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Chapter 249.4 - Merely Just a Pawn in the End

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 249.4: Merely Just a Pawn in the End

    “So I see.” Qing Yu nodded in understanding. Then, seeming to suddenly remember something, she went on to ask the woman: “Did Cang Jian tidy and arrange scrolls many years back like this as well?”

    Her question caught the woman a little off guard.

    Chi Yue was stunned for a moment before she replied in a slow tone: “How did you know….. that he tidied scrolls before?”

    “It was just a wild guess!” Qing Yu shrugged her shoulders to say, thinking nothing of it. “From the tone of his voice when he said that, he revealed some minute details, so it wasn’t that hard to guess it. And looking at you, it seems like I got that right.”

    “You are correct. He and I….. were just lowly nobodies in charge of tidying up texts and scrolls back in those days.”

    Chi Yue lowered her eyes, and started to say in a seemingly mocking tone: “Although we were insignificant and unremarkable, we dreamt that we would become an outstanding priest and priestess. There was one time that our godly lord happened to come to the Scroll Chamber, and seeing that the two of us were rather gifted and extremely hardworking, he took us out from the Scroll Chamber.”

    “He even got a highly renowned and respected Elder to teach and guide us, the godly lord’s benevolence giving us a completely new lease of life.”

    “Unfortunately, from the very day that Cang Jian came out from the Scroll Chamber, he immediately yearned to have much much more than what we already had, his insatiable ambition changing him completely, into a stranger to me”

    “In the end, he turned traitor and became the executioner who brought down the divine temple, a heartless and ruthless contemptible beast.”

    Speaking up to that point, Chi Yu’s words seemed to be squeezed out through tightly clenched teeth, every single syllable spat out with nothing but contempt.

    It was clear to see how much she detested Cang Jian

    But after finishing those words, she seemed to realize that she had lost her composure there for a moment, and she quickly recovered herself. “Apologies, my mind drifted back into the past for a while and I lost control of myself for a moment.”

    Qing Yu smiled and replied: “It’s alright. That is completely understandable.”

    “Mm. Let us get back to how you are going to be able to see these scrolls.” Chi Yue said as she stretched out a translucent hand towards the young lady. “You just need to hold my hand and you should be able to see them.”

    “That’s all it takes?” Qing Yu was a little doubtful, but she still stretched her own hand out to grasp the woman’s.

    “You are the Princess’ child and your body should at least be holding some of her abilities. Back then, the Princess was the only person who was able to see the scrolls without needing to go through any channels…..”

    Qing Yu had not even heard the woman finish her words when she suddenly saw everything before her eyes turn blur for an instant, and her eyes that had seen nothing but a vast empty space suddenly saw a dizzying sight, dazzling her as hundreds and hundreds of faintly glowing objects floated in the air, all of them in differing shapes and sizes.

    Qing Yu’s gaze then turned to look upon a text manual glowing with a silvery light, wondering in her heart what could be recorded in there. The next moment, the book seemed to take on a life of its own as it started flipping its pages very quickly.

    In that book, was a record of a top level elixir formula that had been lost to the world for a very long time. It could be said to be something that any Elixir Cultivator would devote their entire life to pursue, as attaining it would allow them to reach the heavens in a single bound, or even make them a god!