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Chapter 852 - The Taste of Failing for the Second Time

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 852: The Taste of Failing for the Second Time

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    Ever since Wen Haowen was exposed to have had an extramarital affair and Xiao Zhiyuan was exposed to have been keeping women, the two lost their reputations in the upper-class society.

    At the very least, Wen Haowen was proven to have been framed. However, things were much worse for Xiao Zhiyuan, who was rumored to have been in illicit affairs with undergraduates. It was a severe issue with his character, and everyone despised him for his infidelity.

    Wen Haowen was in a different predicament from Xiao Zhiyuan. Wen Haowen had not been enjoying a good reputation in the circle because of the fact that he had cheated on his former spouse, Mo Yunyao, and inevitably caused her death. However, it was much worse for Xiao Zhiyuan because he had always been enjoying a good reputation and was known for his squeaky clean image. Hence, everyone could not accept the news of his betrayal towards his marriage and they all felt like they had been cheated.

    At this moment, the Xiao Family was going through a tumultuous time.

    Old Mr. Xiao read the news reports about Xiao Zhiyuan’s extramarital affairs in complete disbelief, grabbing onto the newspapers with shaky hands.

    Xiao Zhiyuan thumped himself down onto the couch, his hair all messy and unkempt and his clothes all crumpled up. His tie hung loosely around his neck in an untidy manner. He did not expect that he would be exposed at all.

    The Wen Family had truly devised a great plan this time by plotting against the Xiao Family and luring them into the trap, compelling them to invest a large sum of money in the stock market. At last, they launched a heavy bomb and crushed the Xiao Family into bits.

    Old Mr. Xiao suddenly tore the newspaper in his hands into bits and seethed with anger. “Are these reports real or not!?!”

    Amongst the four major families, the Gu Family had the longest legacy, something the Xiao Family could not compare to. However, Jiang Shaofeng was much more scheming and cunning, while Wen Haowen was conceited and incompetent. The prideful Old Mr. Xia felt that his son was the most outstanding one compared to the two of them. However… it was the very son that he was proud of, who had given him such a huge blow by making young undergraduates his kept mistresses. He was even rumored to have an illegitimate son. How was Xiao Zhiyuan any better than Wen Haowen?

    Staring at his exasperated father, Xiao Zhiyuan’s legs turned into jelly and he dropped onto his knees. “Father, I’m sorry. I was too muddled up to have committed such an immoral and disgraceful act and ended up letting others collect evidence against me. I even caused the Xiao Family’s reputation to be ruined and suffer a major loss. Father… it’s all my fault. I was too shameless.”

    It had been several years since he had undergraduates as his mistresses. He had also been discreet with his affairs. Hence, he could not figure out just how the matter had gotten exposed.

    Old Mr. Xiao flew into a rage and gave Xiao Zhiyuan a tight slap across the face, the loud, crisp sound echoing in the living room. The emptiness of the living room amplified the loud sound of the slap.

    The impact of the slap made Xiao Zhiyuan feel a little giddy as a stinging pain formed on his face. His ears began to ring and he murmured, “Father…”

    “You rascal. How did I teach you? What did I warn you about the dangers of lust? I told you to practice abstinence and exercise self-control, but what did you do? You’re already in your forties and yet, you still had extramarital affairs with younger undergraduates. In the eyes of everyone else, you’re lewd and immoral. You’re perverted and lecherous.” Old Mr. Xiao glared at his son in utter disappointment.

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    Xiao Zhiyuan continued to kneel on the ground and allowed Old Mr. Xiao to reprimand him.

    Old Mr. Xiao kicked Xiao Zhiyuan onto the ground and continued furiously, “You’re the CEO of the Xiao Corporation and the successor of the Xiao Family. All of your words and actions represent the Xiao Family and the Xiao Corporation. Look what you’ve done. You’ve ruined the Xiao Family’s reputation. How are we supposed to face others from now on? You’ve caused damage to the Xiao Corporation’s interests. How am I supposed to answer to the shareholders?”

    With an apologetic and regretful expression on his face, Xiao Zhiyuan slapped himself forcefully and said, “Father, I’m a bastard to have done such a disgraceful act and brought shame to the Xiao Family as well as our ancestors.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan continued to kneel feebly as if he had all of his energy sucked out of him. He looked extremely down and disheveled.

    He had always been prideful and outstanding ever since he was a child, surpassing his peers Wen Haowen and Jiang Shaofeng in almost every aspect. He took over the position of CEO in the Xiao Corporation at a young age and had done a great job compared to the incompetent Wen Haowen. He even made the Xiao Corporation outshine the Wen Corporation.

    He was proud, but he had every reason to be.

    Yet, look at how things had turned out! All because of Wen Xinya, his reputation was tarnished and he became the public enemy whom everyone criticized and abhorred. He was even reduced to being labeled as a pervert and ended up implicating the Xiao Family.

    He thought about the time when Wen Haowen caused the death of his first wife by having an extramarital affair, followed by the next scandal Wen Haowen was involved in. Back then… he gloated over Wen Haowen’s misfortune and mocked him in disdain.

    However, the tables had now turned. He did not expect that he would be faced with a similar fate!

    He was in a far worse predicament than Wen Haowen.

    Firstly, it was his wife Lin Yuechan who faced harsh criticism from society, followed by his son, Xiao Chengyu, and lastly the shareholders of the Xiao Corporation.

    Everything… was caused by the little lass from the Wen Family.

    Once again, he had been defeated by her.

    Previously, the Wen Family took action at the very last minute and beat them to acquiring Ai Shang Group. Hence, the Xiao Family ended up paving the way for the Wen Family to defeat them.

    This time, the Wen Family devised a cunning plan to lure the Xiao Family into the trap before making use of the media to stab them in the back.

    Old Mr. Xiao’s anger did not seem to subside. He continued to slap and kick Xiao Zhiyuan furiously. “You shameless bastard. You’ve embarrassed me. How are we supposed to face others from now on?”

    Xiao Zhiyuan closed his eyes and forced himself to freshen up. “Father, now that things have already come to this, there’s no point in getting angry. This is the outcome of the battle between the Xiao Family and the Wen Family. At this juncture, the most important thing for us to do is to come up with a strategy.”

    As the successor of the Xiao Family and the CEO of the Xiao Corporation, he could not become dejected now or back away cowardly. He had to step up and solve the problem instead of shirking the responsibility.

    Old Mr. Xiao’s anger began to fade upon hearing his words. He staggered backwards and almost lost his balance. Gazing at the look in his son’s eyes, he nodded and said, “At least you’re not too muddled up and did not disappoint me any further.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan felt too ashamed to face his father. Hanging his head low, he apologized. “Father, I’m sorry to have disappointed you.”

    Previously, it was the acquirement of Ai Shang Group, and now it was the battle between the Xiao Family and the Wen Family. He had experienced failure twice, and it sure did not taste great.