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Chapter 552 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 39)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 552: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 39)

    Luo Qing Chen’s mood today wasn’t calm, perhaps it was because Ruan Fang Fang was entering the palace, but she was a bit anxious!

    She really wanted to see how alike she was to the ‘person in the painting’.

    Ning Wei Han felt her anxiety and put down the report he was reading as he said, “This one has seen that you haven’t seen the maids who entered the palace with you in a while, do you want to see them?”

    Luo Qing Chen heard this and her hand trembled, almost dropping the spoonful of jasmine tea in her hand. She thought about it before saying with pursed lips, “Does the emperor want me to go or not?”

    It can’t be that Ning Wei Han still wasn’t certain about her identity yet, right!

    But thinking about it, with how he treated her, it wasn’t like how an emperor treated a maid at all…..

    “If you don’t want to go, then don’t go.” There was a sparkle in his black eyes as he said, “It’d be even better if you weren’t troubled!”

    He saw up and looked through the reports, while not forgetting to pour the half boiled pot of jasmine tea to drink.

    Luo Qing Chen turned over with a bit of regret in her eyes.

    After all, what did it matter what she looked like! Ruan Fang Fang was Ruan Fang Fang, Luo Qing Chen was Luo Qing Chen!

    “That……” After a while, she slowly said in a cute and mischievous voice, “Can I regret the emperor?”


    Silence, a strange silence.

    He didn’t even turn the page in his hand as he was stunned.

    What followed was the system’s notification from inside her head.

    [Ding, affection has increased by ten. Mission completion rate is now 90%.]

    My god! If it wasn’t for the sudden increase in affection, she would have almost forgotten that she wasn’t at 100% yet!

    Luo Qing Chen never would have known that Ning Wei Han was stunned because that cute voice had touched his heartstrings.

    After a while, he said with a soft laugh, “It’s better if you like it.”

    There was a faint sandalwood smell in the air. His deep eyes had a sweet pampering look as his lips curled in a faint arc.

    Luo Qing Chen’s eyes suddenly misted over when she saw him like this.

    Un, very moving…..

    At the maid palace.

    Ning Wei Han’s sudden visit had shocked all the maids, including Ruan Fang Fang.

    When Luo Qing Chen came in, she immediately looked at her.

    Ruan Fang Fang was kneeling on the ground, lowering her head a bit. From Luo Qing Chen’s angle, she could still see her face.

    She felt her breath stop and her heart was trembling.

    It really was alike…...

    Even the act of slightly raising her eyes had the feeling of an imitation.

    It was similar to when she heard that the crown prince Ning Wei Han wanted to be with her!

    Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and looked at Ning Wei Han beside her.

    His eyes seemed very calm, they didn’t seem to contain any waves at all. But when he spoke, Luo Qing Chen’s fingers trembled.

    “Raise your head.” Ning Wei Han’s voice was very calm, with no change in temperature at all.

    But it was a kind of commanding tone that Luo Qing Chen wasn’t willing to hear.

    Ruan Fang Fang looked up with a faint smile as she said, “Servant Ruan Fang Fang greets the emperor!”

    Her voice was very sweet, but it was a kind of deliberate sweetness.

    If you wanted to dig deeper, her voice was still different from hers.

    “Un, everyone get up.” He looked over to Luo Qing Chen and said, “Go and reminisce, this one will wait for you.”

    When this was said, all the maids were stunned.

    The venerable emperor was actually waiting for a maid…..while she reminisced with other maids!?