rage, “Xu Weilai, you wretch!”

    At the sight of such a situation, Rong Wang bid his goodbyes, not willing to partake in such matters. He left without even sharing his WeChat ID.

    Xu Weilai’s subconscious prompted her to chase after him, but Su Ziqian wasn’t willing to let her go. She stretched her hand out, and grabbed onto her hair!

    Watching as Rong Wang walked further and further away, Xu Weilai reached her limits. She turned around and looked at Su Ziqian as she chuckled coldly, “You bitch… we’ll settle all our debts here and now!”