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Chapter 213 - : One

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 213: One

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    Ning Meng’s head hung low as she walked toward the cinema. Just when she was about to listen to the voice note, she bumped into a person, and she lifted her head to apologize.

    “I’m sor… Lord Chen?”

    The man had a large stature, and his exquisite facial features darkened slightly as he scolded her.

    “You’re not allowed to play with your phone when you’re walking on the road.”


    As she thought this in her heart, Ning Meng playfully stuck out her tongue as she blinked and pointed toward the sky.

    “Lord Chen, do you know what’s the difference between you and the stars?”


    Ning Meng smiled. “The stars are in the sky, but you’re in my heart.”


    He had been about to nag her further for not being obedient, but seeing that she was trying to appease him with her flirtatious words, his anger subsided.

    Helplessness was plastered all over his face as he did not know how else to respond. In the end, he turned to walk in front of her.

    “The movie is about to start.”

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    Ning Meng tailed him from behind and opened Girlfriend Lin Lin’s WeChat chatbox on her phone. They were like sisters anyway, what was there to fear? She then opened the voice note.

    “Ning Meng, I am so happy that you took the initiative to contact me! Although we agreed to be sisters after we broke up, you had not bothered about me for a long time. Do you still remember carrying my water when I was playing basketball? Do you remember cheering for me? Do you remember joining the cheerleaders so that you could dance for me? No matter how many years have gone by, you’re still the most beautiful girl in my heart.”

    The person’s voice was clearly a man’s, rendering Ning Meng speechless.

    The person in front of her stopped in his tracks. She also stood still and slowly turned her head. He had initially been in a good mood, but now, his face had darkened once again. Ning Meng was about to cry.

    How many boyfriends had the Original Ning Meng had!? She had only casually looked for anyone to contact, and yet, the one she found had this kind of history with her!

    They both walked into the cinema. As the movie was about to start, there were many people, and it was quite rowdy. Yet, Ning Meng felt that the 3 meters of radius around her were frozen solid. She did not know whether to laugh or to cry as she weakly asked, “Lord Chen, if I were to say that I was clearing out my friends-list which is why I proactively sent them a text, would you believe me?”


    Ning Meng continued to coax him. “It’s true that he was my high school friend, but I had not contacted him for so long, so I will unfriend him…”

    Before she could finish her sentence, the man was nodding. “Yes, unfriend him.”


    His eyes were fixed firmly onto her. Thus, she held up her phone without hesitation and took “Girlfriend Lin Lin” off her friend list. She looked at him slightly guiltily.

    “Is this OK?”

    Huo Beichen’s tone had a hint of jealousy when he next spoke.

    “You cheered for him?”


    “Carried his water?”


    “Even danced for him?”


    Ning Meng began to get nervous when she saw that he did not seem pleased.

    “That was back in high school. Which girl would not have a guy to look up to as a God when in high school?”

    In fact, she had no recollection of these events. This meant that she did not receive these memories when she entered the novel. She looked curiously at Huo Beichen.

    “Lord Chen, since you’re so handsome now, I’m sure that you looked just as good when you were in high school, right? Let me ask you. How many girls offered you water when you were playing basketball?”


    Ning Meng had now taken the offensive side instead, and when she said this, she jerked her chin toward him teasingly.

    “Hmm? Let’s not talk about those who offered you water. How many water bottles did you accept?”

    Huo Beichen stayed silent when he saw her in this state. His eyes darkened and he looked at her for a while. Finally, he replied, “One.”