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Chapter 190 - Strong Capabilities

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 190: Strong Capabilities

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Pee in their pants out of fright?

    Even though those words stung, none of the auxiliary police trainees couldn’t think of any rebuttal, and they simply looked down, their faces red from shame.

    “Let me try!”

    A steady and pleasant voice rang out.

    Everyone looked towards the direction the voice came from. Gu Qianxue’s long hair fell to her shoulders loosely. Against the light in the gym, her skin seemed to be glow healthily. With easy steps, she walked towards the ring. Her pretty face wore no makeup, but her cheeks were shiny and reddish, and she exuded a vibrant beauty.

    This was something that Yan Wang was anticipating, and it showed on his face. Although it was only a combat training lesson, he badly wanted to find out about Gu Qianxue’s true capabilities. Besides Gu Qianxue, Yan Wang was especially keen to discover more about another trainee, Xiao Luo. By carefully observing him over the past days, he noted that Xiao Luo seemed to be deliberately hiding his capabilities.

    It made him even more curious to know what Xiao Luo was made of!

    What he had observed was indeed true. Xiao Luo’s only objective was to obtain a job as a nondescript auxiliary police officer and had decided that he would only put in a performance sufficient to get him through the training, without drawing too much attention to himself. He had maintained a low-key presence and only did what was absolutely necessary.

    As she approached the ring, Gu Qianxue stepped up and leaped over the ropes in a single motion, landing lightly on the ring floor with feline grace.

    “Why do I have a feeling that she may just beat Instructor Feng!”

    “I have that feeling too, it is clear that she is of no ordinary talent from the way she leaped into the ring.”

    “Yeah, she looks she’s skilled in the martial arts, like those kungfu masters who move around lightly in those television dramas.”

    All the trainees had their eyes glued to the ring, holding their breaths in anticipation. They all felt that Gu Qianxue could spring a surprise here.

    “Oh, she is indeed pretty. Both her and her elder sister, Gu Qianlin, are so beautiful, a pair of attractive siblings.” Liu Tieguo said, his mind veering towards inappropriate thoughts.

    “Her elder sister is Gu Qianlin?” Xiao Luo was shocked.

    Liu Tieguo winked. “Yeah, her elder sister is Gu Qianlin, the chief overseeing the whole of Jiangcheng. Everyone has already known about it for a long time. Did you finally get access to the Internet?”

    This came as a surprise to Xiao Luo, and he didn’t really know how to react. He hadn’t paid much attention to the goings-on ever since he came to the training camp. He found it interesting that the girl standing there in the ring was Gu Qianlin’s younger sister. Upon closer inspection, she did indeed look rather like Gu Qianlin. But compared to her sister, Gu Qianxue looked more innocent, which would be expecting, seeing that she’s only just starting out in life.

    “No matter where I go, I seem to constantly run into Gu Qianlin one way or the other, could this be my fate?”

    Xiao Luo thought to himself and shook his head in resignation.

    Gu Qianlin had put Xiao Luo under constant surveillance, and this had caused him unending consternation. This annoyed him so much that he decided to use the Dragon Gang to teach her a lesson at the Yellow Skies Casino not too long ago. At the moment, she was probably recuperating and wouldn’t be harassing him for a while. But he clearly did not expect that her younger sister, Gu Qianxue, would suddenly show up and become an auxiliary police officer just like him, what a coincidence!

    Cheered on by the rousing crowd of trainees looking on, Gu Qianxue stood in a relaxed, high stance as wide as her shoulders, evenly balanced with her left foot forward. She kept side-on and moved lightly across the floor, silently closing the distance with Feng Zixiao. Both opponents were sizing each other up, finding the right time to strike. Feng Zixian put his weight forward to draw a reaction, and just at that instant, Gu Qianxue brought her back foot across 180 degrees keeping low in a wide stance. In a flash, she struck out with her right leg channeling power from her core and sending a brutal kick towards Feng Zixian’s left flank.

    Feng Zixiao had been through countless fights, but he felt a considerable pressure in this bout. He had lost his focus, and his timing, and caught flat-footed, quickly moved into the kick to minimize its impact. He positioned himself to parried with both palms, aiming for just below her knee to avoid the full force.


    Th kick came in a whistling gust of wind, swift and powerful. Feng Zixian was a fraction too slow, and the kick burst into him with a sickening thud, sending him staggering back to the ropes.

