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Chapter 490 - One Man Carried the Whole Show

Medical Master
     In a house of Jiangjing City. “This boy really cured the rich man.” Seeing that Fang Qiu had cured Yang Ningyuan, Xu Miaolin lying on the sofa was surprised and happy.

    “I didn’t expect it.” Washing vegetables and cooking, Chu Yunyu exclaimed, “Your disciple is indeed a monster. He has been studying medicine for less than a year, but he actually made it. I’m afraid that his treatment ability is comparable to that of a holy doctor.”

    Xu Miaolin said smugly, “Of course, he’s my student.”

    Chu Yunyun rolled her eyes at Xu Miaolin and added, “The younger generation always excels the older generation. As the older generation, maybe you should have a try. Go and cure the rich man.”

    Xu Miaolin chuckled. “Well, it’ll be fine to let the student do it. Teaching would be enough for me. Why should I bother?”

    In the girls’ dormitory of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. “Phew.” After hearing the news, Jiang Miaoyu suddenly let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, she was overjoyed.

    Jiang Mengjie, who had been paying attention to the development of the situation, secretly decided that she must keep up with Fang Qiu. Otherwise, she would be left behind by Fang Qiu.

    Compared to these people, Fang Qiu’s parents were the happiest ones, especially his mother. When she heard the news, she was so excited that she almost jumped up.

    Meanwhile, He Gaoming also received the news. “My God, he really cured him! This boy is too awesome!”

    On the Internet, Fang Qiu’s fans had already caused a great stir.

    “Long live, Master Fang Qiu!”

    “Fang Qiu, Fang Qiu, you have the best medical skills!”

    Below Fang Qiu’s Weibo, all kinds of slogans were left in the comment area.

    At the same time, there were also many people leaving a lot of comments on Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo.

    “It’s a slap in the face!”Read more chapter on NovelFull

    “Hey! Why don’t you come out and show us a picture? Let’s see your swollen face.”

    “Aren’t you a nagger? Why don’t you say something now?”

    “You said Fang Qiu was a coward? Now you’re the one being a coward, aren’t you? Come out if you have the guts!”

    “Ha-ha, did your face hurt?”

    “This is so cool. Fang Qiu deserves to be a doctor of Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine is awesome!”

    “You’ve been nagging for a few days and even said that Fang Qiu was avoiding you. Now you know, Fang Qiu doesn’t even bother to talk to you, do you understand? Maybe now you can come out and try to say something, huh?”

    In a short period of time, endless words of sarcasm filled the comment area of Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo.

    In a house of a city in Huaxia. “How could this be?”

    “How could it be? How is it possible?”

    A person was sitting in front of a computer desk, staring at the screen. It showed that Yang Ningyuan and Yang Ningyu were thanking Fang Qiu for saving Yang Ningyuan’s life. They couldn’t help but keep thanking Fang Qiu.

    At the last minute, he was still a well-known figure on Weibo.

    Now he directly became a laughing stock in the eyes of everyone on the Internet!

    He couldn’t accept it.

    He was on the verge of losing his mind. “How did he do it? How could he possibly do it?”

    “How is it possible? How can doctors of Chinese Medicine be so powerful?”

    As he was muttering, he clicked on the comment area of Weibo.

    When he saw those sarcastic words, he somehow felt a surge of anger, and his face was burning.

    Taking a closer look, he found that all those influencers who had always supported him disappeared at this moment and even deleted all the posts that had supported him.

    Bozhi Tianxia felt his knees start to buckle.

    The slap on his face was too cruel!

    However, today, how could a person be able to get away from cyberbullying by just deleting the posts?

    After leaving comments below Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo, Fang Qiu’s fans directly went to those influencers that supported Bozhi Tianxia and scolded them.

    The most important thing was that Fang Qiu’s fans had already kept screenshots slandering Fang Qiu and Chinese Medicine.

    The comment areas on those influencers’ Weibo were all about the posts that they had sent but were deleted now, as well as all kinds of taunts from Fang Qiu’s fans.

    Such a united action by Fang Qiu’s fans soon caused a heated discussion on the Internet, which attracted countless netizens to watch the Weibo of Bozhi Tianxia and those who had supported him to enjoy the most spectacular show in history!

    In the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’s meeting room of Central Television. “Beep, beep, beep…”

    Director Li Huawen who was worried in the conference room was suddenly awakened by the ringing of his mobile phone.

    After answering the phone, Director Li Huawen said in a heavy tone, “Hello?”

    The voice of the publicity chief was heard at the other end of the line. “Director Li, where are you?”

    Li Huawen said, “The meeting room!”

    The publicity chief said, “Hurry up, hurry up and check the news online.”

    “What’s wrong? What happened again?” Director Li Huawen’s face changed instantly as if he were afraid that something bad would happen again.

    “Anyway, you should hurry up and check online. You will find out,” the publicity chief said and immediately hung up the phone.

    Director Li Huawen didn’t dare to hesitate, so he immediately used his mobile phone to see what happened.

    As a result, he saw an eye-catching red title as soon as he clicked on the browser of his mobile phone. “Miracle! With Fang Qiu’s help, Yang Ningyuan has recovered!”

