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Chapter 200 - Two Against One?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 200: Two Against One?

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    At this moment, someone threw a smoke bomb into the hut. White smoke was filling up the room and Lu Yao swiftly went near the two men and shot them with their gun.

    Li Yibo was upset but he immediately moved aside, dodging a few incoming bullets.

    He heard the footsteps getting nearer so he raised his gun and aimed at the spot where the sound came from. However, that person was fast and his gun was kicked out of his grasp in an instant.

    Li Yibo frowned and shook his hand.

    Having been kicked, his hand was hurting.

    Li Yibo was surprised that those that have not been tortured were still so energetic!

    He did want to test the skills of Tang Jinyu’s new soldiers.

    When one of them tried to attack him, he dodged it skillfully. However, after dodging the first attack; someone else was kicking him from the other side, which was then followed up by a punch!

    With the place all fogged up in smoke, Li Yibo knew that there were three people attacking him!

    It seemed like the freshmen that were trapped had been released!

    This was interesting. The fact that they could find a way to escape even when trapped only meant that these freshmen were quite good!

    Just when Li Yibo was complimenting them deep down, the people that were attacking him worked together and surrounded him.

    There was no way it would be easy to fight all three of them solo.

    After a couple rounds of exchanging hands, Li Yibo had been kicked several times.

    When the smoke cleared off, Li Yibo could finally see who were the people attacking him.

    They were the two freshmen that were being tortured and someone else who was wearing their uniform.

    Who was that person?

    Li Yibo frowned.

    Suddenly, he realized who it was.

    It was probably the freshman that escaped earlier on!

    And those grenades must be from this freshman!

    Lu Yao had already untied their teammate from the chair, and the two of them went to the freshman that had fainted on the ground.

    Seeing that Li Yibo was being surrounded, Lu Yao’s eyes gleamed coldly.

    He stood up and went over.

    “You guys bring them out. Let us handle him!” Jian Qi could instantly see the wrath in Lu Yao’s eyes.

    She saw the blood all over Lu Yao and knew that he was tortured badly.

    Even though it was just part of the training, they did put in great effort to torture them!

    The other two freshmen nodded and immediately supported the two injured freshmen to their feet, ready to take them out of the hut.

    One of the injured freshmen said, “I’m fine. I’ll take him, you guys go and help!”

    After all, they would need as many backups as possible.

    Since he could persist, he was able to bring his teammate out of here!

    They both nodded and went outside to join the fight.

    Li Yibo glanced at his subordinates that were shot down by Lu Yao and were ‘dead’, then he looked at the two of them.

    “Two against one?” Li Yibo smirked. “Isn’t this unfair?”

    “Fair?” Jian Qi laughed hysterically. “When you tortured our people, weren’t there a bunch of you too?”

    Li Yibo. “…”

    “What’s your name?!” Li Yibo glanced at Jian Qi, the person that kicked him quite a few times.

    “I’ll let you know who I am when I beat you to the ground!” Jian Qi smirked, her tone extremely arrogant.