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Chapter 250.1 - Come Here and I Guarantee I Won’t Beat You to Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 250.1: Come Here and I Guarantee I Won’t Beat You to Death

    If a scroll with such Heaven defying power was leaked out into the world, no one knows how big of a stir it would come to cause.

    Chi Yue saw the shocked expression on Qing Yu’s face and could not help but laugh softly before she said “The Bright Moon Temple’s Scroll Chambers is something that many powers in Cloud Heaven are always eyeing voraciously. But it’s a pity that they do not know the secret behind this place, so even when the Scroll Chambers is actually right before their eyes, none of them are able to take a single peep.”

    When she heard that, Qing Yu suddenly thought of something and asked in a puzzled tone: “Is the way to see the scrolls known only by people in the divine temple?”

    “Not exactly.” Chi Yue shook her head. “In fact, beside the godly lord himself and people who are in charge of tidying the Scroll Chambers, no one else knows. And after the passing of the godly lord, the only people who knows about the Scroll Chambers’ secret will be Cang Jian and me.”

    “Sigh, unfortunately Cang Jian’s heart harboured evil intentions and he turned traitor. He should be unable to see the Scroll Chambers now or why will he allow the Scroll Chambers to fall into such a dilapidated state? He would surely have taken all of it to win that venomous woman’s favour in the first instance.” Chi Yue said mockingly.

    “I see.” Qing Yu nodded in understanding. “No wonder he made me come here. Firstly, he wants to test to see who I really am, and secondly, as he is unable to enter the Scroll Chambers anymore, so….. it looks like this wouldn’t be the first time that he has sent people here to this place!”

    Pinning his hopes onto others, and maybe among the myriad mix of so many people, a miracle might just happen.

    Qing Yu clicked her tongue at that thought, thinking that Cang Jian must be feeling highly helpless to come up with such a foolish plan. Concentrating her mind on the task at hand, all the scrolls floating around in a messy and disorderly fashion were quickly placed back onto the shelves, neatly organized and in their proper places.

    “Qing Yu, you…..” The expression on Chi Yue’s face was stunned as she looked at the young lady. “Did you…..”

    [Did she not know what kind of a commotion her actions would bring about?]

    The Scroll Chambers was where the Divine Temple’s core lay. Once the scrolls were returned back to their rightful places, a clear and obvious change would come over the entire place.

    Like what was happening right at this moment…..

    Chi Yue’s gaze deepened, as she saw the spirit energy becoming more robust in the surrounding air.

    They would not be able to hide it any longer.

    Qing Yu gave the woman a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry. I know what I am doing. Since I’ve decided that I am going to take that woman down, remaining in hiding and not showing myself would not be the smart thing to do.”

    “But it’s really too dangerous for you to be doing this.” Chi Yue said with deeply furrowed brows. “If Qing Luo Yan finds out that you’re the Princess’ daughter, she will definitely…..”

    “She will not find out, and I will not let her know that so soon” Qing Yu said with her eyes curved up into smiling crescents, her exquisite looking countenance enchanting and alluring. “Not only will I make her be fearful of me, I will make her favour me greatly.”