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Chapter 201 - The Hidden Master of Martial Arts (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 201: The Hidden Master of Martial Arts (1)

    Xu Weilai could ignore and disregard what happened between Su Ziqian and Gu Yu. She also never intended to make a scene over Su Ziqian’s repeated provocations.

    After all, Su Ziqian was shocked to learn that Xu Weilai was suddenly married to Gu Yu. She wondered how Xu Weilai was three years ago when she was suddenly left, causing her engagement to be annulled. She also experienced such a terrible feeling before.

    In the end, Gu Yu and Xu Weilai were not married; he never even acknowledged her as his official girlfriend. What right did Xu Weilai have to denounce Su Ziqian?

    If Su Ziqian wanted to fight for Gu Yu’s love, then she should’ve turned to him instead of her. The last thing Xu Weilai wanted was for her career to be ruined by Su Ziqian!

    It was a nice coincidence that Xu Weilai could settle the current incident along with the Pang Hai incident and save herself the trouble of having to get even with Su Ziqian again!

    Did Su Ziqian want to fight her? In all honesty, Xu Weilai had never feared anyone before.

    While Su Ziqian was brainless, Xu Weilai was not. Before she came for the annual dinner banquet, Gu Yu had already warned her not to disgrace him. She was told that if she screwed up during the banquet, things would end badly for her.

    Xu Weilai firmly grasped Su Ziqian’s hand and yanked her down before she dragged Su Ziqian towards the washroom at the end of the corridor.

    Since Xu Weilai had such thin arms and legs, Su Ziqian did not expect Xu Weilai to be so much stronger than her. For a moment, Su Ziqian could not break free from her grip and allowed Xu Weilai to lead her over to the washroom.

    When Xu Weilai verified that nobody was there, she then slammed the door shut. With a clicking sound, she locked the door nimbly and shook off Su Ziqian’s hand. Su Ziqian staggered two steps and fell awkwardly after she lost her footing.

    Xu Weilai looked down at Su Ziqian condescendingly. “How do you want to settle this? I’m game for anything!”

    Terrified by Xu Weilai’s aura, Su Ziqian trembled. Despite her fear, she quickly said indignantly, “A respectable lady of a rich family? Ha, you’re more like a shameless rogue! That would explain how you could only resort to underhanded tricks to marry Yu. You disgust me!”

    A shameless rogue?

    While Xu Weilai ran the news, she had been thrust into dangerous situations time and time again. After learning that nobody would rescue her anymore, she had learned how to save herself and become a stronger person.

    Xu Weilai knew that a person like Su Ziqian who lived in an ivory tower could only make assumptions about others out of malice. Su Ziqian was the disgusting one, not her!

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    “Not only did you seduce Yu, you even shot flirtatious glances at other men. Xu Weilai, you’re the worst kind of woman!” Su Ziqian said.

    Things were going well until Su Ziqian brought up the incident about Rong Wang, which enraged Xu Weilai once again. She was so close to getting what she was after, but her chances were ruined after Su Ziqian charged over. Xu Weilai blew at the lock of hair that fell loose, feeling determined to beat the hell out of Su Ziqian!

    Xu Weilai yanked off her shawl off haughtily and tossed it to the side before she kicked off her stilettos and raised her chin. “Let’s to cut the chase and fight!”

    Su Ziqian’s eyes had already turned red with anger. After Xu Weilai tugged her shawl off, Su Ziqian could still vaguely see some suggestive red marks on several areas of her skin past her foundation. It only took her a second to figure out what that meant!

    Gu Yu never once touched Su Ziqian, yet he and Xu Weilai…

    No, that shameless Xu Weilai must have seduced him. She must shred Xu Weilai to pieces!

    Su Ziqian got up from the ground and lunged towards Xu Weilai, completely disregarding anything else. Xu Weilai’s lips curled upward. Without hesitation, she retaliated with a punch to the bridge of Su Ziqian’s nose!

    Only after that did she realize that Su Ziqian’s nose seemed to have gone crooked…