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Chapter 189 - Comba

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 189: Combat

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Feng Zixiao only called in the auxiliary police trainees after 20 laps. They were all in sheer exhaustion, sprawling on the ground and gasping heavily for air. When the run ended, several of the girls even collapsed and were immediately sent to the dispensary. It was all in all, an eventful start to the special training program.

    But, such was the effect he intended, it was to put the fear of God into every new recruit!

    However, what had come as an incredible surprise to both him and Yan Wang was that other than Gu Qianxue, there was unexpectedly one other, and he happened to be standing right there now, showing no signs of exhaustion. He was looking perfectly fine.

    “What’s the background of this fella?”

    Yan Wang turned to Feng Zixiao, taking off his sunglasses and pointing at Xiao Luo.

    Feng Zixiao hurriedly flipped through the trainee profiles he had on hand and soon found what he was looking for. He handed it to Yan Wang and answered, “This person’s name is Xiao Luo. His information sheet doesn’t reveal too much about his background. He is from the Xi Province and worked for the Huahai Group Co., Ltd, until a few months ago. He is just a normal wage earner who has traveled south.”

    “If so, his physical fitness is impressive, huh… Interesting. It seems that this group of trainees may not be so boring after all.” Yan Wang took a look at Xiao Luo’s information sheet, and a conniving smile flashed on his face.

    At the same time, Gu Qianxue had also been sizing Xiao Luo up. She was observing him with her curious, bright eyes, keen to know how Xiao Luo was able to push through the run, just like she did. She wondered if he had been through the kind of training that she had, but after a short while, she decided not to speculate too much. Still looking somewhat contemplative, she pouted slightly and shifted her gaze elsewhere.


    For the next three consecutive days, the trainees were subjected to a regime of harsh physical fitness sessions. The strenuous and physically testing drills took its toll on everyone. At the end of each day, they had their hands on their knees, panting for breath, and their thighs were numb with soreness. Their legs were so sore that they even needed to hold on to something to squat down for a release, making every visit to the toilet a challenging process fraught with difficulty and pain. They had now lost their passion and the thrill for the military training they had so looked forward to. It now felt like purgatory itself.

    Besides their daily physical fitness training, they had to study and memorize the regulations and guidelines on how police officers should conduct themselves. To add to their woes, Yan Wang would regularly quiz them on how they should handle a variety of situations as members of the auxiliary police force. Those unable to answer would immediately be subject to corporal punishment. For the men, this would mean a well-aimed kick up their rear; and for the ladies, a set of 15 sit-ups.

    Usually, when the trainees got the answer wrong, Yan Wang would press them again for another answer, and if they got the next answer wrong as well, they would be punished for both. Earlier, poor Liu Tieguo had failed to answer 10 consecutive questions correctly, and as a result, his buttocks almost burst from Yan Wang’s vicious kicks. The pain had been unbearable, and he howled out miserably a couple of times with tears in his eyes.

    There was nothing Xiao Luo could do about it as well, such were the demands of special training. Surely, he couldn’t rush to the front and send Yan Wang flying with a blow, though he wished it at times.

    After the first few days, everyone had come to know about how ferocious and sadistic Yan Wang could be. He really was as ruthless as his namesake from Hell[1]. His name had now become synonymous with unpleasant things and was commonly paired with swear words in the trainees’ daily speech at the camp., As an example, they would say something like “If I did indeed badmouth you, may I end up with a significant other exactly like that d*ckhead Yan Wang in the future!”

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    After five days, everyone had gradually acclimatized to the high-intensity physical training with, and before they knew it, they were to report to the gym.

    There were many regular police officers in singlets and shorts working out in the gym, and they looked robust, buffed-up, and fit. As they filed in, they heard Yan Wang shouting at Feng Zixiao, “Get up!”

    Feng Zixiao nodded and stepped up to the ring. Holding the ropes with both hands, he jumped over with both feet and landed into the ring like a swift swallow, his actions agile and graceful. As soon as he entered the arena, Feng Zixiao took off the instructor’s uniform, revealing the black singlet and black shorts beneath. His muscles were well defined and evenly distributed all over his body, and he certainly cut a heroic figure. Although he was 1.8 meters tall, he didn’t seem skinny; on the contrary, he was broad and strong and exuded a formidable aura.