    She had beaten Instructor Feng with one kick!?

    Her fellow trainees were shocked, not expecting Gu Qianxue, gentle and demure, to possess such skill and power!

    The regular officers working out in the gym stopped what they were doing to watch the fight. They were quite surprised, and not to mention amazed.

    Yan Wang was taken aback but still pleasantly surprised. He looked on with a thin smile on his lips. “Interesting indeed!”

    Feng Zixiao swung his arms around, circulating his blood flow to rid the numbness from the kick. He had learned not to take this girl lightly in the slightest. He acknowledged her move, “You are indeed the disciple of Old Man Dugu, you are decently skilled, let’s continue!”

    Feng Zixiao assumed a low attacking stance, feinted a kick with his front foot, before prancing forward and throwing his back leg into a roundhouse kick. As she stepped back, he suddenly pulled in his leg into his chest and spun a full circle in a somersault then unleashed a vicious kick downwards into Gu Qianxue. She did not anticipate the move.

    She stepped to her right and parried the forceful kick with open palms.


    Two tremendous forces slammed into each other, and the brutal impact threw both fighters back. Recovering quickly, the combatants immediately advanced to meet each other, both employing very different fighting styles. Gu Qianxue moved lightly and struck with her palms, and Feng Zixian relied on his strength techniques, smiting with heavy balled fists. As palms met fists, a storm brewed as gusts of wind swirled accompanying each blow.

    “They are both masters of inner power!”

    Xiao Luo was slightly surprised. Had he not redeemed the Yijin Jing, he would never have realized that the fight between Gu Qianxue and Feng Zixiao involved the use of inner power. Even an instructor at the training camp of a local police station was a master of inner power; would this mean that the country still had countless expert masters who had hidden their identities?

    Gu Qianxue’s fellow trainees were stunned to silence. They already had a measure of how skillful Feng Zixiao was when they faced him earlier. He was a combat machine whose every single blow could easily take a man down. But even as they watched, Gu Qianxue, a fellow trainee, had shown everyone she could best him. It was simply unimaginable!


    The bout continued, as Gu Qianxue and Feng Zixiao exchanged more than ten blows in a short space of time. The gym was shaking as the sound of the blows reverberated from the ring.

    Suddenly, Gu Qianxue gave out a piercing scream, for a brief instant, time stood still. A raging force seemed to emerge from within her slender frame, and instantly, the battle recommenced. Her open palm attacks, combined with deadly kicks, appeared like a whirl of arms and legs. They came relentlessly at Feng Zixiao, and he was overwhelmed and pushed back.

    Feng Zixiao twirled his massive arms in an intricate pattern of circles in front of his frame, effectively blocking off the scathing attack, but one strike got through his defense. He was struck in his chest.

    BOOM! It felt like a speeding truck had crashed into him, and his whole body was thrown backward. The force was so great that he would have flown off the floor, had it not been for the ropes to arrest his fall. But, Gu Qianxue did not stop there. In a single, swift motion, she had bounded forward and executed a kick aimed directly at Feng Zixiao’s left temple.

    It was swift, strong, and of unparalleled force!

    When Feng Zixiao collected himself, he realized that Gu Qianxue’s right leg had stopped short to the left of his head, no more than 10 centimeters away. The deadly kick blew a strong gust of wind into his face. He remained still as a shiver ran down his spine.

    “This counts as a win for me?”

    Gu Qianxue asked sweetly, her cheeks blushing, and she once again looked pretty and innocent.

    Feng Zixiao had lost face. He had underestimated Gu Qianxue’s ability despite knowing of her skills in combat. He had thought that as she was still a girl, there was no way she could defeat him, regardless of how skilled she was. But in the end, he was proven wrong and paid the price for his arrogance.

    Besides the trainees, the regular officers training at the gym had also watched the bout. The shame was quite a burden to bear as Feng Zixiao tried to salvage what pride he had left.


    Yan Wang clapped, and with a smile on his face, he said to Gu Qianxue, “Not bad, you have won indeed, you can relax for the rest of the day.”

    Gu Qianxue smiled, retracted her slender, long leg from Feng Zixiao’s head, and casually leaped down from the ring. She then gathered her things without saying a word and headed off to go get some rest.