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Chapter 211 - High School Friend~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 211: High School Friend~

    Su Tiantian staggered out to leave, and Liu Ying felt defeated. She had to fork out all the money she had earned over the years to recompense the company. This was considered atonement for her faults.

    The whole event had finally come to an end. When everyone had finally left the office and only Ning Meng and Ning Wentao remained, she breathed a sigh of relief.

    “You tired?”

    Ning Meng sat on the sofa and held her chin, her long eyelashes masking her emotions from her peach blossom eyes. “Nope. Just reflecting.”

    Her words shocked Ning Wentao as he thought that she was doubting herself. He quickly tried to appease her. “Meng Meng, you don’t need to reflect much. You were being quite sly back there but what’s wrong with bullying her for a bit? Su Tiantian was just being a bit too vindictive. You…”

    Ning Meng waved her hand in denial. “It’s not that.”

    “I was just thinking about my earlier insult of ‘complicated facial features which cannot mask your plain intellect’. It was just too implicit. I need to make sure it sounds strongly explicit in the future!”


    What transpired next was that Lemon Entertainment had put forward a high amount of damage fee. Under the premise of ‘divorce’, Cao Xuehua had executed some unknown tactics. Although she had been forced to shamelessly blame Su Tiantian initially, she was now readily paying the money.


    Over the weekend, Ning Meng had invited Zhen Shanmei for dinner, so she drove to one of the departmental chains of a shopping mall. When she stopped her car, she saw Zhen Shanmei rushing toward her from a distance as she wafted and showed off.

    “Ning Meng! Smell this! Can you smell the sweet scent of peach?”

    Ning Meng nodded, and Zhen Shanmei smiled.

    “I recently bought a few flavors of breath fresheners. What flavor do you like? I’ll use that when I meet you next time.”

    Ning Meng gave it some thought. “Dung flavor.”

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    Zhen Shanmei flinched in anger. “Why are you so mean?”

    Ning Meng ducked and laughed out loud as she walked.

    “I’m not your boyfriend. Why would you want to use any breath fresheners when you meet me?”

    They both frolicked as they went up the stairs. As they reached the restaurant where they had made reservations, they found a spot next to the window. After ordering their dishes, Zhen Shanmei exclaimed, “I really want to fall in love.”

    Ning Meng laughed. “Who would fall in love with you with this kind of mentality!”

    Zhen Shanmei nervously replied, “Do you believe that I will be able to casually find someone to have a relationship with while in this restaurant today?”

    Ning Meng immediately whistled in amazement.

    Zhen Shanmei continued to show off. “Why? Has your skin grown thin?”

    Ning Meng laughed. “Nope. I’m just afraid that you will scare all the male guests away from this restaurant!”

    Zhen Shanmei suppressed the growing fire within her and grit her teeth.

    “Ning Meng, one needs to give their heart a lot of training to be your friend! I’m sure I’ll be an expert at suppressing my emotions in the future!”

    “No thanks.”


    Ning Meng turned her head sideways and decided to cut ties with her… in ten minutes! No, wait. Make it five minutes!

    The dishes arrived in three minutes.

    Ning Meng asked, “Are you eating? If you’re not eating, I’m going to start first~”

    Zhen Shanmei yielded without any compromise. As they were both enjoying their meal, a shocked voice was suddenly heard.

    “Ning Meng??”

    Ning Meng was stunned and turned her head to see a man staring at her from the side. He was clad in a black suit and looked like a successful person.

    Ning Meng furrowed her brows. “Do we know each other?”

    The man seemed to be very excited.

    “Is it really you? I’m Huo Beichen’s high school friend. Don’t you remember me?”


    Why would Huo Beichen’s high school friend know her??