    “Combat is one of your core lessons. Learning combative skills ensures that you all are capable of defeating criminals when you run into them. So today, I will teach you all how to fight your enemies.”

    Yan Wang’s steely voice rang out. With his thumb, he pointed at Feng Zixiao on the arena, a cheeky smile on his face. “Who here thinks that they are capable enough can go up and practice with him. If you can exchange 10 blows with him, you can have the day off and go have fun.”

    “Sir, can we go outside to have fun?” It was Liu Tieguo who asked in a loud voice.

    “Of course,” said Yan Wang with a laugh.

    Liu Tieguo’s eyes sparkled, and he replied, “Alright, I’ll be the first to try.”

    Xiao Luo extended a hand and put it on his shoulder, shaking his head and motioning him not to go, because he was totally no match for Feng Zixiao.

    “Brother, don’t stop me. My video game addiction is acting up, it’s too uncomfortable, and I haven’t been sleeping for the past few days. For the sake of my dream of playing PUBG, I’ve decided to go and try. 10 blows, I should be able to withstand it,” said Liu Tieguo.

    Xiao Luo didn’t attempt to stop him any further. After hanging out with Liu Tieguo over the last few days, he had found the reason behind Liu Tieguo’s aged appearance. Liu Tieguo loved to stay up late to play games and smoke. These were had been his habits for some time now, so naturally, they took a toll on him.

    As everyone looked on, Liu Tieguo walked into the ring.

    He gave a Buddha-like smile and bowed to Feng Zixiao. “Instructor Feng, please be kind on me!”

    Feng Zixiao returned a smile. “Sure!”

    As soon as he said so, he shifted forward, the balls of his feet gliding over the ring floor and dashed towards Liu Tieguo as swiftly as a gust of wind. His right leg swept across from the trickiest angle imaginable, aiming right at Liu Tieguo’s face.


    Liu Tieguo didn’t even have any time to react. He felt like his face had been struck viciously by a thick metal whip. He spun on the spot, twice, before falling to the ground. His head was rested on the floor, and his ears were ringing. He had lost all sense of direction as his face stung from the searing pain.


    Everyone drew in a deep breath. Knocking out someone with a single kick was just unbelievable.

    Xiao Luo laughed silently to himself, he had expected this to be the outcome.

    “Don’t think that this is cruel, Instructor Feng has deliberately let him off easy, but the ruthless criminals you meet in reality will not hold back at all. If you don’t want to sacrifice yourself on the job, train properly and learn the skills well,” said Yan Wang beside them with a reprimanding tone.

    Inspired by his words, several of the more confident trainees challenged Feng Zixiao, but none of them lasted 10 blows. The one that persevered the longest endured a mere five blows.

    After everyone’s ambition was humbled, their opinion of Feng Zixiao was one of awe and respect, and they were wary. How could he even be human, he was clearly a machine designed for combat!

    “It’s too embarrassing, I’m the only one who didn’t even last one blow.” Liu Tieguo said dejectedly, holding his hand to his cheek, and still feeling an intense burning sensation.

    “It’s not embarrassing, there’s no point for the pot to call the kettle black, you don’t have to feel ashamed because of this.” Xiao Luo spoke up to comfort him.

    Liu Tieguo nodded.

    “Any more challengers?”

    Yan Wang asked loudly as he scanned the crowd with an intense gaze. Whoever caught his gaze quickly lowered their heads. That creature in the ring was a monster, who would dare to go up there?

    “This alone is enough to intimidate you all? If so, when you start work and run into fearsome criminals, surely you would pee in your pants out of fright!” Yan Wang’s voice was loud, and his cocky words echoed in the gym.

    The cops who were practicing boxing and using the various fitness equipment couldn’t help but snicker.

    [1] Yan Wang: the principal leader of the ten kings of Hell, overseer of the underworld, and presiding over the judgment of the dead.