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Chapter 210 - Pay Up!!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 210: Pay Up!!

    Su Tiantian was visibly distraught.

    Ning Meng had always only insulted with her smooth tongue, and yet, this time, she had planted a trap within her words! The two Louis Vuitton bags that she had gifted Liu Ying were hard to obtain as they were the latest trends of the year that amounted to hundreds of thousands. Despite all this, she had still gotten insulted by Ning Meng’s words.

    Being poor was the greatest insecurity that she held deep within her heart.

    Ning Meng chuckled. “There are quite a few luxurious brands when it comes to bags. Why did you guess the Louis Vuitton brand right off the bat? Is it because you were the one who gifted her those bags!”

    Su Tiantian was adamant to refute these claims. “No, I would never, I…”

    As she tried to defend herself, she realized that everyone in the room was staring at her. Su Tiantian finally surrendered and clamped her mouth shut. After a while, she decided not to fake it anymore and laughed coldly. “You have no evidence.”

    She clenched her fists tightly and lifted her head. “I did not do it. I will not pay 80 million.”

    So what if this was all a trap? The law could not persecute her as the one who had instructed Liu Ying as long as she pretended to be clueless.

    Ning Wentao slowly stood up when he heard her shameless words and spoke to Cao Xuehua in a low voice, “Let’s divorce.”

    His tone carried an air of disappointment. Cao Xuehua paused and her eyes grew larger upon hearing this. In the next moment, she hastily went toward Su Tiantian and a smack could be crisply heard as she aggressively landed a slap unto her face.

    The shape of a red palm slowly emerged on Su Tiantian’s cheek. She could taste blood from within her mouth, it was clear how much force was put into this one slap.

    Su Tiantian’s eyes flashed red as she glared at Cao Xuehua in disbelief. She then yelled out, “Mum!”

    The hand that Cao Xuehua had used to slap her was still trembling, and she bellowed, “Why on earth did you do this! The Ning Family have been treating you so nicely, yet you try to seek revenge against them?!”

    Su Tiantian clenched her fists tighter as her whole body shook.

    After Cao Xuehua was done scolding her, she looked toward Ning Wentao and cried out, “Wentao, I didn’t know. I really didn’t know… Meng Meng, Tiantian is at fault here. I have nothing to do with this…”

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    Ning Meng understood what was going on when she saw them make this move. They did not want to pay up nor did they want to go through with the divorce either. However, there was no such privilege in this world.

    Ning Meng glanced over at Ning Wentao. He was clearly shaken up by this move, and he furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at Cao Xuehua. She understood Papa Ning. He was one with a soft heart, and Cao Xuehua was taking advantage of this weakness. Although, it was indeed true that she had indeed not had much to do with this particular matter…


    Ning Meng raised the corner of her lip and slowly spoke up.

    “Aunt Cao, Su Tiantian is your daughter after all. We can forego the divorce, but please pay up.”

    The divorce could be settled anytime, but she was not going to just let the money go.

    Cao Xuehua gave it some thought and then pushed Su Tiantian while crying out, “Fine, we’ll pay! You agree to it too!”

    Su Tiantian grit her teeth. “Mum!”

    “Pay up!”

    Cao Xuehua poked her and held on to her arm. “If you refuse to pay up, uncle will divorce me!”

    Su Tiantian sighed heavily when she saw her mom in this state. Indeed, it was easy to go through happy times together as a married couple, but when tribulations come, one would only look after themselves. It seemed as though this also applied to mothers and daughters.

    ‘Fine, I will consider this money as payment to my mum for her upbringing of me!’

    Su Tiantian reluctantly agreed. “Fine, I’ll pay the 80 million!”


    Ning Meng raised her brow and twisted the knife deeper with her next words.

    “You still have to compensate us for the anxiety we faced and for our reputation loss. I will ask my lawyer to contact you about it.”