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Chapter 199 - Counter

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 199: Counter

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    Li Yibo glanced at three of them that were being tortured, he was amused that they could withstand for so long.

    He remembered that time when Tang Jinyu and his subordinates had tortured his people. He was way crueler!

    The most important thing was, Tang Jinyu and his people were so cruel that they would find the most painful spot on their bodies to torture them.

    They would torture them to the point where they felt like dying, yet at the same time they would be able to survive unscathed!

    This was his chance!

    He would ‘serve’ Tang Jinyu’s people well!

    One of the freshmen on the ground had passed out while the other one was tied up. Lu Yao was also badly injured.

    “Carry on!” Li Yibo smiled happily.

    At the same time, there was an explosion outside of the hut and the whole hut trembled.

    Li Yibo became serious and asked the person next to him, “What’s going on?”

    His subordinate shook his head and ran out to have a look.

    Another explosion sounded in the yard, and then a few more, until the whole yard was covered in smoke…

    Those freshmen that were still waiting for their chance to escape immediately reacted after hearing the explosion outside.

    Everyone stood up and gathered around the door. One of them unlocked the door immediately.

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    Just when the door was opened up, they saw a person wearing a soldier uniform appear right in front of them.

    Before the few of them decided to take down the person, Jian Qi shouted, “It’s me, Jian Qi!”

    “Jian Qi? You threw all those grenades?”

    “There is no time to explain. Here are some guns. Two of you will follow me to save Lu Yao and the others while the rest of you clear up a path for us.”

    Jian Qi expressed herself clearly and concisely, and she started running toward the small hut.

    After all, they had been training together for a while. Hence, they already had a certain level of understanding when it came to working together.

    That was why everyone knew what to do after Jian Qi said so.

    After the explosions, Li Yibo’s subordinates were highly alert. They immediately went to check the entrance. However, they were shot when they reached the door.

    Suddenly, there were gunshots everywhere.

    When Lu Yao heard the gunshots from the hut, he knew that it was his chance to counter.

    He knew that Jian Qi would not disappoint him.

    When the soldier that was tormenting him looked away, he immediately lunged at him.

    He took away the man’s dagger and cut off the rope around his hands.

    Li Yibo aimed his gun at Lu Yao.

    Lu Yao dodged the shot and threw the chair at the side toward the soldiers.

    The hut was small. There was nothing much inside of it. Hence, it was difficult for him to hide.

    He had to attack them.

    After he smashed the chair at them, Lu Yao attacked one of the men.

    Lu Yao kicked him and swiftly turned around to take another man’s gun. He aimed the gun at the guy and was about to shoot him.

    At the same time, Li Yibo said coldly, “If you shoot him, I’ll kill him too!”

    Lu Yao was stunned. He looked at the freshman that had passed out.

    He frowned.

    “Put down your gun and put your hands up!” Li Yibo shouted coldly.

    Lu Yao frowned even harder but he had to do as he was told since he could not just sacrifice his comrade.

    The two men that were kicked to the ground stood up and went toward Lu Yao. They reached out and wanted to take the gun away from him.