    Seeing this message, Director Li Huawen was stunned at first.

    Then, he immediately clicked on the news to check.

    “That’s great!”

    “Yes! Yes! Yes!” While reading the news, Director Li Huawen was laughing as he said a few words.Visit vi p novel

    “Miracle, it’s a miracle!

    “Fang Qiu is so awesome!”

    It was as if all the sorrow he had suffered in the past few days completely disappeared in an instant. Li Huawen stood up and regained his confidence. His eyes were filled with excitement.

    He never thought about what they should do next if Fang Qiu really made it. Actually, he didn’t even believe that Fang Qiu would succeed.

    But now, Fang Qiu really did it.

    With Fang Qiu’s miraculous skill, there was no doubt that the fourth episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor would be a big hit!

    If they did more publicity, the effect was unimaginable!

    How could Li Huawen not be excited and surprised?

    All the netizens went crazy.

    Half an hour later, in a house of a city, after collapsing in the chair for half an hour, the man whose Weibo named Bozhi Tianxia suddenly stood up straight.

    “I don’t believe it. That’s right! I don’t believe it!” He didn’t want to give up.

    Bozhi Tianxia immediately took action and typed on the keyboard quickly.

    When countless people regarded him as a laughing stock, he sent another post on Weibo.

    “He’s cured? I don’t believe it! It’s impossible. How can one cure terminal liver cancer? How can a person with only three months to live for be cured? I don’t believe this kind of fantasy, because it’s impossible! One of my relatives also has cancer. If Fang Qiu can cure him, I’ll believe it!”

    After it was posted, countless people came to mock him.

    “Who wants you to believe it?”

    “What’s the benefit of asking you to believe it?”

    “Yang Ningyuan has already recorded the video in-person to thank Fang Qiu. It doesn’t matter whether you want to believe it or not. You’re really stubborn.”

    “It seems that he is not only stubborn but also shameless. It doesn’t hurt him at all. Others will blush when they are slapped in the face. But this one is different. The more you hit him, the more stubborn he will be!”

    “It’s too shameless. This matter has been confirmed. Why are you still arguing here?”

    “You’re a loser! Do you still want Fang Qiu to help you?”

    “Can you be more shameless? You’re going to take advantage of a doctor, aren’t you?”

    “If you have the ability, send him a bounty notice that’s worth one hundred million. As long as you dare to issue it, Fang Qiu will dare to accept it!”

    In the ridicule of countless people, Bozhi Tianxia kept mentioning “Who do you think you are” and sent private messages to Fang Qiu’s Weibo, but there was no response at all.

    At this time, Fang Qiu was still in the luxurious villa by the West Lake.

    After curing Yang Ningyuan, Fang Qiu was invited by Yang Ningyuan to help recuperate his family and examine if they had any hidden illness.

    It was hard to refuse his hospitality, so Fang Qiu could only stay here for a few days.

    Since there was no response from Fang Qiu, Bozhi Tianxai and Fang Qiu’s fans began to quarrel with each other on Weibo.

    In the blink of an eye, it was the prime time on Sunday.

    In the heated argument between Bozhi Tianxia and Fang Qiu’s fans, the fourth episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor aired.

    It lasted 90 minutes, which attracted the attention of countless people.

    The show was over.

    After the ratings came out, everyone was shocked.

    The ratings in the third episode was only 3.2 percent. Even if the highest peak was only 3.5%. However, the ratings of the fourth episode directly rose to 5%!

    5%! It was incredible!

    For a moment, everyone in Central Television was shocked by the incredibly high ratings.

    5%. Amazing!

    The most popular variety show in the past few years had reached 5% in the last episode. It was a shocking number at that time. It could be said that that variety show already became a national variety show.

    But now, with the development of technology, people didn’t tend to install TV in their houses for they got more entertainment. There were not many people who would choose to watch TV shows, which caused the ratings hard to rise.

    Under such circumstances, the ratings of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor actually reached 5%!

    Getting the report about the ratings, Li Huawen and all the staff members of the show were dumbfounded.

    They didn’t even dare to believe it.

    It was like a dream!

    Compared with the crew of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, people working in other TV stations’ variety shows were even more shocked.

    5%! The ratings actually exceeded 5%!

    How could they compete with them? There was no way to compete at all!

    Of course, every staff of variety shows in each TV station knew that the reason why the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor could reach such an incredible level was that they got Fang Qiu in the show.

    As far as they could see, Fang Qiu alone could carry an incredible variety show!

    They also wanted Fang Qiu in their shows.

    However, they couldn’t do it.

    As the fourth episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor became a big hit, various Chinese Medicine companies were interested in Fang Qiu!

    All the major Chinese Medicine companies, Chinese Medicine apparatus companies, and traditional Chinese Medicine instrument companies had all ordered that no matter what, they must sign Fang Qiu as the spokesperson for their products.

    Except for those companies, the major economic companies and advertising companies were also looking for Fang Qiu’s contact information, trying to take this opportunity to sign Fang Qiu as soon as possible. Then they could use Fang Qiu to make a lot of money.