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Chapter 551 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 38)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 551: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 38)

    Minister Huan saw this and said with a bow, “This minister will come back later.”

    After a few seconds, eunuch Luo quickly came in and cleaned up everything before rushing out.

    Luo Qing Chen stood in place looking at his back and she couldn’t help saying, “Does the emperor know who I am?”

    For a long time, there was silence in the air.

    Ning Wei Han sat on the couch and opened a report, as he said with a faint smile in his eyes, “What do you think?”

    “I…..How do I know!”  She remembered what minister Huan had just said.

    What found it, what looking the same, it was clearly a fake!

    “This one will take you to see the so-called person of the picture, isn’t that fine?”  He looked at the report and said, “The South Pacifying King is leaving the capital city to live in the Southern Water County, his wife Duan Yu Meng has gone with him.  There’s news that he isn’t used to normal life and is acting as a tyrant, should this one send someone to eradicate him?”

    “Of course!”  Luo Qing Chen gritted her teeth and said, “The previous host’s grudge…..”

    “Previous host?”

    “Oh.”  She instantly realized she made a mistake and quickly changed the topic, “A tyrant harms the people and the Southern Water County is a prosperous place, the emperor should root out causes of future problems!”

    Is there a problem!  Since Ning Wen Zhen wasn’t used to a peaceful life, give him a bit of stimulation then!

    Ning Wei Han was already considered benevolent, letting him go without killing him.

    If Ning Wen Zhen had received the throne, he definitely wouldn’t let him live.

    After all, when he was still the crown prince, Ning Wen Zhen had sent assassins after him.

    “That makes sense.”  He nodded before adding something as if he thought of something, “This one knows who you are and this one is very clear.”

    “Ah?”  Luo Qing Chen was still thinking about the matter with Ning Wen Zhen and didn’t react right away.

    When she reacted, she was looking into Ning Wei Han’s deep eyes.

    It was a calm look that forced her to believe.

    “Ke, ke.”  Seeing that she didn’t say anything, he cleared his throat and picked up another report, “The eleven king Ning Yu Qiu is bringing his troops back on a triumphant return, do you think this one should send him or Northern Ridge County’s Liu Yun?”

    Luo Qing Chen had her reservations with this question.

    She looked at Ning Wei Han and asked, “Is Liu Yun the emperor mentioned Liu Xiang’s son?”

    “Yes!” He looked at her with a strange look that flashed in his eyes.

    When the previous emperor’s forces objected to his marriage to Luo Qing Chen, Liu Xiang was the head of that power.  She had naturally learned of this matter later.

    “Is the eleventh king someone you can trust?”  She raised a brow, naturally understanding his meaning.


    “Then let the eleventh king go!”  She slowly took a few spoonful of green tea and brewed a pot of tea, “Have Liu Yun observe from Northern Ridge.”

    Actually this was the only question she didn’t understand why he would ask, but she would later find out that this was the most important question.

    The next morning, the new batch of maids entered the palace.  Maid Zhi was very strict with these maids, especially Ruan Fang Fang.

    After Lin Xue and the others learned that Ruan Fang Fang was Ruan Ying Ying’s cousin, they didn’t treat her well.

    Ruan Fang Fang didn’t really care because she knew that her uncle had said that her face was the key to victory.

    She could wait, wait for an encounter, wait for a chance!

    As long as the emperor saw her, the Ruan Family would come back!

    She was betting, but she could afford to bet!