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Chapter 212 - The Hardships of Meng Meng When She Was Younger

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 212: The Hardships of Meng Meng When She Was Younger

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    The man scanned across her clothes and accessories as he marveled, “You’re wearing earrings from Van Cleef & Arpels? And a Cartier bracelet? OMG, have you gotten rich!?”


    The exaggerating man continued, “To think that you used to be so poor that you didn’t have enough money to eat…”

    Before he could speak any further, someone else called out to him from a distance. He waved at Ning Meng. “I don’t even know if you managed to be with Huo Beichen in the end. If we have fate to meet up again, let’s have a chat. I’m quite busy at the moment, I’ll take my leave first!”

    With those words, he turned and left, and Ning Meng could not even put in a single word.

    As Ning Meng pursed her lips, Zhen Shanmei then asked, “Don’t you plan on making your marriage with Mr. Huo public?”

    Ning Meng lowered her head to take out her phone and casually answered Zhen Shanmei, “We’ll see.”

    She quickly sent Ning Wentao a WeChat text: [Dad, were we not rich in the past?]

    She was a little stunned from what the person earlier had just said. What did it mean that she was rich now? Did her family really use to be that poor?

    After sending the text, Ning Wentao replied with a voice note within a minute.

    “Meng Meng, why are you suddenly asking this question? Have you run out of money? I’ve just transferred 50 million to your account, you can use this as your allowance first…”


    Ning Meng pursed her lips.

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    [No, dad. I’m asking about the past.]

    She paused for a while before switching her approach of asking: [When I went to school in the past, did we like to pretend to be poor?]

    Ning Wentao was confused: [When you were younger, we did give you quite little to spend on.]

    Ning Meng: [How much?]

    Was it to the point of making the other students think that she was poor?

    Papa Ning then replied with another voice note: “You were given half a million a month. Was it too little? I knew that my Meng Meng went through a lot of hardships since you were little. Sigh. You can blame your father for not understanding the amount of allowance a student needs. You were also too obedient since you never brought this up to me before…”

    Ning Meng pursed her lips and replied: […Hmph, you just don’t understand.]

    After putting her phone down, she raised her brow and thought about what had transpired. Had Original Ning Mng pretended to be poor to win the favor and compassion of Ning Wentao? She picked up her phone once again and looked through her contact list on WeChat to find a high school friend to contact. She wanted to look for someone more familiar to clarify this matter.

    She scrolled and scrolled down her list. The Original Neng Meng had saved all the names in an orderly manner. Was there no one with a more intimate nickname? Just as she was thinking this, she came across a name: Girlfriend Lin Lin.

    Girlfriend… This had to mean that they were as close as sisters, right?

    Ning Meng opened the chatbox in WeChat and sent a text: [Lin Lin, how have you been recently? What was your impression of me when we were in high school?]

    The person on the opposite side seemed to have not noticed the text, and there was no reply for some time.

    When Zhen Shanmei had finally satiated her hunger, she wiped her mouth. “I’m done, let’s go?”

    After settling the bill, they both headed toward the carpark.

    “What do you plan to do tonight?”

    “Watch a movie.”

    Zhen Shanmei became excited and took out her phone.

    “That sounds great! Let me book the tickets. What do you want to watch?”

    Ning Meng quietly looked at her. “I’m watching a movie with Lord Chen.”



    When Ning Men reached the cinema, Huo Beichen had also arrived.

    As she alighted from the car, a notification rang on her phone. Girlfriend Lin Lin had replied to her text, but it was in the form of a voice note.