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Chapter 249.2 - Merely Just a Pawn in the End

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 249.2: Merely Just a Pawn in the End

    In the seat that Cang Jian has just sitting in, was a seductively slender figure of a woman leaning back lazily, with an enchanting and alluring countenance.

    Her pair of sultry looking almond shaped eyes were slightly narrowed, her fair and smooth skinned arm propping up her chin. The bright cinnabar red on her nails struck a stark contrast against her snow white skin, making her look extraordinarily demonically icy.

    Qing Luo Yan had extremely beautiful looks and compared to when she was a young lady, she now possessed an additional charm of maturity, her every action sultry and highly seductive, impossible to resist falling under her spell, unable to extricate themselves.

    Together with the fact that her cultivation technique supplemented her with Countenance Freezing Skill, it made her look younger and more beautiful, and it was impossible to see that she was a woman who had lived more than six hundred years.

    Whenever Cang Jian was faced with such a sultry and openly seductive Temple Lord, it was impossible for him to stop himself, and rein in his maniacally thumping heart.

    But he had never dared to express his feelings, because he knew that there was only one person in the Temple Lord’s heart, and no other man would be able to win her attention, even if it was merely as a substitute to alleviate the loneliness.

    He merely cast a quick glance to look at her, before quickly turning his eyes away. “I beg for the Temple Lord’s forgiveness. Maybe it’s because the time was too short today. But the lass would be living right under my nose from now onwards and she would surely reveal her real self one fine day.”

    “What I want to know is whether she is related to Qing Lan Fei in anyway.” Qing Luo Yan’s voice was cold, a sliver of impatience tinged between her brows. “You must understand that you had come to assume the position of Grand Priest not because you really possess exceptional abilities.”

    “It is because you helped to bring down the Divine Temple from the inside while working together with me back then, and earned yourself some merit that convinced me to allow you to take up the Grand Priests position. If you show yourself to be of no further use to me, there is no lack of people who would be able to replace you in the Divine Temple.”

    Cang Jian’s face turned slightly pale for an instant.

    [That’s right. Having been in that high position for so long, he had almost forgotten how he came to win it.]

    [Ha, he had to become a traitor.]

    In cahoots with Qing Luo Yan to strike from inside and outside, eliminating the godly lord without anyone knowing, and purging out the Divine Temple’s previous faction overnight, to install Qing Luo Yan onto the throne as the new Temple Lord. Everything had happened unbelievably smoothly.

    As the godly lord’s last remaining bloodline, with the god’s unexpected departure, it was only natural that she would inherit the divine temple.

    Only he knew everything that happened in the divine temple clearly that fateful night. The only reason that he was still alive was because Qing Luo Yan knew that he would never ever betray her.

    Not just the fact that she was aware that Cang Jian had feelings for her, but because every single person in the divine temple had a curse laid upon them, making it impossible for anyone to betray her, or they would suffer severe backlash from the curse, dying a horrible and extremely painful death.